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Tikka T3 25-06

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Unread 11-27-2013, 06:56 PM
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Re: Tikka T3 25-06

Originally Posted by threejones View Post
You boys are tellin me what I want to hear! Hey Mike, did you ever try the 117 pro-hunters? Seems like that's the round of choice for the 25-06, plus anything heavier that'll buck the wind well is HUGE for me. Seems like every time I head to eastern MT, the damned wind pushes me there for free... and then doesn't want me to leave... Last years buck was shot in a steady 25-30 mph cross wind. On the up side, I didn't have to worry about him hearing me from 300yds away.
Try the 110 Nosler Accubonds...Phenomenal for whitetials. I shoot them and Berger 115 VLD's out of my .257 Wby. And I will be shooting both out of my Sendero SF .25-06 Ackley Improved once I finish getting it built... All I need now is final smith work, and finding an original Sendero SF stock, and she'll be ready to drop 'em.
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Originally Posted by WildRose View Post
The 284 is to the STW what a tricycle is to a Ninja.
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Unread 11-27-2013, 10:28 PM
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Re: Tikka T3 25-06

I have an Abolt II in 25/06 with the BOSS that I picked up for the wife to hunt with...put to gether a wicked accurate load of H4831SC pushing a 115gr VLD that is a SLEDGEHAMMER on Pa whitetails...don't let her know, but I've been known to carry that nice light little rifle more than a few days myself!
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Unread 11-30-2013, 11:48 AM
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Re: Tikka T3 25-06

Originally Posted by farout View Post
I have a Savage 25-06 with a 22' barrel. I use 59 Gn of Retumbo (max load) with 110 Accubonds and average 3060 FPS. Holds .5 MOA at 300 yards. I am happy with that.

Retumbo is a good powder for the 25-06 since the it is kind of overbore. I am probably blowing some powder out the barrel though.

I too have TIKKA on the Brain. either is 25-06 or 270. and after reading this and other threads, so much is said about the 25-06 needing a 24" barrel to achieve its potential, I began to wonder about the 30.06? Does it need a 24" barrell also?

Sorry not meaning to hijack this thread.
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Unread 11-30-2013, 01:36 PM
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Re: Tikka T3 25-06

I own a tikka 25-06 ss. I bought it to use as my deer hunting/backpacking specific rifle. I have loaded the 110 accubonds, 115 bergers, and 100 ttsx. With no load work up at all, all three will shoot 3/4" or less @100 (4 shot groups). 53.3grns of RL-22.

I chose the ttsx this year just because of a discussion I had with my hunting partner earlier in the year about less than ideal shot opportunities. After seeing some pretty explosive results with the VLDs, the though or a quartering away shot or straight on shot was very concerning. Coincidentally I ended up finding a monster of pure blacktail buck this year and he left me short of on ideal shot. Lets just say I was glad I went with the ttsx because the bullet traveled the length of his body, even having broke the shoulder, and did very minimal damage to the insides. Tuned out to be a really clean carcass.

So through my unnecessary rant, I'm just trying to say Yes the tikka in 25-06 is a formidable weapon and will likely kill just about anything with the right bullet.
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