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Thoughts on wind angle.....

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Unread 02-14-2005, 12:36 AM
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Re: Thoughts on wind angle.....


My mind has been on too many things here lately, not sure where it was when I looked at that but, wow did I get that all twisted up!!

I didn’t even pay attention to the first column there, “drift”. Seems I was thinking something else on the second column even after reading it was 5 degrees. Went back to it and just had 1 degree in my head for some damn reason I forget….

Anyway, you’re absolutely right. And to add to that, a 12 degree change in wind vector from a 90 degree crosswind is only 2”, not 4”….. Isn’t it?.... again, don’t ask me what I was thinking there either.

138”??? Well, again, had I paid attention to the drift column….

If anyone has shot at 1350 yards or more, there really is a lot of drift. Myself, I’ve been there and beyond a few times but, obviously not enough for 138” deflection to raise a red flag as I came up with it.

Ok now, in a headwind/tailwind, a 12 degree switch at 10 MPH equals a hell of a lot less deflection than 138”, though still a significant 28”, which is pretty close to equaling the deflection a 2 MPH wind speed change in a 90 degree crosswind would.

Abinok said >>> My chart was for 5 degree changes, which I think is really about the maximum level of precision somebody (ie...me) can get on direction in the field.

In reality a 5 degree change is “probably” close to impossible to detect, even with instrumentation, IMHO. I just cant do it, I mean. I would venture to say my ability is probably marginal at best to detect maybe a 15-18 degree switch, probably safer to even say a 25-30 degree, or roughly 5 minutes on the clock face. My basic point here is, this small of change can be very difficult to determine, and even more difficult to feel confident in after you have.

Although not as contrasting as before, the point should still be fairly easy to see.

If you look at a 30 degree switch, 12 O’clock to 1 O’clock, and compare the 66 inches of deflection to what would equal 66” of deflection error in a 90 deg. crosswind, you’ll see it is about 5 MPH.

So in reality, which is easier to detect in order to keep the amount of error to a bare minimum, a 5 MPH wind speed change or a shift from 12 O’clock to 1 O’clock?

In my experience, a wind speed change from 10 to 5 MPH is easy, way too easy. 1 MPH, not so easy. Detecting a vector shift of less than 30 degrees is quite possible, but it don’t get “much” better than that, “in my experience”.

In order to make first round hits at real long range like this, or even guarantee your shots are on paper, you must be able to judge wind speed to nearly the exact MPH… this is just the way it is. It’s damn near that bad when you’re getting out near 800-1000 yards... fool yourself not.

In dead calm wind, I mean dead calm, at “real” long range is hard enough to get first round hits on paper, and you “will” surely see spin drift…. If you account for it and hit paper.

3 or 4 drinks later, and it's late, hope I didn't make the mistakes here like I made before! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img] Thanks for kindly correcting me there too, Abinok... Really. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
Brent Moffitt
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Unread 02-14-2005, 11:30 AM
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Re: Thoughts on wind angle.....

Thanks for posting back! There are a few people that when they post on this board, I pretty much take what they say as gospel, and I think hard and long before I try to correct them. I think I read your post 6 times.....
Ive been experimenting with a new design of wind flag, based on the "modified daisy" to practice with. Balsa wood is delightfully responsive in light winds. These will track steady in as little as a two mph wind. These have a indicator attached to point to a protractor for a more exact reading, and on the way back from removeing the hold down ropes from my target stand I check every 400 yds or so to get a feel for the wind. I can usually get to 5 degrees resolution if the wind direction is consistant, or find a good average if the wind is switching a small enough angle.
I definately agree that anything more precise than 15 degrees under hunting conditions, involves a lot of happy thoughts, and crossed fingers. The one oclock/ 12 oclock method is much faster and more practical under hunting conditions.
I think you definately verbalized the theory that a consistant wind at 90 degrees may be better than a head on wind under most conditions.
The value I hear most often for match bullet spindrift at 1000 is 2 moa. I was supprised to find only slightly over one at 1350, untill I realized that most people come up from 100 to their 1000 setting. My zero is 500 yds. I think this reduces complications from spindrift substantally.
Anybody who has experence, or thoughts about determining wind speed and vector beyond 1000, come on in, lets hear your thoughts!
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