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Tac-Ops rifle's

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Unread 09-04-2010, 05:04 AM
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Tac-Ops rifle's

I've never owned or shot one of these rifle's but the owner's swear up and down on their accuracy. The company guarentee's .25 moa "or better" with the sale of any of their rifle's. I always hear "nobody can shoot that good" but they are constantly posting their shot result's around different website's such as Sniper Central and Sniper's Hide.

I am looking at picture's they are posting that show signifigantly less than .25 moa @ 100 yds... From what I am reading at these two website's is that the owner and smith Mike Rosigno is saying he puts a lot more time and effort in to his build than other gunsmith's.

According to some he has "certain specification's" with how he order's his barrel's and reamer's thus making his rifle's so much more accurate than the next rifle.

Asked around about the price's and they are really spendy. Does anyone have any information on these rifle's?

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Unread 09-04-2010, 07:35 AM
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Re: Tac-Ops rifle's

!/4 MOA is doable but it would probably come with specific loads worked up by them to
perform to this level which would increase the price considerably.

As to one smith doing better work than everyone else ? Perfect is perfect no matter who
does it and there are a few on this site that I would have to say can do as well as anyone.

Most Custom rifles are capable of 1/4 MOA but it is hard to guarantee this level of accuracy
on every rifle because of the barrels. even though you have a barrel with extremely close
tolerances they will not all shoot to the same level.

A lot of bench rest shooters will build using many barrels and sometimes find a "Hummer"
that shoots better than anything that they have, even though they have the same loads,

A consistant 1/2 MOA hunting rifle is a thing of wonder and a 1/4 MOA hunting rifle is not
as easy a just buying one, they require load development work and range time plus a
good smith to perform at this level.

Claims are easy to make ,but proof if hard. 'Beware of greeks bearing gifts' !!!!!

Any good gunsmith should be able to produce a 1/4 MOA rifle given enough time and money
to work up load for it. but you can buy a rifle that is just as good and spend the time tuning
the ammo for a lot less money.

Most well made rifles will out perform most shooters and they will never realizes the true
potential of the rifle.

Buy what you wan't but don't expect to much because there is no magic rifle that can be
bought that will shoot one hole every time. Just once in a while one ends up with one
and it is the exception.

This is just an opinion based on over 50 years of experience so take it for what it's worth.

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Unread 09-04-2010, 08:09 AM
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Re: Tac-Ops rifle's

Darn you J E... you took the words out of my mouth once again...

Ripper... it's your money, spend it where you want, but beware of the guarantee....

Any custom riflesmith worth a darn can build a rifle capable of 1/4 moa accuracy at 100 yards, but that rifle is not necessarily a 1/4 moa rifle.....
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Unread 09-04-2010, 08:52 AM
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Re: Tac-Ops rifle's

I agree with JE

I think it's possible to out gun-build others though.
Anyone can screw benchrest pieces together and call it custom. With obvious combinations, the outcome is almost certain to fall within an acceptable band, for limited use, with a well tuned load.
The typical point blank BR gun.. Anyone of us could cut checks for a turn-key 30br, <1/4moa to 300yds, purpose built gun(in passion pink).

But if a gunbuilder reverse engineers some USEFUL combination that happened to work really well, he might be able to consistently reproduce it. This is Cooper, GA Precision, etc.
With a great deal of testing, a gunbuilder might perfect a special combination(like a field carry gun that's accurate). I don't know that any are still alive!

But this is just what gunbuilders should do:
Build a gun to a specific set of standards. Validate the gun's actual performance. Auction it off based on that actual capability. You buy the system: the gun, dies, and load info.
But I've yet to see anyone do this.

You didn't say which Tac-Ops model, but I've heard the Tangos make owners happy.
It has a very short barrel, and I'm sure it's twist limits the ammo to just that recommended.
If the 1/4moa 'qualifiers' were laid all out in view, things would not appear so mystical..
There may very well be something proprietary to their barrel purchase orders. Tac-Ops may have bluprinted a specific barrel(a hummer), and they may be willing to pay a ton to get them exactly that way. Same everything, inside and out. Wish this were an option for the rest of us.
I for one would certainly pay 4-5x more for a barrel that was verified to meet a hummer blueprint right up front, provided it had any real world use.

What I have a hard time believing though, is that a gun could be implied so accurate with off the shelf Federal factory ammo, and a 2.5# trigger. I would make Tac-Ops prove it on paper by gun serial number, and ammo lot number, before cutting any checks.
I would also want reload info worked up that performs so well, because you cannot count on factory ammo consistency from store to store. That is, if the gun is very expensive.

How much do they ask for their guns?
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Unread 09-04-2010, 09:12 AM
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Re: Tac-Ops rifle's

Originally Posted by Joel Russo View Post
Any custom riflesmith worth a darn can build a rifle capable of 1/4 moa accuracy at 100 yards, but that rifle is not necessarily a 1/4 moa rifle.....
There are many angles(qualifiers) to this as well.
For one, their definition of 'accuracy', might not mean single cold barrel shot placement to center of mark, to distances of intended use. And this is all that should matter at this forum.

It might mean grouping(3 or 5sht) to 100yds, off a rifle evaluator/ clamped rest, remote fired. This might be inferred by validating only ~50yd grouping in an indoor range and doubling it (AlaCooper).
It might mean 'typical' performance, if your's doesn't, go through the hassle to prove it & exchange for another, till you get what you pay for or refund(American 'gunsmith').
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Unread 09-04-2010, 04:20 PM
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Re: Tac-Ops rifle's


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Unread 09-05-2010, 03:24 AM
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Re: Tac-Ops rifle's

That's just the thing, is the guarentee is with factory ammo. They guarentee their accuracy using Blackhills and Federal. As far as blueprinting I have no idea if they are doing that... All I know is that his barrel's and reamer's are built to a certain standard before shipment.

As far as buying from Tac-Op's; not interested in a LEO rifle at all. That's all they are suited for. The chambering is way to tight and risky to be used in the field IMO. Has anyone seen one of these in a competition or anything?

I'm more or less wondering why I don't hear about these more often if they are "so much better stated by owner's".

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