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RUM based longrange caliber choice.

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Unread 07-18-2009, 09:07 PM
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Re: RUM based longrange caliber choice.

my rem sendaro is currently being rebarreled in 375 tejas (375 rum improved). they say 200 fps over standard loads. i wanted a little more hammer power beyond 1200 yds than the 338.
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Unread 07-18-2009, 09:33 PM
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Re: RUM based longrange caliber choice.

After toying with two 300 RUM barrels I can honestly say I have NO desire to ever waste my money on another one. It is way too over bore and hard on barrels. They are great when they are new but they dont stay new for long. I was enthralled with the 200 grain bullets at 3200 FPS and what they could do but they dont hold a candle to the 338 300 grain pills. The 338/300 grainers will drift less and hit alot harder while making a bigger hole in the critter.

Currently I am working with the 338 Edge. I only have 95 rounds down the hole so the verdict is still out on it. What I can say is that by the time I had this many rounds down the 300 RUM's I was already having throat problems. So far the 338 Edge has not shown me any signs of problems. This includes what the chrono is telling me AND bore scoping the barrel. As of now, I dont think I will look back. The 338 It will be for me for a super long range hammer. So far, my only gripe is the recoil which isnt as bad as I thought it would be but stout enough that I dont want to shoot her all the time. For a hunting rifle though it isnt an issue at all.

So far the barrel life is an improvment over the 300's and the accuracy potential of both the 338 RUM and the 338 Edge is staggering. I am first hand witnessing what I have been hearing about for the last couple of years. That is groups in the .2's and .3's with H1000 and the 300 grain bullets. I just got some 300 grain Scenars yesterday and took no time to tune my groups to the .200's. Last week she also shot a 1.5" group at 700 yards with the 250 SMK's. This was my first session past 300 yards with her.

Let us know what you decide.
Long range shooting is a process that ends with a result. Once you start to focus on the result (how bad your last shot was, how big the group is going to be, what your buck will score, what your match score is, what place you are in...) then you loose the capacity to focus on the process.
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Unread 07-18-2009, 11:00 PM
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Re: RUM based longrange caliber choice.

Who makes these lathe turned bullets with the high BC's?. I have two 378 wby's that would love to see some .9 BC's.

jmden, I assure you there is not 200 fps difference between the 340 wby and anything off the ultramag case. The ultramag is slightly faster obviously with all that powder capacity but many people who have quiet a lot of experience with both favor the 340 because it does it with 12-15 grains less powder on average. I assure you my data through many years with big 338's is far greater than any loading manual. If you are familiar with the 338 ultramags compare my accuracy load with the 340 weatherby I have used for 30 years out of a 28" Hart barrel with a 1-10 twist to your loads with an ultramag. 3056 fps with a 250 grain bullet. You will find there is not enough difference to make a difference in hunting situations.

It was just another option. Like I said I would go right back with either the 300 or 338 ultramag depending on what kind of game he was hunting and how far he wanted to shoot. If he is shooting quiet a bit beyond 600 yards on large game I would do the 338 ultramag with that action. There is hardly any difference between any of the 338 ultramag versions.
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Unread 07-18-2009, 11:23 PM
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Re: RUM based longrange caliber choice.

Originally Posted by Long Time Long Ranger View Post
I would do either the 300 ultramag or the 338 ultramag. You will see hardly any difference between the 338 and the 338-300 ultramag but the 338 will feed better, easier to reload and you can buy bullets over the counter when your on a far away hunt. The 300 will shoot a quality big game bullet like the 200 accubond with a .588 BC at 3200 fps. That is really hard to beat for an all around rifle. You really couldn't go wrong with any choice off the ultramag case or the 340 weatherby. All are just splitting hairs.
For most big game at long range the 300 RUM with 200gr bullets is a winner.

If your want to hunt Elk size game at long range a 338 would have an advantage
with 225 or 250gr bullets.

I subscribe to the Keep it simple method and the 338 RUM is just that.

My go to Elk rifle is the 338 RUM using 250 accubonds and being conservative I hold my shots
to 1100 yards because of energy and terminal velocity.(1500 ft/lbs and 1800 ft/sec) minimums.

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Unread 07-18-2009, 11:50 PM
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Re: RUM based longrange caliber choice.


I'm not bashing your experience, I'm just saying that a cursory look at the manuals, for a general and basic reference to indicate what a chambering can do, reveals a substantial difference between the .340 and 338 RUM. Take a look at for their 225g bullets as well as the earlier mentioned Hodgdon data. Somewhat under 200fps difference. Unfortunately, Nosler doesn't have data for the 250g bullets for the 338RUM. There's another step up to the EDGE and another step up to the EDGE AI. From what I've seen over the years here, and I've been watching closely for several years trying to decide which .338 I want, guys here are typically reporting a fairly wide range in fps with these different chamberings, as one would expect based on case capacity.

If you want a long range hammer for good sized critters and are going to the expense to build a custom and don't mind a wildcat and a brake, go big! JMHO.
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Unread 07-19-2009, 01:09 AM
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Re: RUM based longrange caliber choice.

I think for a hunting rifle I would go with the .338 RUM because it feeds better in the mag unless your going to get a long after market DM, then go with whatever your heart desires. for me, I think that the .338 RUM is perfect for a Remmy action. If its a target rifle, a .375 would be cool.
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Unread 07-19-2009, 07:14 AM
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Re: RUM based longrange caliber choice.

i'm going to agree 100% with Michael statement. i didn't have a 300UM but did own a 7UM for a while, and all i can say is the edge is simply the easiest and most forgiving cartridge i've ever loaded for. it's like a big 308! i'd also agree that all of the 338's mentioned would work just fine. i would not recommend a 375 for a long range caliber until good bullets can be had from more than one major bullet maker.
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