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ReBarreling for 1000 yards.

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Unread 07-06-2012, 12:24 PM
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Re: ReBarreling for 1000 yards.


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Unread 07-06-2012, 12:50 PM
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Re: ReBarreling for 1000 yards.

After a good friend broke the old 1000-yard scoped rifle record at the Nationals in 1970 with a borrowed 7mm Rem. Mag. and ammo, I've followed the use of different 7 Mags at long range events. They've had an interesting history. Especially when it was over a decade before consistantly good heavy 7mm match bullets were available.

28 inch barrels were the norm in competition rifles, not for accuracy but for a bit more muzzle velocity with 168-gr. match bullets.

Sight settings at 500 to 1000 feet elevation had to be 3 to 4 MOA higher that those used at 4000 to 5000 feet for 1000 yard targets. 'Tis the higher air density at lower elevations that slows the bullets down faster.

Powders producing best accuracy were IMR4350 and IMR4831 or other extruded ones in that range. While slower powders typically shot the same weight bullets out faster, those faster bullets didin't land as close together on paper a long ways down range.

As with any long range rifle and ammo intended for accuracy, don't get too enthralled about the smallest few-shot test groups you shoot. Pay attention to the largest ones; they're the size you can count on all the time with the load that shoots them. Whatever suite of components gives the best accuracy for a 15- or 20-shot string is the load to use. A good way to go about it is to decide what's the greatest distance you want to miss your point of aim at the target. If it's 4 inches at 1000 yards, then find a load that you can shoot into no worse than twice your max miss distance; 8 inches at 1000.
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Unread 07-07-2012, 03:17 PM
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Re: ReBarreling for 1000 yards.


So you said you were shooting Bergers in your Eclipse...There's been talk about the 180gr VLDs seated out where they should be are too long for Rem 700 SA actions / magazines. But my question is, did you use the long seating position with 180gr Bergers in the Eclipse? Were there any feeding or length issues with the SMK 175s or Berger 180s?

Your SSG custom is an awesome looking stick and apparently is a world class shooter as well!

BTW, I'm not Len. I was giving Len a high 5 for his site.

Thanks again for your relaying your experience with the Eclipse. If I get a heavy gun like that I want to be sure I can go the full distance with the 180s.

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Unread 07-10-2012, 12:57 PM
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Re: ReBarreling for 1000 yards.

Bart B. - Thanks for the info. It is appreciated. I will definitely incorporate your recommendations into my future work to get some really good 5 shot groups for target practice, and for getting a workable group for long range hunting out to about 600 yards. I need a lot more practice at 1000 yards before I would attempt a hunting shot at that distance.

I also found that the IMR-4831 worked well with the 7mmWSM. It gave me some really good groups. I switched to the H4831sc after finding a lot of the good press it got here on the forum by a lot of 7mm shooters. I also liked the temperature stability of the Hodgdon Powders with the very low ES and SD's produced by the combination of this powder with the 7mm cartridges.

Tim - I did seat the 180 VLD Burget Hunting Bullets into the lands about .005 for a while. I found that I could get similar accuracy and precision when I seated them out about .020 off the lands. I didn't like the idea of seating the bullet into the lands because while hunting if I needed to unload a chambered round, it could possibably pull the bullet out of the caseing resulting in the powder being dumped into the rifle.

For the Custom Build, Nate gave the rifle a longer than standard throat which was by design to allow the use of both the 168 and 180 VLD Bergers. The magazine was built to allow the use of the extremely long 180's to reduce the concern for how the cartridges would cycle into the chamber. It works great with the bullet into or off of the lands.


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Unread 07-11-2012, 01:12 AM
ivo ivo is offline
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Re: ReBarreling for 1000 yards.

I have been using the Berger 180s for the past 2 years in my PGWDTI Coyote with great success. Under 66.9gr of RL with Fed 215M primers the average group at 300m is about an inch. A lot of guy have found success with 162 Amaxs but I couldn't get them to shoot whatsoever. The 168 gr Bergers shot well but not as good as the 180s, and the 150gr Swift Scirocco actually performed pretty good too but again not as well as the Berger 180gr.

I live this calibre and found that even out at distance it seems to fly great and hit very heavy.

A good friend of mine has his heart set on the Eclipse in a 7wsm, I hope it shoots as well as yours!
Life is short... Lets go kill something
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Unread 07-13-2012, 06:35 AM
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Re: ReBarreling for 1000 yards.


I saw the same thing with my 7mm Eclipse. It definitely likes the 180 VLD Berger Hunting Bullet and the 175 gr SGK. Other bullets includins some you mentioned didn't do very well.

I hope your friend gets a good Eclipse. Each rifle is different. You never know until you get a new one out on the firing line.

The best combination I found for my Eclipse was:

- Neck Size
- Trim to length
- Chamfer inside with a VLD Chamfer Tool

- Winchester Brass (sorted)
- Federal GM215M
- H4831sc: 57 grains in my rifle gave 2700fps and really good groups.

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