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Nosler Ballistic Tips

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Unread 08-03-2002, 10:03 AM
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Re: Nosler Ballistic Tips

Morning Gentlemen
I have nothing,but good things to say about the Nosler B-Tip.My son uses them on black bears and they don't like them.I have pulled bone chips out of the entrance wound,the size of a lemon.My son uses a 30/06 with the 180gr bullet.Just yesterday I talked to a friend,whom I hadn't seen in a while and he was telling me that he uses a 7MM Rem Mag with a 140gr Nosler B-Tip and has shot 3 Grizzlies with this bullet.He shoots them right behind the front shoulder and says this works great.along with them he has shot moose,goats,black bears,sheep,caribou.

Straight Shooting

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Unread 08-05-2002, 04:26 PM
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Re: Nosler Ballistic Tips

Fat Boy, between my brother-in-law and I, we have killed deer with the ballistic tips from 20yds. to 550yds. with muzzle velocities ranging from 2700- 3200fps out of 6.5,7mm,and 30 cal. You have to remember the further out that bullet gets the more it`ll hold together and not fragment as bad. They have worked well for us and they are very accurate as has been already mentioned.
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Unread 08-06-2002, 03:22 PM
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Re: Nosler Ballistic Tips

I have had no problems with using the BT bullets for deer or less. I've used them since they first came out in the early '80 in 22, 7mm, and 30 caliber. They have always turned in great accuracy in every rifle I've ever tried them in. In 22 caliber they are like a grenade on varmints.
As for BG hunting I will continue to load and use them for whitetails (PA and/or NC it doesn't matter). Have only ever had one come "apart" and not exit a deer. That was last year on a mature PA doe AFTER the bullet went through a 6-7" diameter green maple tree and hit the shoulder bone going in. Found the bullet and some small pieces lodged in the opposite shoulder. That was out of a 7mm Mag at approx 50-60yds with the 140gr bullet. Not bad with all things considered. Another torture test of BT's was when I used 165gr BTs out of my old 300 Winchester anywhere from 30yds to 250yds on deer and never had one come apart at any range either. One doe was approx 60yds angled toward me. The bullet entered the top of the facing shoulder down through the opposite shoulder (shooting from a high tree stand) and left an aweful exit hole. That's out of a 300 Winchester at 60yds through all bone.
All deer I've ever personally shot with a BT were anchored almost immediatly. 10-20yds at the most for any one deer to travel. Longest shot with one was 440yds out of my 30-06 with a 180 BT. It was a PA doe behind the front shoulders. When I shot, she went down on her front legs first and her butt jsut flopped over. End of that story. Again total tissue distruction inside the chest cavity and ripping and tearing upon exit.

BUT, when I was finally able to go out west in '99 for the first time ever for elk, I used Nosler Partitions. The BTs stayed at home because I felt the job was out of their league and Partitions are made for that heavy work. It was beach weather the whole time we hunted in Colorado that year. Never got a shot at an elk.

my experiences only,
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Unread 08-06-2002, 04:36 PM
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Re: Nosler Ballistic Tips

Excellent bullet. Very accurate and should be a real game stopper for your smaller deer. Keep impact vel under 2500fps and over 1400fps and you will be very happy.

This is not a Texas heartshot bullet. Keep to broadside and slight quartering shots.

Tested a 165gr BT out of a 300 Wby (3150 to 3200fps) at 60 yds. Completely penetrated and vaporised 3 gallon milk jugs filled with water in a row. That is about 27" of water.

I would not hesitate to use this bullet in a 308 at any non dangerous game out to 500yds with proper presentation.

if you want a "tougher" bullet, try a Hornady SST in 150 or 165gr. Very accurate and redesigned to penetrate more then the previous interlocks (also an excellent bullet).

Good luck...

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Unread 08-06-2002, 05:20 PM
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Join Date: Apr 2002
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Re: Nosler Ballistic Tips

I had a lung shot at a deer with 95gr 6mm BT at 250 yards, the bullet performed great. I also shot a cow elk at 300 yards with 140gr BT out of a 7mm, MV of 3340fps and the bullet worked great, killed fast and clean. But also with the same cartridge I shot a large bull elk at 50 yards. He was down instantly, but the inside of the chest cavity looked like it had gone through a blender, and the meat was all bloodshot. I found the bullet in a rib on the opposite side, only retained 52%. So my advise is that if you keep the impact velocities down then they would be a great deer bullet for you. Don't go to something like the Nosler Partrition. It will react like a FMJ at long range, especially on deer.
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Unread 08-09-2002, 09:04 PM
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Re: Nosler Ballistic Tips


I will agree with the posters that the BT is definitely a "deer sized" bullet. So keeping with the whitetail parameter in your comment I would suggest using the 165gr BT. I have a rifle that is tuned and dedicated to shooting the 165gr and it is definitely a solid choice. You also can't go wrong with either SST or Scirocco. The BT will reliably expand at all practical velocities and you don't really have to worry to much on angling shots except the "Texas Heart Shot" which I do not recommend or condone.

Earlier BT had a notorious habit of grenading at shoulder shots even on deer but new manufacturing process has allowed for a thicker jacket and holds up quite well on quartering shots.

Good Luck

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Unread 08-14-2002, 03:55 PM
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Re: Nosler Ballistic Tips

[img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]On the Nosler BT's I have never chased so, many,deer in my entire life!Using BT"S in 6mm,6.5,7mmag,270 and 30cal. I have 11 unopened factory sealed boxes in these caibers for sale if anyone is interested.I reall would not use them again.I never had this problem with the Rem.,win.fed.P.P.,S.P. etc.All shots were placed behind the shoulder.I killed a6pt. with the 7mag.first shot right behind the shoulder.He ran in front of me and stumbled in a fire lane and I shot him in the neck,I even seen the hair fly when the bullet hit.I still chased that deer another 100YRDS. Good luck,but as some have already said there are better bullets for deer.That's first hand experience.RLB2,in N.C.
It is often better to agree to disagree,rather than to argue about it !!! RLB2
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