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Nosler Ballistic Tips

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Old 01-06-2002, 03:27 PM
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Nosler Ballistic Tips


I've searched the site, and have found some pretty good info on Nosler BT's, but I haven't found how effective they are at ranges out past 250 yards on whitetail sized game.

I shoot either a 165gr Ballistic Tip in a Winchester case over either 44 gr Varget or 43.5gr IMR-4064 and a WLR primer in 308win or a 90gr Ballistic Tip in a winchester case over 33 gr Varget and a WLR primer in 243win. I don't have a chrono, so my velocities would be guessing, but I have found both to be accurate, sub MOA(.6 - .7" area) at 100yards and they hold .7 moa at 200yards.

I have read that the Ballistic Tip isn't a good choice for game out far. Now, I tend to take what most people say with 1 gr of iodized salt over a can of BS, becuase out far for most is 200 yards, but that isn't the case here.

With these rounds, shot out of a Winchester M70 308(1:12 twist) 26" tube and a Remington 788 with 21" tube(1:9 twist)respectively, is there any way of knowing how far out these will perform as intended. I won't take a shot unless I know it's good, but limit my distance with these rounds to under 200 yards because I'm unsure of their penetration/expansion perfromance at distances greater than 100 yards, where I've found them to be excellent.

Sorry if I'm vague, I'm just trying to plan next years deer season's loads now. Testing on 'yotes will be my next project.. and learning how to sit still in the woods..


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Old 01-06-2002, 04:35 PM
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Re: Nosler Ballistic Tips

I have had good success with the Ballistic tips. With the 6.5, 120 grainers, I shot a whitetail this year at 356 yards. The initial velocity was only 2,800 fps and the bullet hit behind the shoulder from a slight angle and lodged behind the far shoulder. It made a nice hole when it exited the far side of the rib cage before lodging in the far shoulder. The deer dropped in its' tracks.

I have also taken woodchucks out to 500 yards with that same bullet. They are very accurate in all my rifles and have a high BC compared to most hunting bullets. I have shot the 140 grain 7mm which has a BC of .485, at my thousand yard range with excellent results.
They perform very well for me and if they shoot for you, don't hesitate to try them at extended ranges. For the real long stuff, consider the Sierra Match King. Many of the regulars here swear by them. They certainly shoot well in my 260.

May your aim be true.

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Old 01-06-2002, 04:54 PM
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Re: Nosler Ballistic Tips

Prime Time,

I shoot 175 SMK's most of the time, as my 308 was set up for tactical competition and F class. I use the 175SMK over 44.2gr Varget in a win case and a WLR primer, but will be switching to Lapua soon, as I got some for Christmas... I love the SMK's, but have been hesitant to use them for hunting. (I don't wish to rehash that arguemnt, as I have no idea how they do personnaly on game, and will rely on the expierence of those here that have BTDT, I just like the idea of rapid expansion that the BT's provide, but that's also what has me questioning their performance at distance)

I have yet to do what I really started hunting again for, which is 'yotes, chucks and crow at 400+ yards here in middle Tennessee.. There's game all over the place, and no place to shoot.. On that type of game, I still prefer a qucik clean kill, but will use a SMK without hesitation.

I'm glad to see the Nosler BT's will perform out further on larger game, I won't be as hesitant to take a 300 - 400 yards shot with the 308, provided I can find an area that allows a safe shot of that distance.

Thanks for your help.

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Old 01-06-2002, 04:56 PM
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Re: Nosler Ballistic Tips


Welcome to LRH !! I have seen ya on some of the sniper boards and I think we may have posted back and forth a time or three..

In my opinion and this is only my opinion..

from my experience with ballistic tips. They are very accurate. However, from my experience as a big game guide, quite frankly they suck... keep in mind however these shots were all under 400 yards. I found that they basically exploded upon impact with bone. I helped another guide track an Elk shot 4 times by a hunter with 30 cal. ballistic tips all in the lung/heart area. We tracked for 7 miles after... I said, AFTER we let him bed for the night!! This was not my hunter, as I have always felt ballistic tips were to "light" for Elk. We eventually caught up with the Elk and he was killed with the same rifle using factory ammo and nosler partitions after 2 shots. None of the first 4 were pass though shots. And 2 never made it past the first ribs. I feel very safe in saying he may not have died to quickly if we would not have tracked him down. Even so 7 miles in the rockys is a LONG way to go with 4 rounds in you. that is one experience. The other was another Elk that took 7 shots from a 270 to dispatch him. All ballistic tips. The details on that story are sketchy but I saw the carcass after is was packed out and there were 7 holes in the rib area and NONE were pass through shots.
I am not saying that these noslers are not good bullets I used them myself for some hunting, however not medium to large game.
I would not trust them for any aspect of LRH.

Like I said just my .02, and from my experiences.. Other may have had a more favorable one....

See ya on the boards,

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Old 01-06-2002, 05:08 PM
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Re: Nosler Ballistic Tips


Elk are considerably larger than White Tail, and in the Rocky areas of the country, I would think that they would put on quite a coat. I wonder how your expierence with them will translate over to south Eastern whitetail. It's definatly something to think about. The animals I've taken and seen taken with the Ballistic Tips were neck shot at ranges under 125 yards, and they dropped like stones, but they are much smaller than Elk, and the expansion(exploding effect) had no impact with bone before penetrating a vital.

Also, looking forward to seeing how your Nighthawk RUM will perform.

I haven't used the Partitions, and I will not use Moly or any other "lube" coating so that pretty much puts Barnes out of the picture.

What do most of ya'll use on game in the 150 -250 lbs range out to say 400 yards in 30 cal(308win)??

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Old 01-06-2002, 05:38 PM
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Re: Nosler Ballistic Tips

I have killed several deer with Winchester factory loaded Ballistic Silvertips (about as close to a Ballistic Tip as you can get, except for the black coating - don't know if the jackets are thicker?) and performance has been very good. Longest shots were 380 and one just over 425 yards, both pass-throughs with lots of internal damage (lungs).

Don't understand your comment about Barnes, most of their bullets are NOT coated, only the XLC line.

Also highly recommend the Sciroccos, and would bet that Hornady spire points would also work perfectly on deer for you out as far as you would like to shoot.

The .308 is a much better killer than many of the magnum-freaks at the gunshops would like to believe.
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Old 01-06-2002, 05:40 PM
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Re: Nosler Ballistic Tips

Hello Fatboy

Try the 168 gr or the 175 Gr Sierra MK. Even the 180 Match King would work for you.

The jackets are MUCH thicker then the BT bullets from Nosler.

The MK will do what you want it to do and won't blow up on a rib or shoulder. I also hunt the "small" Eastern whitetail. It normally don't take much to kill them.

You should see what a 270 with a 135 Gr MK does to them.
The 85 gr in the 243 works quite well to.

Good luck
Darryl Cassel
Darryl Cassel
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