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New Guys Needs Advice on Rifle Build

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Old 12-04-2010, 06:09 PM
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Re: New Guys Needs Advice on Rifle Build

Ok, guys...I know you are trying to help and I appreciate the effort but

barthmonster a Single shot is NOT an option. My coyotes run in packs, and on good days, crows come in waves.
I also like a repeater for big game (I should have said big game earlier instead of saying deer) because moose, caribou, & bear are all on the menu as well...although very infrequently as hunts are hard to come by.

groper All areas are not the same, some have MUCH stricter laws; mine include minimum and maximum caliber restriction in some cases. Though I admit, using a RUM on coyotes isn't a bad idea if only it was legal.

I also won't be switching barrels very often, so I don't think I will feel overly hassled by the process. - and perhaps one day far far down the road I will expand my arsenal to 2 long range rifles each with only different 2 barrels.

Again guys, thanks for the suggestions, I don't mean to sound like I am dismissing them.
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Old 12-04-2010, 06:14 PM
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Re: New Guys Needs Advice on Rifle Build

Just curious how large is large in your area?
The coyotes have bread with wolves at some point in our history - they travel in packs, communicate, and grow in excess of 100 pounds, in some cases I believe 120lbs has been reported.....they also don't particularly care if they make a meal of a deer or a man...though local media/government downplay that last part. (usually blaming it on one of a dozen excuses why the attack happened, but will never happen again...BS I say)
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Old 12-04-2010, 08:13 PM
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Re: New Guys Needs Advice on Rifle Build

like i said, i can understand a 2 barrel setup, but not 3 barrels... So, a 300RUM and a 6.5x284, not sure on this bolt face, but a 270WSM will share same bolt for example... explain again why you need 3?

Oh, the 300 allen express uses a 338 lapua case and therefore you would need an action that would accomodate a 338 lapua chambering. So you have to step up in action size if you were to go this way, and also definately cannot share boltfaces with the smaller calibers your thinking of.

If i were considering your needs, i would be considering the 338 cartridges such as the 338edge or 338 lapua instead of the 300RUM, and somthing along the lines of the 270WSM switch barrel. I cant see what you couldnt shoot with these 2 calibers alone.

Last edited by groper; 12-04-2010 at 08:19 PM.
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Old 12-04-2010, 08:58 PM
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Re: New Guys Needs Advice on Rifle Build

I like gropers idea of a RUM and a 270 WSM switch barrel, the RUM will rock any game in north America at a fair distance. The 270 WSM can be loaded for LR target shooting with a 150gr bullet and then a coyote load with a 110gr TTSX, the 110 TTSX flat ends coyotes, I've shot them in the pelvic and they dropped dead, I've never had a coyote move after shooting one with the 110TTSX and it works real well on the big dogs, if that fits the cal restriction!
This wouldn't be bad to make a switch barrel on any action as you stay with the same bolt face and don't have to have a second or third bolt. I switch barrels on my Savage 270 WSM all the time with no problem at all, one bonus is the stock and optic all stay the same and you really get settled in with that one rifle. I've seen switch barrels on a bunch of actions using the barrel nut, Pac-nor even has a Rem nut kit.
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Old 12-04-2010, 10:50 PM
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Re: New Guys Needs Advice on Rifle Build

One of my Savage Strikers is now set up and indexed correctly for the following barrels.

6.5 WSM, 7WSM,300WSM, 338WSM and 458Lott- The gun weighs right at 7 pounds with 4-16 rifle scope.

The scope and stock are set up so that I replace the barrel without removing anything. I have a cheat sheet which tells me how much elevation and windage from caliber to caliber I must move the scope to bring things back on target.

The WSM's are rather easy on the scope adjustment. The Lott has a lot of scope adjustment but the data is there if I so choose to move it.

If you have a smith run the reamer deep you will have a cartridge design which holds the same amount of powder as a 300 Win Mag. My barrels with the long chambers are named 6.5 Stretch, 338 Stretch etc!

I use the same dies for the WSM's just screw them out .050 to compensate for the longer chamber.

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Old 12-05-2010, 01:00 AM
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Re: New Guys Needs Advice on Rifle Build

For those "why 3 barrels" people > here it goes again. 243 is max for small game, and I refuse to use such a small caliber for long range big game. I would like to try the highest bc bullets I can for target shooting, so that means 7mm and for rigidity, velocity, and recoil reduction I want to use a Very long, heavy barrel > making this barrel unsuitable for hunting...hence, barrel #3 for big game.

I will look into the suggestion of the pac-nor barrel nut.

A question regarding rem 700 style actions or other popular aftermarket actions. > How hard is it to change bolt faces, for example if I wanted to use different sizes to accomodate .243win sized, 7mm SAUM sized, and .338 lupua sized bolt heads?
I know, pretty impractical, but I would just like to know.
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Old 12-05-2010, 02:42 AM
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Re: New Guys Needs Advice on Rifle Build

thats odd, ive just never heard of a maximum caliber restriction like .243 on small game etc... but anyways, your easiest option for a remington action is this -> Rem 700 Replacement Bolts from PT&G Daily Bulletin

Aftermarket actions, you will have to contact them and find out, theyre all different, but at worst you simply buy an entire bolt. Some will sell just a bolt head, some wont, depending on the design.

PS, i wouldnt build on a factory sloppy ass remington action... by the time youve had it accurised and bought the new bolts etc... youve already paid for a nice custom action anyway, which could be shipped to you with all the bolt faces youve specified and everything CNC fits perfect and square with no slop. Your building 1 rifle to do 3 jobs, you might aswell make it a damn good one or youll end up with 3 crap rifles instead of 3 good ones...
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