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New .338 lanches a 300gr Sierra MK at 3500fps?

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Unread 12-05-2013, 08:57 PM
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Re: New .338 lanches a 300gr Sierra MK at 3500fps?

Originally Posted by Fiftydriver View Post
QUOTE=laserflat;885532]Sweet, I was thinking of the Allen Tactical when you first mentioned the Maximus earlier. What case is your .458 AM off of? And what bullets have you been using with it?

Just starting to work with the 458 Allen Magnum so no hard numbers yet. Got reamers, dies and donor rifle so working on designing the proper barrel. Its basically a 510 AM necked down to 458 caliber and with the neck shortened to 0.400" in length.

The Maximus sounds just plain nasty. Do you usually use Liljas for the BMG rifles too? Dont know about the big BMG rifles, but atleast on the smaller stuff Ive heard the Liljas usually are slower running barrels, whats your take on this? Not implying that MV is a worthy replacement for accuracy, just curious.....

85% of my custom builds use Lilja barrels but there are many good barrel makers out there I have no problem using. Lilja barrel do tend to be a bit slower then some other barrels(generally cut rifled barrels are a bit faster) but they shoot extremely well, break in very quickly, hard to complain about them. The amount of velocity your talking about is around 50 fps most of the time.

Also, I know you like the Armalites, but have you tried out any other BMG actions? BAT, Mcmillan, RPA, Barnard, etc? And whats your favorite .510 bullets? You tried out of the heavy Lapuas?

BAT 50 BMG receivers are world class but spendy and big. McMillan receivers are good for sure as well. Have not used the others. I like the 750 A-Max bullets to be honest, just a lead core/cup jacketed type of guy. Solids require chromo moly barrels for best barrel life which require special finishing which adds to the cost of the rifles. A-Max work great in stainless barrels and actually are a pretty good game bullet as well. There are a lot of good 50 cal bullets out there though.

Just curious, Mr Kirby you ever taken any game with a BMG? If so, what happened? LOL trying to be serious, but Ive got a mental picture of making muleys react like prairie dogs. How far off is that? Not that its real useful for keeping any sort of meat I would imagine.

A few deer and a couple pronghorns. Ranges were between 800 and 1100 yards. They really do not d the damage most would think. On occasion if a heavy bone is hit, there can be some major offside damage but deer size game rarely get these big bullets to expand. Usually just 1/2" entrance and 1/2 to 1" exit. Nothing dramatic. Now I have seen some heavier game such as elk and bison take some solid hits with the A-Max that actually got that bullet to open up and then there was some real damage on the offside.

Also, hope this aint too novice a question, but I dont think I ever found the right thing thing when I googled it. I was reading one of your posts from long, long ago and you mentioned something about your V-block rifles. I know what those big barrel block BR setups are, but what is a V-block? Is it very similar? How much weight does it add?

Similar but I do not build them anymore anyway.

Hope this answers your questions.
As always, yes sir, thanks a bunch. Do you have a solid idea what youre gonna use for bullets in the .458? Havent seen many high-BC bullets out there at all in .458. Also, do you think youll use the same powder as the .510?

One more thing, do you think the number of grooves in a barrel has any effect on velocity?

Thanks again Mr. Kirby.
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