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Need some creative thinking outside the box

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Unread 12-20-2007, 05:21 PM
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let me guess. you want 3000 rounds out of the barrel?

i'm guessing we'll be a tad in the overbore category!
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Unread 12-20-2007, 05:48 PM
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I've got some info from the 6.5 world that I think will help you figure out what can and can't be done. When Sierra came out with the 6.5 155 SMK bullet, I tried them in my 6.5-300 WWH with a 30" Hart barrel. The throat in this rifle was setup for the 139gr Norma bullets but it had burnt out enough that seating the 155s wasn't too bad. The body/boatail junction was seated approx .075" below the neck/shoulder junction of the case. It would have been nice to have a longer throat, but I was giving the 155s a quick evaluation to see how they shot and go from there. If they worked pretty good I would've throated it properly and let'um fly. But the accuracy of them never really worked for me so I stayed with the 140gr class bullets. Also the small BC change wasn't worth the effort/expense.

Anyway....through all of my testing with the 155s (a couple hundred rounds across the chrono and on paper) I never got them much over 3175fps at 10ft from the muzzle. Again that is with a full load of H870 and a 30" (8" and 9" twist) barrel in a 6.5-300 WWH. The 9" twist barrel was a shotgun with the long 155 grainers at 100yds.

So based on that and using the velocities pointed out by BuffaloBob to stay supersonic..... this is going to be cutting it rather thin and a lot of pressure for a 6.5 in a short barrel. ;)

Good luck and hope these reference numbers help.

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Unread 12-20-2007, 08:04 PM
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some on here have posted getting over 3250 with a 140 gr with a 270wsm. the 6.5 is a bit smaller to push on(or maybe it's less bearing surface) don't want to start that debate again. but 3000 would be in reach, especially if you improved it a bit.
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Unread 12-20-2007, 11:08 PM
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The Berger 140 gr VLD is one of the better BC 6.5 bullets out there. I know I can hit around 2700 fps in my 6.5mm WSM with the 15" Lilja barrel. I would thing with an 18" barrel you may be able to sneak out another 100 fps possibly. I have heard the new Norma 270 WSM cases are hell for stout and will take alot of pressure. I have not tested this personally and to be honest, most Norma brass is very soft but there have been enough reports that there must be something to it.

Basically, take a 270 WSM case, neck it down to 6.5mm and improve the crap out of it to get as much capacity as you can in that short case and see what you can get out it. You may be close but I do not know if you will get there or not.

Richard has a 168 gr bullet in 6.5mm but the nose forming die was sent wrong, something like a 10 ogive instead of the ULD. As such, BC is much lower then it could be.

Anyway, it will be a challange in the 6.5mm bore.

You could always take the 7mm Dakota and neck it down to 6.5mm. Overbore, yes, but usible, certainly. Heck, my small 6.5mm magnum, my 6.5mm Allen Xpress is based on the slightly longer 300 Dakota case and it works just fine, the full match of the 6.5mm STW.

Will the barrel life be limited, to some degree but it is certainly practical with todays ultra slow burning ball powders. Would you see much advantage over say a WSM in the short barrel, some but not much.

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Kirby Allen(50)

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Unread 12-20-2007, 11:59 PM
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been thinking about this

the top is a .243 and the bottom is a 7MM WSM. making a form cutter and rebating them to the small bolt face, then a barrel chambered to fit 180 Bergers set out long along the line presented here. don't know what that would do out of a 18 inch tube. only thinking.
"to remember that all worlds draw to an end and that noble death is a treasure which no one is too poor to buy" The Last Battle - The Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewis
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Unread 12-21-2007, 05:49 AM
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6.5 Ultramag

Hi if you have a large muzzlebreak and muzzle blast isn't an issue try a 6.5 ultramag.

I know that it is a big case but it should get you there or the 338 ultramag necked to 6.5 would also get you there. I would also be looking to get Richard to make you a heavy alloy tipped 6.5 projectile it should be awsome.

Cheers Bill
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Unread 12-21-2007, 07:08 AM
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I'm just getting the final pieces together for my 6.5X300 Win Mag (Not WSM) project.. I was talking to Richard and he mentioned the possibility of a 180gr 6.5mm Bullet... It would need a 1-7 twist he said..

This might what you need...

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