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Melonite on SS Action?

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Unread 06-02-2013, 02:00 AM
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Melonite on SS Action?

I am debating treating an entire action in melonite for my next build. I have read good and bad about the process when used on an action. My major concern is safety. I've read the process changes the heat treat and hardness of the steel and can potentially weaken the material. However, I know BAT offers this treatment as an option for their custom actions. I can't imagine they would offer the melonite option if it degraded the integrity of their action or posed a safety concern. Is the process safe or not? Your comments are greatly appreciated.
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Unread 06-02-2013, 08:40 AM
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Re: Melonite on SS Action?

I've asked four custom action makers about doing this to their actions. Two of them said don't do it.

BAT uses a different type of steel for their actions. I'm not sure if that is a factor or not.
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Unread 06-02-2013, 08:51 AM
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Re: Melonite on SS Action?

It really hardens the surface so make sure all of the polishing and modification is done before you treat it.
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Unread 06-02-2013, 09:04 AM
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Re: Melonite on SS Action?

I'm pretty sure stiller use to melonite his bolts on his actions but I don't know if he still does it or not
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Unread 06-02-2013, 11:47 AM
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Re: Melonite on SS Action?

My thoughts - you won't be able to true up - blueprint an action after having the melonite treatment because the surface is too hard to cut new barrel threads into. I don't believe the melonite process will weaken the action. Just the opposite. The surface will be hardened, which should help prevent any bolt lug setback, provided the bolt is also melonite treated.

BAT actions are quality actions that are trued up straight from the factory, so I don't think there's any concern about them sending out a crooked action from their factory. Which is why they likely aren't concerned about offering the melonite treatment on their actions. On lesser quality actions, I wouldn't melonite the action until I had it trued and blueprinted, or had it checked out by a machinist/gunsmith with the tools to confirm it's a quality action that doesn't need blueprinting.

These are just my thoughts. I haven't had this theory confirmed by BAT or any other gunsmith. I have a BAT action in route and I did order it with their melonite treatment option.
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Unread 06-03-2013, 12:40 AM
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Re: Melonite on SS Action?

There are different companies and processes for nitriding. MMI Trutec and H&M are 2 that I am a little familiar with. Trutec will not treat all actions depending on how they are made. H&M uses a process that is a lower temp (1000 degrees vs 1100 degrees I think). They will treat any steel part of your rifle. I plan to have three barrels and actions done here shortly. Two Vanguards and a Rem 700.

And definitely get your action trued BEFORE having it treated.
- Mark

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Unread 06-03-2013, 05:50 AM
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Re: Melonite on SS Action?

Well, I certainly don't know as much about it as some of the guys here, but I would like to ask a question and offer my opinion. First I ask why? I suspect corrosion protection? But if that's the case there are so many coatings out there its nuts, pick something else , ceracoat, np3, parkarizing etc. Now in my opinion, knowing myself and knowing what I see on this board and others, lots of guys will use an action many times, and change colors on their rifles. Given what the other guys said this coating pretty much makes your action a one of a kind piece of art that cannot be modified. Sounds a little nutz, but that just my 2 cents
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