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M-700 sendero , Thoughts ?

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Unread 08-29-2009, 10:58 AM
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M-700 sendero , Thoughts ?

Right now Im looking for a project rifle to use out to 600-750yds..Ive decided on the 7mm rem mag instead of the ultra or stw etc.. Reason being Ive already have all the coponents to load for the 7mm rem mag and besides that recoild is nothing in the 7mm family compared to my 30s..Also fact. ammo is more readily available if I needed to go that route (unlikely)........Im looking hard at the new sendero .... I mainly was wanting to know what kind of accuracy should I expect from a submaximal handload .20" off the lands with nosler accubonds ?
What are you sendero owners experiancing so far as out of the box accuracy and also modifications and what kind have worked great ? Of course I already know a triiger job (which I do myself as most of you) .... Im mainly wanting some 1st hand feed back from you sendero and thoughts of what I should do if I dec ide to go with the sendero..

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Unread 08-29-2009, 04:08 PM
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Re: M-700 sendero , Thoughts ?

I have the older Sendero without the flutted bbl in 7RM and it is a fine rifle.
I handload the 168 Sierra and Berger and it is a MOA rifle to 400yds.
I have not shot it enought past 400 to know what it will do.
@100 it will cloverleaf 3 shot groups.
The trigger breaks on 3# and the scope is a Zeiss tactical 4.5X14. No other mods.

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Unread 08-29-2009, 05:02 PM
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Re: M-700 sendero , Thoughts ?

I recently got a Sendero in 300 win. I had jim at Center Shot rifles skim bed the action, lap lugs, trigger jo and install one of his 3 port breaks. I have egw base and rings and a Zeis 4.5x14x44 with the rapid Z-800 scope. Have only shot 40 rounds of factory ammo so far. 20 Remington 180 core locks shot 1moa. I also shot 20 Remington ammo with 180 Nosler ballistic tips - these shot about .5moa. I hope to start reloading for it soon.
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Unread 08-29-2009, 08:25 PM
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Join Date: Jul 2008
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Re: M-700 sendero , Thoughts ?

Thanks for the replies ... Im thinking that the sendero will be a fine shooter after a trigger job , bedding and a good barrel break in ... My mind isnt made up yet ... I may decide to go the custom route , but money wil dictate this...I figure it would be cheaper to just fix up a sendero ... Im in no rush on this . This rifle will be next yrs project..
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Unread 08-29-2009, 08:33 PM
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Re: M-700 sendero , Thoughts ?

You might look at the older Sendero SF vs the SFII. The SFII has a wider palm swell and beavertail forearm and black flutes. If you like these things, then get the SFII. I dont like them. The SF stock is already large enogh for a carry rifle IMO. You can find NIB SF's on gunbroker.


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Unread 08-29-2009, 08:54 PM
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Re: M-700 sendero , Thoughts ?

my grandson has a 7 mag sendero we bought new about 10 years ago. it is no doubt the most accurate factory rifle ive ever seen. in fact it will rival most custom guns of that caliber. we did nothing but tune the trigger. it loves 162 amaxes with 63 gr. 4831 sc.
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Unread 08-29-2009, 10:03 PM
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Re: M-700 sendero , Thoughts ?

Man I have been down this road!! I traveled it extensively for the last year.

When I first got my senderoII last year I broke in the barrel with factory ammo. I didn't reload at the time. I vividly remember my last three shots in the breakin process forming a nice .6 group.

I shot the gun all throught hunting season. By that time I had started reloading. There is only so manytimes a man will pay $40 for a box of ammo before he decides that there must be a better way to skin that cat. I noticed that sometimes I would go to the range and shoot great groups in the .3s and .4s. Sometimes it wouldn't shoot but MOA or so. Some of it could have been my reloading process but who knows.

Well in Feb I had a 26" Shilen barrel installed. Action was blueprinted. The gun shot some better. Still the occasional bad day where the groups would really open up. Inch to 1.2 inches. Got a new stock. Got a better trigger. Finally got it bedded with devcon steel.

Don' ask what took so long to get it bedded.

Now with 180 bergers with a MV of 2950 I can readily shoot 1/2 MOA groups out to 300 (farthers my range goes). More times than not I'm down around 1/3MOA.

It has been an expensive time consuming process. I've put 750-800 rounds throught this gun in the last year. 659 since I got the new barrel in late Feb. I've shot mostly bergers but some AB's, Amax, and a few Barnes.

If I had it over to do again I would
1)Definately stick with the 7mm RM. It has manageable recoil and a great bullet selection. 100 Vmax up to 180 Berger's. I keep the MV down around 3000 because that is where some of my best accuracy seems to live.

2)The out of the box rifle is pretty good but with any factory issue anyting there are some potential lemons. Some potential marginal guns and some dead ringers. First thing I would do is to replace the trigger with a basix or jewell and bed that bad boy like no body's business. I think that the HS precision stock is great but with lots of shooting it rubs on the action. I think that alone accounted for the finicky nature of the gun.

3)If you know a good smith the I would strongly consider building one from the ground up. I had lots, and when I mean lots a I mean a whole ton, of free help. Eddybo put lots of time and effort into this gun. Lots of free help. New barrel, chamber and Blueprinting, new stock, new trigger, bedding, and soon to be new firing pin. Were talking beyond &1500 I'd imagine. That plus the 1k sticker price have you well up there near custom levels.

Now you might not be as obsessive about you gun as I was/ are and I haven't shot and AB's in a while so I can't speak to the accuracy. I got several good groups before the barrel change. I'm going to try unbonded, more frangible bullets this season. Whitetail just aren't that tough.

I hope this rambling story has helped. My wife is watching "The Notebook" and I don't have anyting else to do.
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