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Help on Building Custom .338

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Old 08-13-2011, 05:54 PM
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Re: Help on Building Custom .338

I look at a guns a pawn shops, gunshows, where ever all the time and I don't see $100 remington 700's........ I think you are looking at least $275 and up for a decent remington 700 action and thats if you get a really good buy. If I saw them for $100, I would buy a semi full. You are leaving out things too like the cost to chamber and crown, finish, Brake etc. It's not just $300 for a barrel and your done. Barrel,chamber,brake you are looking at $500-$700
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Old 08-13-2011, 06:19 PM
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Re: Help on Building Custom .338

I understand the total cost of the barrel, what im a little concerned about right now is the action. I need to talk to a smith and see how rough of an action he can transform into a darn good action. From my understanding of the Trueing and lapping process it makes even a horrible abused bolt into a pristine perfectly fitting bolt.

Maybe ill just forget about the .338 and move to another caliber? Is the 950 JDJ a practicle round. Its a wildcat (i think and is on wikipedia)

If any Gunsmith or someone who is really up on this is willing to give me a call i would love to spend some time talking with you.

Im not trying to get away with only blowing $1000, but i want an affordable mans rifle and would really like it on a 700 action. I am trying to get away with doing this as cheap as possible with still retaining quality. I never got the idea of going out and blowing $5000 for a bare rifle If i can get one to shoot much better for cheaper. Im of the oppinion (now im an uneducated (in custom weapons) so if im wrong i am here to learn as id rather learn and be educated than talk up a big line that is not supported.) that someone can come away with a VERY nice weapon that will shoot as good as the best shooter can shoot it for much cheaper than $5000.

I recently saw a TRG-42 and it had a pricetag of $3700. I have heard that the Rem 700P will shoot just as good as it. I have also talked with a gentleman at a gun store "Specialty Sports in Colorado Springs" who tells me that the Savage 110BA shoots better than the TRG-42 and has a price tag of only $2000.

Ohh and one more question. Will a RCBS rockchucker from the 1800's (its really old but not that old) load a .338 EDGE? My .270 i have to put the bullet up in the die before i place the brass in the shell holder.

Im sorry all if i am being a pain, i really want to learn and would love to have a good rifle that is economical on a 700 action. It does not have to be TOP of the line but it has to be worth the investment for LRH.
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Old 08-13-2011, 06:43 PM
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Re: Help on Building Custom .338

A good 700 factory action is worth about $300. It will cost about $600 to have it accurized and refinished.
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Old 08-13-2011, 06:58 PM
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Re: Help on Building Custom .338

one thing i can tell you for sure not all muzzles brakes are the same. and you will need a good one on a 338 if you are going to shoot it a lot. their are several members on here that can recommend the right brake.. Listen to them.. A muzzle brake will stop 25-30 % of recoil as a guess. Their is some truly wonderful gun smiths on the site. Shawn or Kirby are two that comes to mind quickly. but i know their is some more. Good luck on the build... i have one custom built gun and i love it so much i would not take what i have in it... MY next build will be the 338 edge more then likely.
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Old 08-13-2011, 10:12 PM
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Re: Help on Building Custom .338

What contour of barrel are you going with? If it's sendero or that class and smaller I would skip the bedding of a barrel shank and floating the action business. It will take several inches of straight barrel shank and quite a bit of additional cost. If your going single shot then you can get a laminate stock with no magazine cutout(very rigid) glue in a single shot follower and then pillar and glass the action and you will have plenty of rigidity.

Muzzle brakes, surface area is what makes it all work. If you go with something less than 3/4 of a inch in dia with a 338 bore you are losing most of the surface area the gasses have to work against. If you angle the ports back you get more effective brake and also more noise at the shooter.

The LM and 338/378 can be done on the rem action but I would skip it(have one). It adds cost and possible risk if you decide to hotrod them. The RUM and EDGE will get you very acceptable performance to well past 1000 and when that gets boring you can go wild on something else.

Read some of the post made by long time long ranger about the CE bullets and then consider the standard RUM case and you get very good performance.

If you really want to beat your head against the wall start running the numbers on the 300 WSM and RUM with heavy bullets and the 338 with 250-275gr bullets and consider the that you get less recoil with the 30 cal. How much knockdown are you looking for?
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Old 08-14-2011, 09:34 AM
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Re: Help on Building Custom .338

Well im not sure but i want to go with a heavier barrel but not a straight barrel. It needs a little contour for astetic appeal (truthfully weight).

Do they Sell Good Quality Laminate stocks with a Pistol Grip. Ive seen thumbhole but not sure ive seen Pistol Grip. (I work so much i get on at work and browse the internet, well im a security guard and have lots of time, but a lot of sites are blocked so when i get time ill look at my house.)

As for a Muzzle Break i saw one that was ported back and was the dia. of the barrel. Do you think this would give enough to make it worth it. Ive shot the LM with a Muzzle break that i was told had 50% recoil reduction and would love that as well.

As for caliber .338 is just interesting and i was never much for a .30 cal. I want way more gun than my skill is at so i can grow into it over time.
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Old 08-14-2011, 10:10 AM
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Re: Help on Building Custom .338


Target-Bench Styles
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What are you planning for game and what's your max distance?

I doubt you would find yourself limited by a 30 cal unless your ready to make first round shots past 1200. It's more fun for me to practice shooting a 7 WSM than a 338/378. The muzzle brakes are good but your still lighting over 100 grains of powder under a 300gr bullet. This site really pushes the 338's but thats mostly people trying to hit heavy game well past 1000. I really like shooting my 300 RUM more than the 338's.

I think most people would agree the baffle style brakes are more effective than the radial style ported brakes .
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