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Help on Building Custom .338

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Unread 08-13-2011, 12:13 PM
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Help on Building Custom .338

Hi all,

I am in the planning stages of building a .338 1000m + rifle. I have hit a barrier with my .270 Win Mag and have decided to get a custom rifle built.

I watched a video from AGI (a while back) where a custom rifle was built from start to finish using a 700 action and a Pac-Nor barrel.

I have heard only great things about Pac-Nor and saw on their site a barrel is around $300. I also saw that the action can be trued and lapped for about $300 more. I contacted Pac-Nor and they told me that a 700 Long Action wont fit a .338 LM (I may go with edge not sure yet but thats down the road).

I really love the 700 feel and action and want to have it but not sure how to do it other than buying a 700 in .338 LM for 1600 (or so).

What i need to work out still is:
Can a 700 action be modified to fit a .338?
Is a Pac-Nor barrel what i want?
Does Pac-Nor do good Lapping and Trueing?
What is a good stock? There are so many reviews that all say the same thing. Id like a Pistol Grip or thumbhole.

Now on to bedding.

In the video the smith did a "V Block Beddng" Where he moved the Recoil Lug 4" on the barrel and made a free floating action and barrel. I have yet to find a smith who can bed in this manner, So when/if i do it will be much more expensive. Is it worth the extra money? Who might be able to do this?

My goal would be to
Visit my local Pawn Shop and buy a '06 that is beat up for $100 (Ive seen them). Take off the barrel and trigger and send the action to a company. Have the company return the Action and barrel, then send to a gunsmith to have bedded.

So far unless there are some expenses im not thinking about it can boil down to a pretty cheap rifle.

$100 - Action
$300 - Barrel
$300 - Trueing and Lapping
$200 - Stock
$ ?? - Bedding

So for around $1000 or so a nice custom rifle.

As for the trigger im pretty good about adjusting them, as i dissasemble and polish them. Ive done a few and each one comes out feeling Perfect

Also I was wondering about the .338-408. It looks really nice. 300gn VLD at 3500 FPS (if i remember reading it right).

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Unread 08-13-2011, 02:47 PM
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Re: Help on Building Custom .338

I became a member of this site for the sole purpose of educating myself well enough to build a 1000 yd 338. I think building a nice custom 1000 yd 338 for $1000 is wishful thinking. I have figured it using many combinations. One of them was using a 700 action that I already have. I can't get below about $2000 for a budget build and for something I like, $3-4000. I can't even find an action I like for $1000. In fact, I can't find an action I like for any price.

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Unread 08-13-2011, 02:51 PM
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Re: Help on Building Custom .338

I wouldnt use a Remington 700 action to build a Lapua, nor will alot of smiths. You can get Lapua preformance from a .338 RUM or .338 Edge and the work very well on a reminton 700 action. are you planning on making this rifle a repeater? Because all the big .338's require some modifacations to feed the long bullets.

to go into the .338-.408 Cheytac your looking at a heavy custom action for a build and I think that you'd be lucky to have one for under $4K. But YES! they are truly impressive.

I shoot a .338 RUM and yes it can be done around 1K... up here in Canada where everything firearms is twice as much!
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Unread 08-13-2011, 03:05 PM
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Re: Help on Building Custom .338

Don't see cost for finishing metal or magazine modification. If your going for a repeater an extended box will make life easier.
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Unread 08-13-2011, 03:43 PM
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Re: Help on Building Custom .338

@Angus: I see your point i just read that its the bolt face that needs adjusting. I also read that for about $50 i can get it refaced. From what i hear about the .338 Edge its a poor mans version with the same preformance. I also read that i need a new extractor and a Sako is the way to go. Any comment on this? Im honnestly thinking the edge is the way to go, but would like some more input. And the 338-408 would be amazing to have!

@Lazylabs: I currently shoot .270 and its painful to place a loaded round out of my box of precision rounds and into the magazene. I spend so much time and patience on making them perfect i would not want a repeater. (maybe for hunting but then i still have my trusty .270 that will always be my hunting rifle).

Will a .338-378 work as well as the Edge in the action?

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Unread 08-13-2011, 04:38 PM
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Re: Help on Building Custom .338

For a budget sensitive build the 338 RUM is the way to go and since your single sledding them have it throated accordingly to get the most out of it.
You can have a nice laminate stock with a bedding block from Stockys Stocks http://www.stockysstocks.com/servlet/the-537/*NEW!*-Bobby-Hart-AccuBlock/Detail and if needed you can skim bed it yourself.

I'm on my second build of similar design and I'm doing my own truing and chambering, everything, and I'm still in them $1200-$1400. Using a Rem700 or Savage action with Brux barrels, Muscle Brakes, recoil lugs, stocks, bases and rings and metal finish. The actions are in reality costing my around 300 ish, I've never seen a $100 usable action even an old crapped out Mauser will be $125, if you can find them then it would be a great build!!
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Unread 08-13-2011, 05:10 PM
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Re: Help on Building Custom .338

Do you know anything about the "V-Block" Bedding vs a "skim" or "pillar" bedding. Sorry if i messed up the names.

I saw i can get a muzzle break built on to the barrel (it looks like a bunch of holes drilled in it, but not bigger than the actual barrel). Do they really work well, or should i go for one of these Muscle breaks that i see everyone talking about? Monday ill go to the pawn shop and see if that 700 that does not work any more is still there. Its stock is glued back together and barrel is scratched but the action looks good if i can get a smith to give it some tlc.
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