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Elk Rifle 270 wsm 300wm 300wsm

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Unread 05-19-2013, 10:14 PM
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Re: Elk Rifle 270 wsm 300wm 300wsm

The odds of an elk knowing the difference between the three are slim to none at 500 yards. From a factory gun with factory ammo I'd buy the 300 Win, the odds are much better you'll find a good heavy bullet for that than the others. The 270 WSM and 300 Win with there best bullets have a very similar effective range, I'd smack a bull at 1000 yards with either one in a heart beat but the 300 win give you a little more energy if loaded to it's best.
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Unread 05-19-2013, 10:20 PM
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Re: Elk Rifle 270 wsm 300wm 300wsm

My 300 WM still has over 2400 ft-lbs at 500 yards with 180 grain Accubonds and a muzzle velocity of 3200 ft/sec.
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Unread 05-19-2013, 10:25 PM
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Re: Elk Rifle 270 wsm 300wm 300wsm

Of your three, I'd be carring the 270 WSM with a 150gr bullet. SST or accubond, put it where it belongs, practice, practice. Be confident in your shot.

I carry a 7mm, and before season I set targets up from 80 yards to 400+. One maybe two shots a day. (After load development and testing).

It really won't matter what of the three you choose if you put the bullet where it belongs. Good luck. Have fun!
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Unread 05-19-2013, 10:43 PM
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Re: Elk Rifle 270 wsm 300wm 300wsm

Thanks guys, My season is in 2014 so still a year and 5 months off. After reading several other post and talking to a few friends that elk hunt I am siding with the 270wsm as I will get more use from it in the long run and I want the lighter weapon. I do reload and will be looking at the 165 matrix and the new Berger in 170 the BnG mention in another post.

I plan to use this time to focus on being able to deliver the payload and work out a load for it. I do value the opinions and now believe if I were going to be going after elk regularly the 300wsm would be my choice but I wont be and I like to use my rifle for as much game as possible rather than have several collecting dust.

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Unread 05-19-2013, 11:36 PM
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Re: Elk Rifle 270 wsm 300wm 300wsm

Originally Posted by sheep dog View Post
The issue is that when I look up the ballistic chart for remington on all 3 calibers and read the energy and velocity on paper all three are pretty darn close. The 300 and 300wsm shooting a 180 siracoco is reported to have 1762 and 1790 fpe with the 270wsm having 1748 shooting a 150 gr premier accutip. All of these are for 500yards.

1762, 1790 and 1748 all seem pretty close and if that means that they are then the 270wsm would be the ticket with a lighter overall rifle and less recoil. So am I understanding this right? does the mass of the round play more of an role once its inside the animal with a higher Ke to do the job or are they really all this close that it matters not?
KE can be a deceptive terminal performance indicator and I shy away from it other than a ball park reference. In determining KE, the velocity is squared and then multiplied by mass over 2, placing a lot greater emphasis on velocity than mass.

It does not take into account the amount of destruction caused by the actual size of the bullet and the permanent wound channel it leaves behind and doesn't give an accurate picture of the bullet's ability to smash bone and penetrate deeply. Momentum is a much better indicator of penetration potential.

For example, would you rather shoot a cape buff with a 50 gr 22 cal bullet with a velocity of 6000 fps (exaggeration) and a KE of 4000 or with a 350 gr 375 cal bullet with a velocity of 2200 fps and a KE of 3700? The 50 gr 22 cal bullet is the obvious choice right?

Not trying to talk you out of the 270. It should do fine to the distances you are talking about, but the 300's will cause more tissue destruction on the elk and smash and penetrate heavy bone better (if needed) when using heavy for cal bullets.

That said, if this was going to be my once- in-a-while elk rifle and mostly used for deer and hogs, I might pick the 270 also... but on the other hand, that's why I have more than one rifle
- Mark

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Unread 05-20-2013, 04:48 AM
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Re: Elk Rifle 270 wsm 300wm 300wsm

ive got a 300wsm a 300H&H mag a 300 win mag a 300 wby mag and a 300 ultra. If I was to to after elk again which is unlikely as the buget doesnt allow it anymore id take my 300 H&H. Any of them would do the job just as the 270wsm would. The reason id take the holland is just nostalgia. Id feel confindent at out to 400 yards with any of those rifles
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Unread 05-20-2013, 07:01 AM
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Re: Elk Rifle 270 wsm 300wm 300wsm

Mountain man you are right on as it does not take into account the size of the wound channel or expansion rates of different heads in relation to the bullets velocity.

I cant see myself shooting past 600 is the most I have worked out too with paper on the range but after reading several post by Bigngreen as well as what others have said to back him up and his 800+ yard kill on video pushed me towards the 270wsm. Further researching the 165 gr matrix and 175gr matrix. Between now and then I will know better my skill with the round.
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