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dont know what to think.

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Old 09-14-2013, 03:01 PM
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Re: dont know what to think.

All my deer have either been shot with a 35 remington, .30-06, or a .50 cal percussion muzzle loader. I agree with what you're saying, that the 6mm, although effective doesnt necessarily drop them. I hunt in thick swamps of Georgia and most of my shots are with 100 yards and with the 3 mentioned rounds the deer just fall over with a heart/lung shot since the KE that close disrupts their bodily functions. My cousin used a .243 for a while and it killed deer but tracking them through all the brush and swamps was miserable. The two other rifles I have drop deer were a 7 mm remington mag and a 338 win mag. Both times my buddy shot deer in his cotton field at about 400 yards. The does dropped instantly with a heart lung shots. So at the OP I understand your frustration and the 300 ultra will definitely do the job. My savage 116 in 300 RUM is a monster at the range with 600 yard hits on steel being the norm. I can't wait to see what it does this season.
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Old 09-15-2013, 06:50 AM
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Re: dont know what to think.

I guess if you look at it the 240 at 600 yards has the same power as a 243 at 500 and teh 240 at 500 is about the same as a 243 at 400 and not many people i know would grab a 243 to go hunting with if they knew they were going to shoot 400 plus yards. At least nobody that had any consern for humane kills.
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Old 09-15-2013, 03:49 PM
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Re: dont know what to think.

With a 6mm, ANY 6mm, unless you hit some major support bone (high shoulder), spine or neck, you will always get a run off after hit. Not really sure why you expected them not to run hitting them behind the shoulder?

I have hit deer behind the shoulder with rounds that have several times the energy and much larger bullet diameters then the 240 wby and they still run off if there is a soft impact.

Always have to smile when I read posts like this. Remember what your asking of your little 6mm. While it may be one of the biggest 6mm chamberings, its still a relatively small chambering when it comes to big game hunting at extended ranges. Sounds to me that you got exactly the performance that I would have expected to see, every animal died within 150 yards, without major support bone hit or CNS hit, I think you got the results you could expect with most conventional chamberings.

If you want them to drop on the spot, pin both shoulders.
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Old 09-15-2013, 04:54 PM
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Re: dont know what to think.

cant really argue with anything you said kirby.
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Old 09-15-2013, 07:12 PM
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Re: dont know what to think.

Originally Posted by lloydsmalawe View Post
wasnt talking the 257. I was talking about the 240. The 257 has enough more snort that it seems to get the job done better. I have to wonder if the sarcastic few here have ever shot a deer out past 400 yards and if so more then one or two. I spend at least 2 months a year shooting at least one or two a night and sometimes as many as 5. Close shots are 300 yards and many out to 500 plus and ive been doing this for 6 years now. If youve actually killed deer at long range with the 240 then my ears are open to your opinions. As to practice i probably send more lead down range in a month then some here do in a year and up till about 12 years ago i shot high power comp. Maybe a few of you should give the target work a break and actually kill something. Sure didnt start this post to instigate a ******* match. Did it to pass on an experience that might help someone else make a informed opinion on caliber selection for long range DEER hunting. I didnt say the 240 wouldnt kill a deer. All those deer i shot with it are in the freezer. What i said is i found it a bit lacking in power out past 400 yards and am more the willing to listen to someone with REAL life experience thats contrary to mine. Ill have to add that id doubt youd find two many guys that really have that will recomend a 24 or 25 cal barnes bullet for deer out past 500 yards. That would be about your worse choise other thena a solid. There isnt much speed left to even a 257 out that far to insure expansion. The barnes bullets are great for letting a guy with a smaller caliber gun hunt larger species of game at moderate range. But there not great at making small bore guns into 500 yard plus big game rifles. Even some cup and core bullets have expansion problems out that far.
May I ask what bullet and weight you were using in your 25-06?
I have been using the 25-05 for about 25 years now in the exact same ranges you describe, my longest shot to date has been 620yrds on Fallow deer, here in Australia, I use Nosler 110gr Accubonds and 115gr Partitions exclusively. Unless a deer is hit with a high shoulder/spine shot, nearly all run a short distance, although when trying out the Nosler 100gr BT almost any hit within 400yrds was a bang flop, but further out was very iffy and not a good idea, furthermore for the switch to heavier pills. The 115gr Partition is softer than the 110gr Accubond, but the flatter shooting 110 gets the nod with me.

I shoot over strawberry farms, (which poses a bit of a quandary) which are in prime deer country and are quite mountainous outside of the valley floor, we tend to shoot from tree stands and this makes the longer shots easier, but the shots aren't always taken this way. We have 2 deer species in this area, Sambar and Fallow, which run 600+lbs and 300lbs, respectively. Now you can see why we don't always target only one species, but I WILL NOT take the risk of shooting a Sambar stag with a 25-06, UNLESS it's inside 200yrds and presents a PERFECT broadside shot, hinds are a different story nonetheless.
I've never had a deer get away when using the 25-06, but not all drop on the spot, I'm unsure as to what problem you're having, if it's a bullet issue with either the 240 or 25-06, the simple answer is to switch to something more suitable.


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Old 09-15-2013, 07:56 PM
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Re: dont know what to think.

ive loaded and hunted with the 2506 for over 30 years. Ive shot many differnt bullets in it through the years. Mostly 100 grain bts, sierra prohunters and boat tails, speer 100s and hornady interlock 100s. Ive also shot a good many 117 sierras, 115 bts 115 and 120 partitions and 12o speers. Probably more 100 sierra and bts then anything else. I fooled one year with barnes tsx and wasnt impressed. They shot real well but didnt do much damage to deer and i spent some long hours tracking. Ive got no experiences with the bonded bullets on game as the two 2506s ive had for the past few years dont shoot them well. Granted i havent tried all the bonded bullets but ive tried noslers, hornadys and remingtons. I dont think its as much of a bullet problem as it is like fiftydriver hinted toward that your just asking alot of a small caliber out at 500 plus yards. Pretty small bullet when its running out of steam. the 7mag and 300s with there larger heavier bullets just get it done better way out there.
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Old 09-15-2013, 08:38 PM
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Re: dont know what to think.

Originally Posted by lloydsmale View Post
I guess if you look at it the 240 at 600 yards has the same power as a 243 at 500 and teh 240 at 500 is about the same as a 243 at 400 and not many people i know would grab a 243 to go hunting with if they knew they were going to shoot 400 plus yards. At least nobody that had any consern for humane kills.

I've piled up so many deer with a 250 AI it's not even funny, plenty of elk as well I find it absolutely awesome for deer, taken plenty in the 400 yard range. A few years ago my old man to a nice mule deer buck at over 400 yards, to the top of the heart of and he ran about 50 yards and ran out of juice and tipped over dead, next day he dropped a cow elk, business as usual!
My buddy and I have no problem killing antelope and whitetail out past 500 yards with our 22-250's and 60 gr Bergers, one round behind the shoulder blowing a couple inch hole through them they run a little ways till they run out of go juice then fall over dead.
One antelope opener my buddy smokes a goat at 530 with his 22-250 and she made a short sprint then fell over, a few hours later I smoked a goat with a 338 RUM with 300 gr Bergers at 300 yards, she ran a little ways then realized she was dead.
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