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Buying a Gunwerks LR-1000 a good choice?

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Unread 05-24-2010, 02:52 PM
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Re: Buying a Gunwerks LR-1000 a good choice?

Originally Posted by uncle_creepy View Post
I have owned many 'custom' guns and accurized factory guns etc. I have a little experience with the LR 1000. It is a Stiller Predator Action and a douglas barrel. The HS precision stock is nice.

4500 for this rifle is BS! plain and simple.

I have an Ed brown savanna that is full house custom and is much better than the LR 1000.
The EB is the best full custom I have owned or been around. I am awaiting my first surgeon GAP so we will see if it lasts. The GAP is a Tactical rifle though. MY ED Brown 300 WM will shoot lights out at 1K and is chaper than the GW LR1000.

I am a fan of the show and I think the guys are pretty good at what they do but I think they are getting a premium for a TV show eye candy.

I do not however have any experience with the HUskemaw scope. the turrets seem pretty slick. I might have to get a set for my scope.

As many have said before there are OPTIONS out there. Do your research and figureout what ou want and get r done!
I think you are confusing our budget model and the LR-1000. The budget rifle uses Shilen barrel and HS Precision stock priced at $4000 with the scope package. The LR-1000 uses a Broughton 5C and our stock (similar to McMillan construction). The system price is $6500.

Also, I'm a little confused about the advice to send a beginner to gun shop to DIY. Many people have better things to do. If a customer buys a system that is ready to go, he can spend his time learning to shoot it, instead of chasing his tail on one of the many small issues that need addressed to get his system up and running. Buying a package is expensive, and not for everyone, but it is a little naive to believe that the value of the set up is not there.

Some people love the setup, and don't mind sorting through factory guns to find a shooter, or figuring out a custom build, others may just want to go shooting. With a system from a reputable mfg, they will have the confidence that they are starting with a solid foundation.

Also, we handload ammunition at $60/box for 7mm Rem Mag.
Aaron Davidson
Product Engineer
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Unread 05-24-2010, 04:29 PM
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Re: Buying a Gunwerks LR-1000 a good choice?

Aaron is that 60 dollars for 20 rounds? Does that include load development using my rifle? or can I just come in and buy a box and go shoot?

" Real elk guns start with the number 3 or bigger and blow two holes, one in and one out." - My Dad
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Unread 09-19-2010, 11:59 AM
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Re: Buying a Gunwerks LR-1000 a good choice?

6500 Dollars is a lot of money why not save the extra cheddar and got for the 416 barrett or the .50 barrett and quit worrying bout 1000 yard kills you could start planning mile and a half kills but just my .02 cents worth I have never held or for that matter seen on of the gunwerks systems so i cant say either way about them
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Unread 09-19-2010, 12:43 PM
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Re: Buying a Gunwerks LR-1000 a good choice?

Originally Posted by ICANHITHIMMAN View Post
What I think is best i buying a good factory rifle like a Sendaro or PSS in 300 win or 7mm rem mag and shooting it until you have reached a point where you have learned a bit about reloding and shooting and what you want from your rifle in general. At that point you look at your rifle its a Rem long action with a magnum bolt face and an HS precsion stock thats alot to work with and the skys the limit at that point as far as customizing it to suit your needs.

This is awesome advice!
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Unread 09-20-2010, 10:39 PM
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Re: Buying a Gunwerks LR-1000 a good choice?

Something also to consider if you do want a custom rifle is getting that parts yourself and having a smith put it together.
I am having a gun built right now and here is how it adds up

Stiller Predator Action $850
Kreiger 5.5 Contour Fluted barrel $500
McMillan Rem Sporter Stock $500
Jewell trigger $225
Pacific Tool and Gauge Bottom metal SS $200
Magazine components $65
Talley Base and rings $50
Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 4.5-14X40 with target turrets $750
Rough Gunsmith charge $600

Total $3740

It is still a fair amount of money but it is surely not $6500

And the best part is you get to have developing a load and learning a lot about shooting along the way.

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Unread 01-21-2011, 03:27 PM
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Re: Buying a Gunwerks LR-1000 a good choice?

I recently purchased one of these systems. I see a lot of back and forth about if it is worth the price tag or not. I concur that the smart money says it depends... who you are and what you want. They are what they are, a high quality rifle that works as advertised, and you pay a premium for the setup work that goes into it.

For me, it was money well spent. I love to shoot but I would be a fool to think I know what many of you have spent years figuring out what goes into a good LR rifle and set it up myself. If I had the time it would be a labor of love, but I simply dont. This gets me out in the field doing what I love to do with a limited time resource.

My LRH 1000 came with Night force optics, and accepting the limitations of air density and angle as it applies to the turret you are packing at the time, it is a beautiful gun to shoot with minimal effort on my part to figure out trajectory and drift...... now holding the cross hairs still on them coyotes parked out at 950 yards..... thats my problem and i love working it out.

I believe an angle/ air density/ range optic is either out or coming soon that will take some of the pain out of the variance related to specific turret criteria.
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Unread 01-21-2011, 07:37 PM
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Re: Buying a Gunwerks LR-1000 a good choice?

If you've got the dough, might as well get one of these:

Cheytac LLC - The Leader in Extreme Long Range Precision Rifle Systems

and one of these:

Newcon LRB 25000 Laser Rangefinder LRB 25 000 B&H Photo Video

I have a Newcon 200 and I love it.

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