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Bullet Penetration .44 Mag vs .375 H&H

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Unread 12-22-2011, 12:15 PM
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Re: Bullet Penetration .44 Mag vs .375 H&H

Keeping it simple: Bean counter analysis: 3 perfect shots to center mass and no exit holes!
Garrett .330gr .44 MAG off 7.5" barrel, MV=1400 FPS, ME=1435 FT/LBS (x) 3= 4K FT/LBS = Sugar Ray Leonard punches

Nosler .300gr .375 H&H off 24" barrel, MV=2450 FPS, ME=3998 FT/LBS (x) 3= 12K FT/LBS = Mike Tyson punches

I think the Bear would have a lot more fight left in him if Sugar Ray smacked him 3 times (center mass) in stead of Iron Mike. That rounds up to 3 times the SHOCK to the Cen.Nev.Sys. with the .375 as to the .44! If~n you are lucky enough to get off 3 perfect shots the .375 would leave you more options in the next 9,657,289,495,235 NAN-O-SECONDS before he kneels to say “LORD I thank you for the food that I am about to receive” the end!
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Unread 12-22-2011, 04:52 PM
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Re: Bullet Penetration .44 Mag vs .375 H&H

Starting energy is a meaningless parameter in the world of penetration. What means something is starting momentum. A hard cast bullet does not deform and therefore momentum is unaffected by deformation losses. Hydro shock on a large animal is pretty meaningless.

Here is a little stupid video I made one day when I was waiting for the evening to come for bowhunting elk. But it illustrates the problem of expanding bullets and penetration

If ever you get cornered by a grove of aspens remember to use the FMJs to defend yourself.
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Unread 12-22-2011, 07:04 PM
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Re: Bullet Penetration .44 Mag vs .375 H&H

With properly designed 65% meplat flat point solids the 375 will penetrate much farther than the 44 mag.

I'd think the 300 Barnes TSX in 375 would equal or exceed the 44 mag for penetration and with more killing power.

Hell if you're going to shoot a solid then a 1.5 oz solid in a 12 gauge would put the 44 mag to shame. Blow twice as big a hole clear thru a bear stem to stern.

To me the 375 vs 44 mag is an apples to oranges comparison. 44 mag to 12 ga is fairer for bear protection and penetration.

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Unread 12-28-2011, 03:35 PM
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Re: Bullet Penetration .44 Mag vs .375 H&H

Here's what I got from Nosler ...

RE: Contact FormInbox

Nosler Catalog Catalog@nosler.com
Dec 27 (2 days ago)

to me

We have not tested the penetration, however the Partition does expand to a larger frontal area which would reduce penetration but create a much larger trauma cavity. A non expanding bullet unless it hits bone is not creating much trauma and an animal takes much longer to die. The advertising does sound good but I'll take a 375 anytime.

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Unread 12-28-2011, 04:23 PM
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Re: Bullet Penetration .44 Mag vs .375 H&H

Originally Posted by FEENIX View Post
WOW! This is quite a claim from Garrett ... Is this for real??? Please help me understand. Thanks.

(C&P - Garrett Cartridges Inc.)

Are our 44 Magnum loads really capable of handling grizzly?
The answer is yes, in the hands of a reliable shot. From a comparative point of view, our 44 Magnum Hammerheads provide far more penetration than the 300-grain NosIer Partition fired from the 375 Holland & Holland. Also, both bullets present an extremely blunt front end (meplat). Our 44 bullets also offer far greater security from bullet fracture or deflection than any expanding bullet. Since beginning production in 1988 we have had many customers defend themselves from grizzlies, and always our 44 Magnum ammo has provided super-deep penetration, generally to the hips on a frontally shot bear (even when the skull is engaged.)

Garrett .330gr .44 MAG off 7.5" barrel, MV=1400 FPS, ME=1435 FT/LBS


Nosler .300gr .375 H&H off 24" barrel, MV=2450 FPS, ME=3998 FT/LBS

It's ALL about bullet construction. With equally constructed bullets, the 375 wins. Velocity also plays a big role and not necessarily that speed wins! Try shooting a Berger vld into some media at 1500' vs 3000' and the 1500' load will out penetrate every time because it stays together......Rich
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