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Building 240 Wby

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Unread 01-30-2008, 08:02 PM
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With regards to the belt, Clay advises that you should headspace on the belt because his chambers are tight. Leave the shoulder headspacing to the guys with factory chambers

On my body die, I had to grind a little off the bottom in order to get the die to come down to the belt and size that last little bit that is right above the belt.
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Unread 01-31-2008, 12:07 AM
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Originally Posted by James Jones View Post
Well since you already have a 6mmAi , you will be gaining very little with the 240 over that one especialy in the terms of terminal performance I highly doubt that the slight speed increase will add much to the range past what the 6mmAi does , maybe 150yds , maybe.

Seeing how you have a 6mm and a 30 cal , I would go with a 6.5-06 Ackley , you can drive a 140gr VLD or A-max bullet to 3200fps out of a 28" barrel and balisticaly speeking thats pretty awsome , and will likely make your 300 Jarret look bad. It'll be carrying ALOT more energy out to 1000yds than an 6mm can , and it'll have longer barrel life It may just prove to be the only gun you need !!

I killed a deer this year at 944yds with a 140gr Berger VLD run out at close to 2900 fps , blew right through and deer diden't go 50yds. So I know that the extra 200-300fps that the 06 improved can add will definatly do the job out past 1000yds.
Thanks for your input. Let me say that the 240 project is for a friend of mine that I shoot deer with. I personally have a 28" tight neck 6mm AI that I am very pleased with.
He has several fast bigger guns including a 7mm Ultra with a 28" Hart barrel that is really fast, and accurate. Sub half and 3800+ with 140 BT. He cannot shoot deer inside 300 without bullet blow up. But it does and wonderfull job at 800.
We are just looking to fill a void with the 240. I am interested in knowing what kind of volicity could you expect from a 95 vld and a 28" barrel?
He does not do neck turning so building a tight neck gun is not for him.
Thanks again for your help
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Unread 02-01-2008, 12:52 AM
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Ddgo: I have Rifles in both calibers, a 6mm Remington Ackley Improved and another custom Rifle in 240 Weatherby!
I enjoy them both very much.
My 240 Weatherby is built on a pre-64 Winchester Model 70 action. It has a Hart 27" heavy, stainless barrel.
It IS capable of EXCELLENT accuracy!
I have used this Rifle for 17 years now for long range Antelope and Mule Deer duty.
I highly recommend the caliber and can see no reason to recommend the 6mm Remington Ackley Improved over the 240 Weatherby.
Over the years I have used three different bullets for my long range (450 to 500 yards) Hunting uses. I have finally settled on the fine Sierra 85 gr. HP/BT!
Yep it kills Deer and Antelope quite well thank you.
AND I don't shoot these creatures at these ranges "just to see blood on the ground"!
What a thoroughly despicable and un-sportsmanlike thing for ANYONE to say!
Best of luck with your friends 240 Weatherby project!
Hold into the wind
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Unread 02-01-2008, 06:36 AM
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Before this reincarnation of the rifle, I shot the 240Wby with a Douglas 1-10 twist sporter barrel on a Fajen stock for a decade or two. With an 85 grain bullet, either Speer SBT or Barnes X, it was a wonderful combination for the eastern white tail deer at ranges of 50 yards out to maybe 200 yards. I do not remember killing a deer further than 200 yards because of the way I hunted. I am sure that the 85 grain bullets will work further but I just never used the rifle any further.

The reason the 105-115 grain bullets are so deadly at ranges beyond where most people fear to tread with a small bore is the high sectional density and high BC of the match type bullets. Even though the bore diameter is small, the thin jacket expands well and causes a large exit wound. The long bullet has plenty of lenght to let the front expand and still have mass to break bones and penetrate on through. This process was apparent on the twofer pigs I shot where the bullet was continously shedding jacket and weight as it went, such that a bullet with a lesser sectional density would never have exited the second pig. This is generally the same principle as the Nosler partition which always has a high retained weight, except you give up the partition and in return get accuracy and high retained velocity with the VLD.

We all live our lives differently, and to me, the challenge of new personal goals is what gives me personal satisfaction. Just seeing one more animal dead has little meaning to me. Practice and more practice is the thing that helps in achieving new long range goals.

Here is the rifle built to hunt whitetails in the woods


And here it is reconstructed to hunt antelope at long range

The Smokin Fur Rifle Club
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Unread 02-01-2008, 06:52 AM
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Just like Buffalobob, I too am a big fan of the .240 WBY. My rifle has been custom built by Clarence Hammond and sports a 28" 9 twist Hart barrel. I have it throated for the 105 Berger's. It is my go to gun for varmints, coyotes and the like. I easily get 3380 fps with 48.5 gr of RL22. Yes, I usually only get two or three firings out of the Norma brass, but just like BB said... that's a small price to pay for such a lethal combination of speed and accuracy.
I have absolutely no regrets building this rifle, but if I had to do it again, I would go to the 8 twist bbl, set it up for the 115 Berger, and do a no-turn neck.
Just my .02 cents.

"Character is who you are when nobody is watching"
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