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The best Barrels made?

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Unread 07-21-2008, 09:12 AM
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Originally Posted by tracybartlein View Post
You didn't think you would get a response! You had mention that time is a consideration of yours! Well it is for us also and you are a waist of our time.

We had a customer when we we're at Krieger just like you. That one was a learning curve for Krieger and myself. In the course of one year we made the guy 25 barrels and replaced half of them for one reason or another. I put you in the same boat! Krieger & I made a decision that we wouldn't do business with him anymore and we came to the same conclusion here with you! We are cutting our losses with you early!

You said it was an experiment but you never said what it was about the first time around, funny you seem to say it differently now! If the barrels had some type of marks or something in the bore it's funny how we didn't have 50 other guys who got 6.5mm barrels from us and had a complaint! Can you explain that? You are the only one!

Also why would I want to waste any more of my time with you after you send me a private email a while back and call me a F***ing idiot!

I go back to what we said before! Neither barrel was never returned to us for us to look at! We will not warranty or stand behind something we cannot see for ourselves. Also tell your gunsmith buddy that he still owes us for a invoice that he never paid for (not yours)! As your gunsmiths buddy shop closed up how do we know you got our barrels put on your gun? Where you there when they got smithed? Rumor going around a lot of people had problems getting they're stuff back etc....and as that shop came to a close how do we know the smithing work was of quality work that was done. Was it hurried up and pushed out the door! I didn't want to respond to any of your email/postings because we are pissed over this whole thing, and it's not worth our time, but you pushed!

Why don't you use your real name if you got something to say! If you keep it up I will post your real name for all to see! Also if I ever run into you at a match or know of you going to be at a match that one of us can make it to we will talk face to face!

I want one of the barrels back to inspect before we would even consider making you another one. Weather you pay for it or not!

Have a good one Dave!

Frank Green and Tracy Bartlein

Well Frank since you pushed the issue----you are a LIAR first and foremost!!! Never have I sent you a PM calling you the name that You Allege!!! POST IT and prove it!!!!! For the people that know me that is a term that I never use EVER!!!!

My Smith is the one that scoped it initially and this rifle and after he looked at both tubes I asked the question “would you use these on your personal rifle to compete” and his answer was a simple “no”. So I guess my Smith does not know what he is doing—that is a good one. Funny thing is I have never had trouble with a Krieger ever albeit a competition tube or a sporter so that dog will not hunt either.

Now that you have made an allegation back it up------yes that will be tough because you cannot! Seems that when you tell a lie and get caught people will not be so inclined to do business with you and threats your will not get anywhere with me! By blowing smoke to cast aspersions on my observations “and yes they were your tubes” it is obvious that you have an agenda. I still have access to the barrels and will pick them up this weekend-----you will certainly enjoy the pictures that I will take using one of them! Most likely not the examination you were hoping for but nonetheless you will get to see them!

Here is a link----my name is one in the same as the person who holds the range record for the CTX in LG 1K Match Results also won the State Championship that year for score----with a Krieger btw so go on you are just digging a deeper hole… Sorry you want to continue down this path go ahead but to post lies about me is not ethical or an honorable thing to do period. That is something that I doubt very seriously you would say to my face looking me in the eye. I look forward to meeting you!!
The Truth Is Not Always Good For Business!!
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Unread 07-21-2008, 03:18 PM
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I don't have the email anymore that you sent but I will refresh your memory. You made comments like this on Benchrest Central about a year ago. It got so bad the BRC pulled the thread. It was at that time you received a 6mm barrel from us. I told you that we have two customers with the your same name and spelling and when I used your real name on BRC to try and explain this to you and work it out that's when you sent me the private message thru BRC and went off on me. The barrel got shipped to you by mistake. I told you to send the barrel back and we would refund your c.c. and also pay for the shipping back to us. It was on honest mistake and the email you sent us was not nice and in the private message you sent me that I was an F***ing idiot and again it was a private message you sent me. I'm not a liar! It's fact! By the way you never got back to me and you never returned that 6mm barrel! How can I help you? It seems that no matter what we do for you it isn't good enough. It was a year ago. Why would I save an email like that for over a year. If I would've known you would go onto a different forum and keep beating this same drum, I would've kept it!

Yes send one of those tomato stakes as you call them back to us so we can look at it. If there is anything not nice in your picture or letter you will get no help from us! I'm done!

By the way! There was a new National Record set this weekend in F-Class. A 449-32X for 800, 900, 1000. The gun was smithed by Warner Tools and it was our barrel in 6.5mm. Shot at Forbes, NY.

Maybe we can work this out and maybe we can't.

Frank and Tracy
Bartlein Barrels
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Unread 07-21-2008, 04:24 PM
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Cripes. It would be good to get to the bottom of this but it could only help to tone it down a bit. If a bad barrel went out, it's not an unforgivable sin. No person or company is without error. The odds of resolution if the first response is to put on the flak jackets are pretty low.
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Unread 07-21-2008, 04:35 PM
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Join Date: Nov 2005
Location: Texas
Posts: 1,845
Well now you and I are at a stalemate then---I will swear on my daughter’s life that I never ever called you the term that you claim and those that know me are aware of my fondness for my only child!! That is a term I never use because it is not adequate to explain my position so the preference is to be a little more verbose (you will have to excuse me) and explain exactly what I mean. In some cases people may take away as a conclusion what you allege I stated however, that would be a conclusion that they come to on their own based on ones individual cogitative abilities and their respective skills to discern what the underlying message is attempting to impart. The other tube a 6mm was returned by the shop not me as that is where the tubes were sent in the first place if I remember correctly.

I know -- emails that never existed and aspersions that are cast out upon the waters in a feeble attempt to dilute the root cause of your frustration and to attempt to spin out of the fact that still remains. I even said that some are having good luck with your tubes and am glad but for you to continue to berate me and continue to lie about my person speaks volumes about your ethics and how you operate your Company. With that I am saving all of this and will be sure to help Bartlein Barrels all I can at the SHOT, Guild Show and SCI and I know John will get a chuckle out of this btw! The monies that I lost on 2 tubes and the associated work that went into them including the diesel, hotels and of course the laughter that went with winning a State Championship (Krieger) to finishing in the lower half of the 1k match and dead last in the 600yd one match later using your tubes kind of says it all. Installed a new Krieger and like magic finished 3rd for score in that years State Championship which was the next match I shot in and that was with a dead primer on the shot for record string (had to fish another out of the box which hurt my concentration a little bit).

With that my good friend I bid you farewell because there is no amount of money and even if you had the hummer of all hummer barrels to send me I would rather use my “Red Ryder carbine-action, two hundred shot Range Model air rifle BB gun with a compass in the stock and a thing which tells time" at 1K than suffer the indignation of putting your product on one of my rifles!

Now are we clear? I will still be willing to post the picture of one of the barrels when I get them back this weekend…

Oh and BTW if you will remember the thread you mentioned from another site was pulled not because of comments by me but if memory serves me by others who made the threads culmination rather negative for Bartlein. If memory serves me it centered mainly around the not returning of phone calls and emails by customers who had tubes that were many many months late just to refresh your memory (I think you posted an apology for it). There are some other stories I could pass along but they are 2nd hand and I don’t do that sort of thing.

Good Luck and remember boys and girls “Caveat Emptor” in it’s most literal Connotation.
The Truth Is Not Always Good For Business!!

Last edited by Boss Hoss; 07-21-2008 at 04:38 PM.
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