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Berger 250 hybrid tactical test results

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Old 03-14-2012, 08:05 PM
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Berger 250 hybrid tactical test results

I applied for and received 2 boxes of Bergers 250gr Hybrid OTM Tactical for testing and here are my results. I like them.
This pic should keep you interseted. The final tests were shot at 560 yds. the longest distance I can shoot at my range. This group was shot at that distance with 91.5grs of IMR 7828SSC at 3160 fps. It was sighter group for testing to get on target.

My rifle
Rem 700 with a 30 inch Broughton tube 1:9.3 twist with a Muscle brake chambered and installed by Jim See @ Centershotrifles.
Canjar set trigger
EGW 20 moa base with 4 Burris Signiture Z rings Holding a Burris 8x-32x-50 Black Diamond
Bobby Hart LRT stock Devcon bedded by ME.
Bipod custom made by myself.

I decided to use powders that I already have that I used with the 225 gr Barnes TTSX testing. I don't know if this matters but Broughton says my barrel bore was .3385 so I have been using a little faster burning powders to slug up the bore ( so to speak )
The bullets have a G7 BC of .349 and a G1 BC of .682 I weighed them and out of 100
72 weighed 249.9grs
10 weighed 249.8grs
15 weighed 249.7grs
3 weighed 249.6grs
I didn't go thru the trouble of measuring them, length or ogive, but I did notice the tip ( or hollow point ) on some of them was at an angle, not flat, but that didn't seam to matter in my tests. I have a friend that got a tool to make the tip of bullets flat or uniform on his 6.5mm Berger VLD's and did some tests and at 500 yds it didn't make any difference. ( and that gun would shoot 5/8th's inch groups at 500 yds all day long)
Here is a pic of the bullets I have shot before
250 Nosler AB 250 Berger OTM 225 Barnes TTSX

TO BE CONTINUED Have to leave to go to work
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Old 03-14-2012, 09:06 PM
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Re: Berger 250 hybrid tactical test results

how do you apply to test bullets and other gear?
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Old 03-14-2012, 09:44 PM
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Re: Berger 250 hybrid tactical test results

It was posted on Accurate Shooter ( that is where I saw it ) and on snipers hide websites.
I asked Michelle Gallagher who is the marketing person for Berger bullets why there and not here on long range hunting. She said because it was a target bullet and not a hunting bullet. Michelle said when they come out with the hunting version it will be posted here. She said it will be available to 1/3 if the people who apply to test it.
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Old 03-14-2012, 09:52 PM
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Re: Berger 250 hybrid tactical test results

How long ago was it when you saw it? I will keep my eyes open.
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Old 03-15-2012, 05:09 PM
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Re: Berger 250 hybrid tactical test results

I forgot to mention this but my rifle is a 338 Rem Ultra Mag.
I am using once fired brass that I bought new. It has been prepped and annealed. I use a Lyman full length die that I honed the neck area to give me .003 neck tension. I use a Hornady new dimension seater die that has the sleeve inside that holds the bullet straight in line with the neck. I made another sleeve and honed it to just let the bullet fit to get tighter tollerances while seating the bullets in my cases to keep the runout at a minimum. I weigh every charge.
I started out with IMR 7828SSC
Fed 215 Mag primers
I loaded from 87gr in 1/2 grain increments to 90 gr. seated .050 off the lands.
Testing was done at 300 yds. The 90 gr produced a 1.034 3 shot group at 3020 fps.
I tried some more at .015 and .070 off the lands with the 90 grs and the .070 produced a group just under an inch at 300 yds. I loaded some more up with
90.5 91 and 91.5 grs and the 91.5 gave a little more velocity and grouped as well 3 shots at 1 inch at 300 at 3160 fps.

I also tried H 4831SC
Fed 215 Mag primers
I loaded in 1/2 grain increments from 87.5 to 90.5 gr seated .070 off the lands.
The 90.5 grouped the best despite the wind and mirage that day with 3 in 1 1/4 inch at 300 yds at 3060 fps. I know I can still go higher with the 4831 but with the amount of bullets I was given, my load development was limited if I was goint to stretch them out to 500 Meters.

I loaded up 15 with 91.5 grs. IMR 7828SSC and I loaded 10 up with 90.5 grs. H4831SC for my testing at 500 Meters ( 560 yards at my range )
I used my go to load of 92 grs. of H 4831SC with a Barnes 225 gr TTSX at 3217 fps to get on target at 500 despite 3.5 to 6 mph winds.

I had to come up 6 MOA on my scope ( 48 1/8th clicks ) from my 300 yard setting to get on at 560 yds.
I shot three 3 shot groups with thw IMR 7828 SSC first letting the barrel cool down to outside temps between shots. Temps started out at 62* and wind was from right to left from 3.5 to 6 mph. These first 2 groups would of been really small if the wind didn't play havock with my testing.

I really like how these bullets show very little verticle variation.
I then shot the ones loaded with H 4831SC. The wind had changed directions and the mirage was moving my 3 inch orange dot around about 3 inches. The temps were at 70* and the wind was from left to right now. I tried to shoot when the wind was blowing the mirage away so I could get a more accurate ainimg point. I even cut the power down on the Burris to 24x.
This was the last group of the day and was the best with this powder.

I am going to do some more testing with these bullets when they come out in April. I really like how they shot and my barrel clean up was really easy. I didn't clean it till after the first 70 rounds and after just a couple patches of Bore Tech eliminator the patches came out clean. I even soaked it again and let it sit and the patch had hardly any green on it. I hope to try these on elk if I get drawn ( just put in for a cow tag here in Az )I would like to try some 4350 and go a little higher with the H 4831SC.
I would like to thank Michelle Gallagher from Berger for giving me this opportunity to test these bullets. I like the short bearing surface compared to some of the other 338 cal. bullets that will let these be shot at higher velocities and the accuracy is there. I can't wait to get some more.
PS: I an going to try some of the 168gr 308 dia. Hybrids in my 308 Win.
Hey guys, keep your eyes posted because Berger is going to be doing some more testing when they come out with the hunting version of these and you could be one of those testers.
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Old 03-16-2012, 04:38 AM
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Re: Berger 250 hybrid tactical test results

So these are thick target jackets? Anyone testing them at 3500 fps plus that the 338 Cheytac variants will push them at?
NZ Longranger
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Old 03-16-2012, 08:41 AM
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Re: Berger 250 hybrid tactical test results

The only other guys that I know of testing them are here on Snipers
new Berger 338 cal 250 gr Hybrid - testers needed - Sniper's Hide Forums.

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