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BC Article- Link

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Unread 02-16-2010, 07:19 AM
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Re: BC Article- Link

The phrase, "Stop digging" comes to mind.

Now that may fool the readers into thinking this is a bc debate but, not me.
Please come back from whatever planet you are on and join the rest of us back on Earth. What are you talking about? What sort of "debate" do you think this is? Please read the title of this thread. Read the first post. Read the article to which it links.

Contemplate, for a minute, what this thread is about. Is it about BC's, an article written on the subject and the technical correctness of said article? When people click on this thread, what do they want to read about? BC's? An article about BC's? Discussion on the article about BC's? Or The Days of Our Lives?

your an intelligent person...
Intelligence ≠ Patience to wade through incoherent, paranoid, useless drivel. In fact, the two have a somewhat inverse relationship. By the way, the word is you're.
I'll pretend it's convoluted, incoherent, garbage, semantics...
No pretending required. You have not asked one single, coherent direct question on the substance, the technical matter of this thread. You've made a bunch of statements that imply some sort of nefariousness on my part as if everything I say is part of some grand conspiracy which exists only in your own mind. The biggest of which was a single misquote.

I explained that as well as why it did not change the meaning whatsoever and made no difference as it pertained to this thread. Dwelling on it for 1000 words as you have without raising a single technical question is called SEMANTICS.

Challenge me on any specific statement which you believe to be factually incorrect with respect to the subject matter. That would add SUBSTANCE.

On the convoluted, incoherent, garbageness of it:

Some tips:

When quoting somebody, use the quote function to show what you're quoting. When you type your own response within the quote box of somebody else, it becomes very difficult to keep track of who said what.

When you type a quote of somebody without using the quote box mixed in with your own text, it becomes very difficult to keep track of who said what.

Had I done this with the JB quotes you would have accused me of doing it to further some sort of conspiracy. You nit-pick one misquote of mine while the reader has no damn clue when you're quoting and when you're not, who you're quoting or who you're not.

What's with the underlining? Will it take me to a different link if I click on it? No. Is it the title of a book? No. Are you underlining only specific words or phrases to add emphasis to them? No. Are you underlining what one person says because you can't figure out the quote thing? No, you've underlined things you've said, things I've said and things JB has said. It has a way of mixing it all together and confusing it. Do you know what people do when they see entire posts all underlined? They hit the BACK button. See, had I not used the BOLD on that word you never would have made it to the end of this paragraph. I can see your eyes glazing over from here.

Ask specific questions on the subject matter if you want a response. Making statements based upon your own delusions as if auditioning for a writing gig for As The World Turns, doesn't add a whole lot to the BC discussion this thread is supposed to be.

You have completely ruined what was otherwise a very informative thread for people. People who see the title and click on it wanting to learn something about BC's, not to get the latest on The Young and the Restless.

I'm sorry if JB was some hero of yours. You aren't alone. He has quite a fanbase--well deserved, for the most part.

I'm sorry learning he does not know absolutely everything about everything and is, in fact, simply wrong about some things has been so traumatic for you.

Your inability to challenge a single technical point in which you think he might be right and I might be wrong, but yet your desire to continue this arguement ad infinitum over silly semantics anyway, seemingly with nothing other than an emotional desire to defend him in some way at all cost as motivation is a bit sad. I think I know how your parents felt when they told you there was no Santa. How much time did you spend arguing with them over the color of his suit while completely missing the overall point which was he, nor his suit, existed at all?

The bright side to this, is that in addition to your emotional attachment, the primary reason you started arguing in the first place was due to your lack of understanding of the subject matter. You simply didn't understand what he said was wrong, which is why you were so hurt to find out it was wrong. Which is why you started this argument. While you still feel the need to argue for the sake of arguing, you have conceded the tech. The tech will set you free.

While you may hate me now, hopefully as you mature you will look back on this thread as something that provide your own understanding of BC's and exterior ballistics with a quantum leap forward. Maybe, someday, you'll thank me. Unless, of course, you still hold a grudge against your parents over that whole Santa thing.....
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Unread 02-16-2010, 07:59 AM
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Re: BC Article- Link

lol. Who needs a politics forum when we have this.

Hammer Bullets
Advanced Technology
Simply Better

To hunt... or not to hunt...? What a stupid question.
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Unread 02-16-2010, 11:05 AM
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Re: BC Article- Link

+1 funny as hell

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