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anyone have luck getting GS custom bullets

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Unread 05-12-2009, 08:09 AM
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Re: anyone have luck getting GS custom bullets

Originally Posted by RockyMtnMT View Post

Thank you for the heartfelt concern.


It was merely an observation about your posting and the story (drama). Since you pontificate about avoiding drama, it is interesting that you are actually providing some of your own "drama".

However, my posting to you should not be confused with concerns over actual or percieved logistical delimmas...

If one finds something they like, one would be best served to purchase a multi-year supply of it.

Have a nice day.


Unread 05-12-2009, 08:12 AM
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Re: anyone have luck getting GS custom bullets

For what its worth you may want to send emails to these two addresses, as I have used them with some success in the past to get information when I was wondering where my bullets were in teh process:

Brian Petit - vendor in Alaska for GS Custom bullets - bpettet@gci.net
Gerard Schultz - GS Custom bullets - gerard@wol.co.za

Best of luck

Unread 05-12-2009, 09:40 AM
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Re: anyone have luck getting GS custom bullets

Hi All,
Sorry about the absence from some forums but we are working pretty hard.

The situation is that we have some delays that were impossible to plan for. Put in a nutshell, when the USA sneezes, the rest of the world gets the flu.

Our USA stock goes to the distributor in Alaska (who is in Texas part of the year). The last shipment to him fell foul of a customs official who was probably just in a bad mood or ignorant or both. In any case, the crate was impounded, subjected to inspection and anything else they could dream up and, after finding that there was in fact no criminal intent on our part or the part of our distributor, eventually released, a couple of weeks late. To add insult to injury, they charged storage fees for the impound time. I apologise for the delay but how do you foresee running into a tree hugger in customs.

At manufacturing source here in South Africa we, "have the flu". SA is fairly big on hunting and our hunting season kicks off next week. The vast majority of reloaders here, as in the USA, use cheaper priced bullets such as Hornady, Sierra and so on. The supply of these components, as well as that of premium bullets from the USA, have reduced drastically and in some cases dried up completely. The local reloaders have had to look to SA manufacturers for supplies. All our HV, SP and HP bullets are in demand far beyond normal growth/market penetration increases and we suddenly find ourselves with a production backlog that came without warning. We did not see this one coming at all and it caught us completely off guard.

Over here reloaders can get locally produced powder but the scarcity of CCI and Federal primers have caused shortages of our locally made PMP primers. Everyone is scratching around for components and making do with what they can get.

Once again I am sorry that this has happened. It is bad from a short term delivery delay point of view but, on the bright side, it forces us to increase our production capacity faster than originally planned and that will remain once we have caught up.

The bottom line is that the delays are temporary and we are already solving the problem. We apologise for the delays and wish we could do more to minimise the effect but, ultimately, there are only 24hrs in a day. Please bear with us, all things come to pass.

JeffVN, I hear you about contacting customers when a backlog develops. I have been there a number of times as a custom gunsmith and as a manufacturer. The obstacle is that, when a backlog rears its ugly head, the people that are expected to do the contacting are already working harder to solve the problem. I know this is frustrating for the customer and I wish there was a simple solution but, how do you find the time for the extra contacting work when you are already working extended hours to solve the backlog? It is a vicious circle and one that does not have an easy solution for a small organisation. In a big setup it would be simple to hire a temp or to allocate the task to someone who is under utilised. Smaller and leaner outfits do not have this luxury and can only ask for a bit of patience.

GS Custom Bullets USA
Unread 05-12-2009, 10:09 AM
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Re: anyone have luck getting GS custom bullets


Buy American........ Proximity to manufacturers and distributors makes it much easier to do business and to get satisfaction without excuses....

Unfortunately, sometimes the only way you get a response from an overseas supply source is when someone raises questions about customer service on these type forums.....

This is not the first time this has happened and I am sure it won't be the last. They (Gerard) did not answer my BC emails several years ago, but they did find the time to take action and to remove the erroneous BCs from the website.

Their bullets were extremely accurate, but they flew like bricks. You do not have to go overseas to find an accurate brick.

Lots of American companies out there have similar products with outstanding customer service. Some even have money back guarantees.......

Unread 05-15-2009, 03:18 PM
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Re: anyone have luck getting GS custom bullets

I have been in contact with the dealer and he informed me of the problems that GS was having. He assures me that the bullets are still coming but that they were held up by customs. He has always been extremly fast at returning my e-mails but after I didnt hear from him for a few weeks and the bullets being paid for I was starting to worry that I got ripped off.. After talking to him and understanding that he didnt get my e-mails (I cant blame him if they never made it there) I will deal with him again as in the past he has been very friendly and very fast as getting replys except for the times the computer ate my messages to him, and that is my fault for jumping to conclusions and expecting the worst
Thanks guys for the replys and its good to know that everyone is having problems getting these bullets..

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Unread 05-15-2009, 05:51 PM
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Re: anyone have luck getting GS custom bullets


There is always a customer service/email disconnect of some sort about this particular brand even as far back as 2005 when they were informed of some let us say "extremely creative BC advertising". We are not talking a few BC points + or - due to air density differences, we are talking on the order 40% to 50% error. We found that they were bouncing off the ground and then hitting the 900 yard target when using the advertised BCs. They sure made a lot of divots in the food plot.

When they were notified of problems it became increasingly difficult to reach them and they NEVER even offered any refunds for the fraudulent bullet BCs. It escapes me how a company that has the state of the art type projectile be so far behind in dealing properly with problems that surface with their products. It is beyond me. They would have been much more safe by not advertising the BCs at all and then it would have been buyer beware and we would not have conducted business with them. Sometimes attempting to push the technology envelope has its bitter moments.

I must say that they have extremely accurate bullets (on the same order of accuracy as the Lost River Ballistic bullets), but they had a trajectory that reminded us of the St Louis Arch. With that kind of trajectory, the energy follows the same sort of decay and will not be impressive very far down range.

We even did the chronograph testing to validate the poor drop characteristics and the chronograph backed up the the drop charts. They flew like very accurate bricks. Let me tell you that customer service is not their strong suit. For instance, a few years back when Nosler had the Accubond tips that were dissolving/deteriorating due to poor jacket washing procedures by a new employee, all it took was a phone call and replacement bullets were on the way without even having to ask or beg. Do not expect that from these guys.... Not only do they not have the correct answer, they don't even recognize it.

Once the chronograph testing was complete we commenced to test the Lost River Ballistic bullets and they had the opposite problem.... Great flight characteristics but poor expansion.... We then switched to Nosler Accubonds and that solved all the trajectory and expansion issues.

Recently they informed me that they cannot test every caliber and weight bullet for BC yet they have the BC information advertised on the website.... Very interesting.

Keep it simple and buy American.

If you do not get what you ordered or you have problems, just make a road trip.

If you want to try some without the wait or without having to pay the high shipping fees, I have some that you can get and it will at least save a few bucks on the shipping... I have six boxes (300) of them (Gerard, I just found another box this afternoon).

If anybody needs some just drop me an email at lightvarmint@aol.com and we can make arrangements and get them to you.

Unread 05-15-2009, 08:16 PM
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Re: anyone have luck getting GS custom bullets

LV, have you specifically shot the 177 HV... specifically this bullet...

GS CUSTOM BULLETS - Specifications for use

This is a diagram of the bullet and it looks a lot more aerodynamic than a Nosler AB, BT or E-Tip which advertise BC's of .507- 523. If you have shot them I would be interested in your data... the actual numbers, MV's, down range velocities and drops.

If the BC is even close to .6, that coupled with the fact that they consistantly show velocities 100-200 fps faster than similar weight bullets, put them way ahead, down range, than any of the off-the-shelf bullets. And if their claim of significantly longwer barrel life is true, that is also of great interest to me in a 300 RUM.

The 177's appear to be a much differt bullet than the 173's in BC.

As for their CS... I know and understand the challenges of trying to run a business, and Mr Schultz has taken the time to explain his challanges to us. I will take him at his word until I know differently and am satisfied with his explanation.

I am also under no illusion about the precarious supply situation that exists when trying to obtain bullets from a relatively small bullet maker on the opposite side of the globe. If I end up shooting these bulllets and liking them I will order an apmple number to keep myself in supply for several years.

Good shooting and I hope to try some HAT's before long also,

The thread is closed


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