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Amazing accuracy method

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Unread 02-25-2014, 12:30 PM
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Re: Amazing accuracy method

Topshot you stated verywell exactly what Id be worried about with the chamber bedding and then Jud96 presents real world experience as to why it isnt an issue. Sounds like it is every man for himself and do whatever appeals to you. Right now all of my rifles have barrels that float.

Here is what Im really thinking (I should have said this up front). Most of my rifles will group one or maybe two bullets at 1 inch or better at 200 yards. However, what most of my rifles wont do is group a selection of bullet weights that well. For example in my 338 RUM the 210 TTSX consistently groups around 0.750 at 200 yards. But the 285 grain LRX is hanging around 2 inches. It seems like that rifle is naturally tuned to the 210 TTSX. I have other rifles that shoot heavy bullets the best but they arent so good with light bullets.

If this chamber bedding method would make all bullets shoot good, it might be worth doing even if there is some risk of messing things up if you are not careful when shooting from field positions. What Ive heard is that this method does just that makes everything shoot better. However common sense tells me that may not be true because tuned means just that it is optimized to a spot in a spectrum of choices.

So my guess is that yes this does work but probably only for the bullet that you tune and bullets similar to that bullet. There is some value in that because it says I could tune every rifle for my favorite bullet insteading of using what happens to shoot the best. What do our gunsmiths say about this? Since you build rifles a certain way - chamber bedded or not - you must have a reason or two for what you do?
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Unread 02-25-2014, 01:16 PM
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Re: Amazing accuracy method

Interesting way to tune a rifle only real way to see how well it works is to give it a go. The load would need a good ES to start with or it would still show vertical at loner ranger.
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Unread 02-25-2014, 02:33 PM
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Re: Amazing accuracy method

This thread came up shortly after I removed the bedding from my chamber area. I spoke with many trustworthy folk about why some people bed the chamber and others don't and got different answers most of the time. With as heavy as my barrel is the smith I used put bedding under the chamber to help with support he said. This seems like the right thing to do from all the guys I spoke with regarding bedding. From my personal experience I removed the bedding and my vertical stringing went away. I shoot primarily from a bipod and my guess was that I was putting pressure on the barrel when shooting prone and when I was lucky enough to shoot off a make shift bench the vertical was less prevalent. So all in all I am glad that I tinkered around and completely free floated my barrel. The most important thing about bedding I truly believe is stress-free.

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