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Advice needed

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Old 09-22-2004, 02:15 PM
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Re: Advice needed


Genies...Rub the internet bottle..Good advice for wants, but fixes go straight back to source....If they can't fix then ask around...I can guarantee you PGW isn't blowing anyone off, they are good people up there, Canada is full of nice people, and geese and big whitetail, fish too..Bring the problem to their attention immediately and I bet they will find the cure..

If customer isn't satisfied, then we as custom type gunfolk aren't doing our job...and that's our livelihood, making youse folk happy...

How long did it take you to surmise the web was the place to go for a specific gunsmithing application? about a double click...Go to the source.....especially one as reputable as Prairie Gun Works...

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Old 09-22-2004, 02:21 PM
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Re: Advice needed

And just in case you misunderstand me,

The internet is a plethora of information, I use it every day on my application, to find out more and more...I don't know everything, just 'bout, not quite, so I use the www to chase a few things here and there and porn..I don't discount 'internet gurus' but believe me I can....A lot of experts out there don't know ****...so use the internet wisely I say..

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Old 09-23-2004, 02:07 PM
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Re: Advice needed


No flames meant eh..Was in a right state yesterday, was reading what I wanted to read..

Live piloted tools yes will work for bendy factory barrels, I was reading this as floating reamer holder at the time..but no, spot on...As will crowning with adjustable chuck and spider holding the chamber end, clocked in dial indicator, and indicating tailstock..

But still not too keen on flaming a manufacturer unless I have spoken to them first and if it's not sorted..Then I will consult the genies..

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Old 09-23-2004, 02:22 PM
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Re: Advice needed


I totally agree with giving the manufacturer or custom shop the chance to make a problem right, always, that is how I would want my customers to treat me.

I agree 100%!

If that happens and they do not solve the problem then it is on them in my mind and they should prepare for some bad press, as I would.

Good Shooting!!!

Kirby Allen(50)
Kirby Allen(50)

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Old 09-24-2004, 10:16 AM
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Re: Advice needed

I'm a little curious about powders. To date I've only used IMR 4350, and have had excellent results with it. I know every gun is different but I'd like to know what kind of reults other people have had using IMR 4831, H4831 and H4831SC, or Reloder22. Again the caliber is 300 win mag and the bullets are 200 grain Sierre SPBT SGK's.
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Old 09-24-2004, 11:30 PM
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Re: Advice needed

It's hard to discount the performance of an accurate match barrel that seems to shoot every bullet and every combination of powder well. But, if you accept the theory that you should select a powder that fills the case and still offers accuracy and velocity with a given bullet weight, then your list of suitable powders gets a little shorter.

For whatever reason, I have had very satisfactory results using 100% and compressed charges of H4831 in a number of rifles from 220Swift to 300 magnums.

Of course, there are exceptions. Some people use 3031 or 4895, substantially faster powders with a lot of air space, and are happy.

I always have some IMR4350 on hand. I find it to be especially useful in 243 and 6mmRem. with certain bullet weights.

But, when you are using heavy for caliber bullets in a 300 Mag. (as Fiftydriver already mentioned) then 4350 appears to be a little on the fast side, as to burning rate. Fast powders and heavy bullets are not usually your best choice. Everything being relative.

Once you factor in your barrel length, there may be a reason to go with a faster powder? For instance, say your barrel was only 22", the slow burning 4831 might produce a huge flame of unburnt powder and no velocity advantage. The 4350 may peak in the shorter barrel, and could be the best choice, strictly considering velocity. But, if you have enough barrel length to support the H4831 burning rate, then I'd say it deserves consideration.

I personally don't use R22 in anything but 25 caliber, so can't comment on that. But, the reason is that I find H4831 to be superior in every yardstick of performance that it would just waste my time. (as you said, each rifle is different) If I were developing a load right now, (which I'm not) I would have to consider it, as well as VV and Norma powders.

To me, IMR 4350 doesn't seem to work, on paper, for your application, but if it does, who can argue? The only way to find out......after you get your other problem resolved, is on the bench.

Good hunting. LB

edit: I just noticed your other post. For what it's worth, I have always used a Win.8 large rifle primer in 300 Winchester. The Fed 215M with a hotter spark may allow the 4350 to burn even faster, I don't know? Mag primers are a good choice for sub zero temperatures, though.

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