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7mm SWT vs. 7mm Allen Mag

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Unread 02-18-2008, 02:27 PM
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7mm SWT vs. 7mm Allen Mag

which do you like better and why?
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Unread 02-18-2008, 03:07 PM
trh trh is offline
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I have neither.... but I would chose the Allen hands down... simply because it out-performs the STW in every way. The main advantage of the STW is over-the-counter ammo by my way of thinking.
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Unread 02-18-2008, 04:23 PM
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What trj said.

Also, over the counter ammunition availably? Think about it. How hard does one have to work to get into a situation where ammunition availability would be come a problem.
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Unread 02-18-2008, 04:53 PM
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7mm STW by far. It doesnt require special dies, loads of load development and is very load friendly. Not knocking Kirbys brilliant line of mags but they do require a special amount of work to get to shoot right. The 7mm can be a finicky caliber when extreme overbore is encountered. This may not be what your after.

The 7mm stw only downfall is its a belted mag and to some the belt equates to less accurate. While this may be the case I have yet to see a difference and have enjoyed years of accuracy with my couple of 7mm stw's. In a 34 inch barrel behind 74.5 grains of H1000 I was able to get 3100 fps using Berger's 180 grain VLD's. This far exceeded the 7mm Ultra factory offered heaviest bullets in a shorter barrel burning more powder.

The ultra however if chambered in this same barrel would probably offer 3300~3350 or so this would be a substantial benefit and worth it. If your end product is within 100 fps of each other the difference between them at 1000 yards is hardly noticeable but if you plan on going out to 1500 and beyond then something else may be needed. Anything out to 500~700 yards is all velocity beyond that is BC and velocity.

Sometimes in the quest for the best you end up spending more time in the garage/shop and range than you do hunting or enjoyable shooting. Spending loads of time and travel trying to find the perfect combo of powder, bullets, and group size can be overwhelming.

A lot of these magnum wildcats require some load development. What the fellas on here are getting didnt happen with one load and a trip to the range it tooks some months to find the right combo.

The stw if chambered in a 1:9 twist barrel by a good barrel company will like powders in the range of the H1000, Retumbo, US869, RE22, RE 25 with bullet weights in the 168~180 class with great results. Loads of data exist on the net and on here and you can usually get a few loads ya like and they'll also perform the same in your weapon as they did in the others.

I enjoyed the 7mm STW and its accuracy as well as its forgiveness in small loading differences. I am currently upgrading the wifes gun to a new Bartlein barrel in a 1:9 twist Sendero contour finished at 26 inches fluted 5R rifling. I know it will be a screamer and I dont even have the barrel yet. I thought about the 7mm WSM, the 7mm Ultra and yes even the 7mm Allen mag.

I want a fun gun right out of the starting gate and I know this will do it. Most of the other cartridges when you get into 100 grains of water capacity are a waste unless you intend to extract every ounce of performance. Huge cases require longer barrels to take advantage of all that powder and that means heavier guns unless you want to dump $800~$1000 in an ABS wrapped barrel at which point you should go with one of the 100 grain capacity cartridges as money must be no object .

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Unread 02-18-2008, 06:16 PM
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As Daveosok said, if you want the top end velocity for that caliber Kirby is the one to talk to. He builds a great rifle no doubt and does have a niche in the velocity dept with his creations. However, as was also mentioned his creations might not be for everyone. Unless your looking to squeeze every inch out of your capabilities, then yo umight be better suited working into one of his rigs.

Myself I had him build me one of his .270's for some long range work on feral hogs. I wanted something that would shoot far as I felt was feasable under the conditions and anchor them on the spot with out wasting too much. What he built me works wonders if I can do my part out to 800yds easily and then some. However my furtherest shot has only been just a tad over 450.

I picked up a used STW and figured that I might as well see if it would shoot before using it for a donor program. I bought up a couple of boxes of Federal ammo loaded with the 150gr Nosler Solid Base. THey run right at 3250 from my rifle and have generally grouped at or under 1" at 200yds. from the bench. I figured that I might as well grab some while they were on sale and picked up 10 boxes for around 15 bucks a box. Since then I have not tried but a couple of times to work up a load using a heavier bullet. I mostly just grab up a handful of the Federals and head out with it. I did manage to grab up some cases to actually do load development with but just haven't seen the need. I can drop anything I am after with the 150's and they match right up with the Burris scope I mounted on top of it out to 600yds. All I need to do is hold for the wind and adjust the dot for the range. Dies were easily obtialned and under $40 for the set. Powder isn't a concern as so far I have only tried a few that I have on hand. Should I need to I can easily obtail something which will be suitable for several weight bullets. It might not be THE poder for all of them but hey I only shoot it a couple times a year. Same as the .270 Allen Mag, I have somewhere around 250 rounds down the tube maybe a few more. Generally I only bust one occaisionally to see if I can still hit that little plate way across our back pasture. They are both great rifles but I think if I had found the STW first, I would have probably not had the .270.

Now however I have both and just got a new toy to break in.
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Unread 02-18-2008, 08:52 PM
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I don't own one but this is a NO brainer. The 7mm Allen Mag!!

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Unread 02-18-2008, 09:01 PM
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Originally Posted by catch-34 View Post
which do you like better and why?

If you ask this question ===STW all the way !!!

Best luck --ME
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