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7mm-08 for 1000 yards match???

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Unread 04-19-2005, 04:12 PM
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7mm-08 for 1000 yards match???

Hello all,

Those of you guys/gals who have done this kind of shooting, could you give me feed back on this cartrige for 1000 yards target.
I realize there's better but I am thinking that perhaps this round won't kick as much as say the 6.5-284 or 308? Plus I am also hoping it won't be a barrel and throat burner.
What about the .223 shooting 75-80 grains bullets? What twist will the barrel needs to be? 1-7 overkill or 1-8?

I hope to have lots of feed back as I have caught the bug after this past week end where I attended a shoot at Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club.

Thank you for your time.
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Unread 04-19-2005, 06:27 PM
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Re: 7mm-08 for 1000 yards match???

You betcha!
There used to be a mojor problem in shooting a 7mm in competition of any kind... no good bullets.
Today that problem is solved, great LR bullets from sierra, berger and others thrown from a 7mm08 will do pretty well at 1000. Recoil will be a bit less than a 308, especially if you compare it with the 190gr bullet many use for 1k in the 308. It will eat barrels faster than the 308, bot not by much. A friend has a 7mm08 that I load for, that is pushing the 3000rd mark with good accuracy.
Are you planning on using a factory gun or going the custom route? Some factory twists won't stabalize the 180gr class bullets at 7mm08 speeds under all circumstances.
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Unread 04-19-2005, 07:15 PM
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Re: 7mm-08 for 1000 yards match???

My recommendation would be the .260 Rem. as you are looking for low recoil and optimum performance up to 1,000 yds.
I am just finishing up a .260 AI for myself but have been waitin' on that stock from McMillan for almost 3 months! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

Nothing wrong with the .708 either, but check out that .260 as it will out-preform the .708 on everything except the long range energy,but would still have enough energy for whitetails and muleys to 500+ yads.
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Unread 04-20-2005, 04:20 PM
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Re: 7mm-08 for 1000 yards match???

If you like the 308, then the 223 with 80gr HP or 75gr Amax is ballistically identical to the favoured 175gr load. Recoil is pretty close to zip and you get to shoot lots before your barrel warms up. However, wind bucking is not that great when compared to...

The 260Rem. I love this cal and 142/140gr bullets can easily be launched at 2800fps in a longer barrel. That is within 150fps of the 6.5-284. Easy on shoulder and throat.

You can of course go with an improved 260Rem like the AI or my Mystic. This gets you even closer to the 284 performance with less powder. The 6.5WSSM improved have similar case volume and performance.

Because of new bullets, the 6mm is coming into its own and may very well "Own" the 1000yd game soon. Stretched 6BR or shortened 243Win's are showing up in all sorts of versions.

With the newer 115gr bullets and fast twist, they are ballistically very close to the 142gr MK from 284's. Still pretty hard on throats but much better then the 6.5-284 (???). Way lower recoil too.

If starting new, find out which competition you want to follow. Then build to suit. If just plinking and want a factory rifle, the 243 with 9twist, 223 with 9 twist, or 260 with 9 twist will all get you to the 1000yd mark with ease.

I like the 7-08 alot but the recoil is just that much higher then the smaller cals.

Now if bullet makers jump on the 25cal bandwagon, we will have lots of new wildcats to talk about.

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Unread 04-22-2005, 09:28 AM
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Re: 7mm-08 for 1000 yards match???

i've looked, and i can't find a factory rifle in 7mm-08 with a heavy barrel. why is this? i know i sure would like one!
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Unread 04-22-2005, 10:35 AM
ds ds is offline
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Re: 7mm-08 for 1000 yards match???

For a great all rounder, if you don`t mind a long action I would have a look at 6.5x55 Good Lapua brass, a long neck (less potential donut problems)and some factory ammo (not a lot but better than 260 Rem in that respect).Excellent track record in Europe.

I changed from 6.5x55 to .260 Rem only because the action I wanted is not available in a long action. What I am finding is a lot more work with preping cases.

Hope it helps,

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Unread 08-01-2006, 03:54 PM
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Re: 7mm-08 for 1000 yards match???

I have found an Heavy Barrel 7mm-08 in Remington 700 VLS they made them in one year around 2001 .
I all so hurd about them makeing an Remington 700 Heavy Barrel in Varmint Special . one year. in the mid 80.


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