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Which 6.5 in Rem 700 LA, help me decide...

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Unread 09-30-2013, 10:21 AM
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Re: Which 6.5 in Rem 700 LA, help me decide...

Originally Posted by su37 View Post
I'd also like to stay with a chambering that would allow my grandson someday to shoot the gun without handloading.
Here's your best options if you don't want him handloading...

HSM Trophy Gold Ammo 6.5mm-284 Norma 140 Grain Berger Hunting VLD



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Originally Posted by WildRose View Post
The 284 is to the STW what a tricycle is to a Ninja.
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Unread 10-27-2013, 08:46 PM
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Re: Which 6.5 in Rem 700 LA, help me decide...

Originally Posted by 112Savage View Post
so, given that you already have 7mmSAUM and have a LONG action model 700; then I would go 6.5x55.

Here's my reasoning: you already have a chambering for big stuff. If you want a short barrel (<26"), then the '06 capacity cartridges in 6.5mm are going to suffer. 6.5x55 will make "more efficient use" of the long action space than the 260 Rem will.

6.5mm cartridges have heavy long bullets available for long range work. On the other hand, light bullets like 100gr ttsx's can be handloaded for youngsters; and off the shelf ammo is loaded so lightly that any youngster could handle the recoil well.

I think that a model 700 in 6.5x55 with a 22"-24" #2 contour barrel is just about perfect for a close to moderate range deer rifle which a youngster could handle well.
Well, have not died or given up just yet. For a while I was thinking in a whole different direction -- 338 Lapua. Please no comments!

Now, I am back to a 6.5x55 un-improved...

Here's the logic:

6.5 bullets remain and are likely to remain a great starting point for LR shooting for a very long time, and anything that does LR, can do the rest.

Swede ammo will be with us forever. If you cannot get 6.5x55, then what's left? Perhaps 30--06 and 30-30....

6.5x55 is better in a LA than 260 Rem, for the handloader at least.

As much as the AI or some other improved version is interesting, I cannot believe that the initial firing of a standard cartridge in the improved chamber is as accurate as a firing in a standard chamber. So an improved version would be less valuable for an owner that does not handload.

As for why not 6.5x284 -- barrel life in a nutshell. And it seems that many cartridges seem most accurate at decent to relatively robust loadings. Loading reduced loads gets no press. Perhaps its possible, but it would be trial and error. G'Bye barrel life.

__________________________________________________ ____________

The argument that you need velocity for long range shooting just does not hold any more. Perhaps for the 1000 plus crowd, who have to make sure that their bullet does not go subsonic. But out to 500 or even further, a modest bullet speed with excellent accuracy and BC is what matters.

Back in the day, before rangefinders were everyday possessions, point blank accuracy was important. Bullet drop mattered. Now, less so.

I think with a good rangefinder (I have a Leica 1600), a drop table, and an accurate gun, the speed of the projectile is meaningless for the first 800 yards or so.

Wind drift remains a variable that velocity can help reduce. But accuracy is still what matters at the base....

Anyhow. Leaning very much to another swede.....
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Unread 10-28-2013, 08:02 AM
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Re: Which 6.5 in Rem 700 LA, help me decide...

I'd get Bartlein to duplicate the factory barrel contour in a 24 inch long 257 cal. 10" twist.
Then I'd have it chambered in 25-06, get me some ammo with 100gr Nosler Partitions, and go Deer hunting.
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Unread 10-28-2013, 03:22 PM
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Re: Which 6.5 in Rem 700 LA, help me decide...

You are wrestling with two very different schools of thought here. You want a 6.5mm chambering that offers factory ammo in a LA with an 06 boltface. The rub is it doesn't exist! The factory 6.5x55 stuff will all be seated for SA and probably won't perform any better than standard 6.5x55 would in an AI chamber. Let me offer you some other options:

-Either choose a 270 Win or 25-06 Rem and be done with it.

-Or choose the 6.5 cartridge of your choice (seems like you like the thought of the 6.5x55 improved) and then:
-Make a commitment to teach your grandson to handload
-Or be sure to leave your grandson enough ammo to burn the barrel out

Your going to stroke yourself out if you keep this up.

A few more thoughts:

-Just an FYI the 6.5x55 improved has the SAME amount of powder capacity as the 6.5x284 and will probably give you 2x-3x the barrel life.
-The 6.5 Sherman type cartridges are awesome - I have a 6.5-06AI.
-Have you considered the 6mm Crusader that GAP designed? For someone that has a 7 SAUM, that is what I would do on my LA.
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