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6.5 Bullet Recomendations

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Unread 07-20-2011, 09:34 PM
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Re: 6.5 Bullet Recomendations

Originally Posted by Boss Hoss View Post
From a practical performance perspective the FB is more accurate at the ranges the OP is speaking about - fact. The BT bullet does not completely stabilize until 250 to 300 yards-fact. There are many bullets available that will fit the requirement here perfectly that are not and this is a tired over used term “premium” bullets. Remember in many respects “premium” bullets which I understand are the rage now are a marketing departments dream! Do not misunderstand my point as there are situations that one can make a case for a “premium” bullet. Unfortunately, most people do not fully understand or have access to people who actually test and manufacture bullets.

In short, at the ranges the OP has stated and he did not say how accurate he wanted the load to be why introduce a variable that is not really required? I have more than a couple 6.5’s but they have more case capacity and slower twist than the OP’s rifle but given his scenario I would start with the Sierra # 1720.

If you had killed as many feral hogs for example as I have with everything from 55gr fmj out of a SR 15 to my 338 Slowpoke (338 Lapua parent) using the 250 gr SMK it is very apparent that to some extent the premium bullet thing is a little over stated because I hunt almost exclusively and compete exclusively with the SMK (have never lost an animal with on either). Now with the exception of the 223 SR 15 all of my rifles are built the same albeit for competition or as a sporter. The load preparation is the same for either one because accuracy is the only thing that makes a rifle interesting.
Smart man with excellent experience if you ask me. Hell I am just prety much a redneck boy but for shooting deer that ain't too big and not having to reach way out you can find a great bullet and load in the 260 with no probs. The 100 grain Noslers can be driven really fast the 120 to 130 class are a bit better if your deer are getting big and the 140 class will depending on the bullet you choose offer more punch further out. Simple jist of the whole thing your ranges are not too long so which ever bullet shoots the best for you depending on the size of your deer is the one I would choose. I am up here in Western Canada and it ain't no stretch to shoot a buck either WT or Mule 300 pounds or more live weight on the hoof in the right area. 0-300 yards is pretty easy range for the 260 with more than enough smack to drop the biggest deer. I shoot deer with mine every year depending on draw results it is either 5 deer or 6 deer. 3 Wt's every year 1 buck 2 does and on draw years 1 Mule buck 2 mule does non draw years only 2 mule does. Depending on where I draw my Mule buck tag it is either my .260 with 125 partitions or my 300 Win with 200 AB's This year it will be my 260 as ranges will be 400 yards or less ( more like 300-350 on average) Two years ago it was 350 plus and I took my buck at 427 with the short necked, belted .300 Win and the 200 AB over H-1000. Very accurate load and lots of smack for deer way further out than my limited skills can use it . Find the load and bullet your rifle likes and shoot the hell out of it trigger time at the range is your best friend. If you can't put it where it needs to go every single time than a 155mm ain't going to help you.

It is a shame that the .260 is dying on the vine with the factory rifle producers. Remmy really screwed the pooch with what they offered in factory ammo and twist rate. Ruger did the twist right but dropped the 77 with a good barrel length for a factory stick from 22" down to 16-1/2" for the compact. I guess good old joe public was unimpressed with factory ammo and now that the interest has wained with the general population it is going the way of the dodo bird for the average shooter. A sad state of affairs for an excellent cartridge that is over looked by many.Then again it has to compete with the 7-08 and that is a mighty mountian to climb. Had the introduction of both cartridges been different, I still do not think the 260 would have been a success, some strange misconseption with the general shooting public about the .264 bore I guess. Not all is lost though no worries about brass and bullets or suitable powders for decades to come, easy to find a smith that can build an excellent rifle with out a second morgage on the house.

Love the 260 and always will! not the be all end all of rifle cartridge combinations but it has never let me down as I use it within my limits. The cartridge offers more on the table than I can access currently as do others in my safe.
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Unread 07-23-2011, 10:09 AM
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Re: 6.5 Bullet Recomendations

Originally Posted by Dano5001 View Post
What bullets do you guys recomend for .260 Rem on Whitetail Deer at closer ranges, say 0-300 yards? Rifle has 26" 1-8 twist barrel.
For accurate, reliable performance on game at the ranges you mention, the standard 129gr Hornady Interlock has worked great for me. Work up to about 2860-2870 w/ H4831. Just plain works. I have also used the 130gr Accubond. Totally unnecessary on deer, but works well on them and pigs.

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Unread 11-29-2011, 09:50 PM
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Re: 6.5 Bullet Recomendations

The 125grain Partition is my favorite with the 129grain Hornady SP a close second.
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Unread 11-30-2011, 11:22 AM
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Re: 6.5 Bullet Recomendations

I have 260, 26" 1:8 twist SS varmint barrel from CBI and 120gr Sierra PH proved to be accurate less then 1/2 MOA@100 and quiet deadly at close range as it turned lungs into goo and completley crushed shoulder-leg junction, that buck felt like it was stuck by lightning and I recovered this remains of the bullet on the inner side of the shoulder blade.

this was my hunting load, where I used 45gr of RL-17
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