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Which 6.5 ????????

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Old 06-30-2010, 07:30 AM
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Re: Which 6.5 ????????

If I were going with a large capacity case, I would go with a 6.5 STW. Probably in the 6.5-300 wby range. Both are capable of some pretty amazing velocity. But I would think barrel life would make the 6.5-284 seem easy on a barrel. Here would be my plan, I would set a 6.5 STW up with a 9.5 inch twist and set it up primarily for 120 grain bullets, and with the right load you clould probably stabilize a 130 grain bullet. You would get unreal velocity and a little more barrel life. I don't know though how much research has been done with the 6.5s and a 9.5 inch twist though, or if you could even get one with that.
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Old 06-30-2010, 09:14 AM
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Re: Which 6.5 ????????

Personally, I have built many 6.5 caliber rifles in all barrel lengths, and to me the 6.5x55 rules the roost. Lapua brass is less than $70.00 for 100, low recoil, and easy on barrels. If you want speed try IMR 4831, 46.4 grns., 140 VLD and CCI primer, my chrony shows 2911 fps out of a 24" tube, that is the avg of 4 five shot strings, all groups were under.5 MOA at 100. If you want more go longer on the barrel, just make sure it has 1-8 twist, but with a BC hovering aroun .600 who needs more?
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Old 06-30-2010, 09:28 AM
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Re: Which 6.5 ????????

2nd for the 6.5x55. Mine's built on a '98 Mauser action, Douglas premium air gauged barrel in 1:8 twist cut to 24", chambered with PT&G's 6.5x55 Match reamer. Groups <.4" with 140grn Berger VLDs. Haven't chrono'd yet, but who needs 3000+ fps of barrel burning speed. By the time you figure out just what it's capable of the barrel will be shot and you'll have to start over from scratch.
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Old 06-30-2010, 10:56 AM
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Re: Which 6.5 ????????

If barrel life is what your worried about then nitride whatever you get and enjoy the long life that barrel burner will have. For a hunting caliber the WM or the 6.5-300 wby is by far the hardest hitting of them out there. The accuracy i got out of the first 6.5-300 i build was amazing. If you looking for something to burn up a bunch of bullets just to shoot alot you really cant beat the performance of the 6.5x47 case. Easy to get cheap brass and its a really efficient case. The brass will last forever and you can still get it in a short action. If not the 6.5-06 would be my next choice the lapua brass for it is a bit harder to find but not impossible and its a caliber thats easy to work with as well. I do like the 6.5-284 but it can be a tough round to keep up with when trying to get great accuracy out of. The x55 is a better choice in that size of case for easy loading and development but will require a long action.
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Old 07-08-2010, 12:06 PM
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Re: Which 6.5 ????????

If you want a 140 gr bullet to go 3,000 you are going to need at least a 264 WM so..
If buying your rifle: 264 WM
If building: 6.5 WSM
Neither will have great barrel life, but should hit the 1,00 rnds you require

Personally I don' think you need to push a 140 up to 3,000 for your needs. I would go with something more efficient, easier on bbls, and easier on recoil.
If buying: 260 Rem or 6.55 x 55 Swede
If building: 6.5-284

I was in your shoes 6 months ago and after an exhaustive research decided to either buy a 260 Rem or build a 6.5-284. I found a killer deal on a 260 Rem so I went that route. I will be saving up to build a 6.5-284.

Let us know what you decide.

PS. I think the post about the 6.5 WSSM was a typo, I think there is just the 6.5 WSM.
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Old 07-09-2010, 02:47 AM
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Re: Which 6.5 ????????

Fire Road, I very easily get 3,000 with my 6.5-284 with absolutely no pressure issues what so ever. I really don't notice pressure signs until I get around 3075+ and then when it is cooler than right now (about 10-15 degrees), I can get 3150+ with little sign of pressure. This is with a 140 Berger VLD, other bullets, I don't know. But with both of mine, 3,000 +/- a few is where I try to keep it in order to avoid any pressure issues, accept for a couple loads that are just extremely accurate and are below that.
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Old 07-09-2010, 06:11 AM
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Re: Which 6.5 ????????

You can extend the barrel life (esp with today's quality custom barrels, thanks to technology ) with proper care/cleaning and using a powder with lower heat potential and moly coating and reducing the pressure.

For instance (using accurate barrel life calculator), ...

Bullet dia (in) .264
Loaded power (gr) 60 (just plugged in for calc purposes only)
Powder heat potential KJ/kg 3990 (H4350)
Pressure (PSI) 55,000 (Default)
Moly coating (Y/N) N
TOTAL 1090

Bullet dia (in) .264
Loaded power (gr) 60 (just plugged in for calc purposes only)
Powder heat potential KJ/kg 3630 (H1000)
Pressure (PSI) 55,000 (Default)
Moly coating (Y/N) Y
TOTAL 2137

Find the compromise that best suits your needs and go for it.

Good luck!


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