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585 HE -- Barrels of Cases --

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Unread 01-01-2014, 08:32 PM
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Re: 585 HE -- Barrels of Cases --

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    Unread 01-13-2014, 01:53 AM
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    Re: 585 HE -- Barrels of Cases --

    Here is picture of the barrels from McGowen, with other barrels.
    We got most of the McGowens profiled and some straight blanks.
    Others we have are the slow twist and smooth...In back some
    of the cases and die sets.

    Here is picture of an Enfield and a BBK in Hogue recoil
    reducing stocks. These stocks are the rubber coated with
    the easy to grip, nice pistol grip..Have Mcgowen 26 inch barrels,
    1 to 20 twist, barrels are heavy profile and taper
    to .980 inch at the muzzle.

    Here is a visual comparison of why I really like Enfields and
    Rugers for big bore work. An Enfield on the left.... Lugs
    built much stronger, simpler to put barrels in actions,
    without the wall in the middle of front reciever. Easier
    to shape breaches to feed big cases, so they don't hang up.
    Left lug longer and forward, simpler to do bolt faces to hold
    bigger cases...Ed

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    Unread 01-26-2014, 03:54 AM
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    Re: 585 HE -- Barrels of Cases --

    Here is picture of 585HE in a Montana Rifle Co. PH action.
    The double stack mag for the 505 Gibbs they make works ok.
    The Enfield in the Hogue stock above is gone.

    We also had guy show us how the case can work for a
    high energy subsonic cartridge. High energy for subsonic
    1600 gr at 1050 fps. The 585HE Whisper
    Anyone with some way overbore 14.9 mm necked
    cases on huge actions, can make case inserts for
    using our case to fire subsonic And fire 650gr or 750 gr at
    high speeds. Can't get 14.9 Russian cases use ours in
    same gun with inserts.

    Break action I like we did on a CBC by mono-blocking in a 585
    barrel set up especially for Minie bullets of 440 to 540 gr.

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    Unread 02-08-2014, 06:32 PM
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    Re: 585 HE -- Barrels of Cases --

    You can see from above posts I like Enfields and here is picture
    of how we set up action for long case and a singlestack magazine.
    We open bottom of action for length and use a lip type magazine
    insert to feed cases single stack. And lips are springy so we
    can load from the top.

    Here is the second gun I did years ago in the 585HE, an old style
    Ruger 77. And at that time I used the cases I made myself and
    they work great in the gun, high pressure loads, and extracted
    easy like the new ones from Bertram.

    Here is some math to show why I really like really big bores.
    There is term called Average Barrel Pressure, which is the average of
    all the pressures in a barrel, from the start where you have highest,
    called peak pressure. to the lowest at the muzzle when bullet exits.
    For high powered rifles average barrel pressure run 15-18000 psi.

    There is a formula that can be used to get Average barrel pressure
    fairly close if you know the muzzle energy.

    We multiply ME times 12 and divide by barrel cross section x length.
    We simplified it to get the 12 figure, It is inverse of the bore dia x 5
    For the 585 it comes out about 10

    Example a 458Win usually loaded to 5000 ft lbs, say in a 24" bbl.

    ABP = ( 5000 ft lbs x 12) divided by (.17 sg in x 24") = 15,000 psi

    Now you see there isn't a lot of room for big gains, as it would take
    peak pressures damaging to brass and gun, to get say 50% increase.

    Now example of 585HE in the 26" bbl we like, say a 7,000 ft lb load,
    a real moderate load in this case. Could use 10 in place of 12,
    but kept it all simple

    ABP = (7000 ft lb x 12) divided by (.27 sg in x 26") = 12000 psi

    The bigger bore allows for a much larger potential,
    a 50% gain is easy to do.Ed
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    Unread 03-05-2014, 02:51 AM
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    Re: 585 HE -- Barrels of Cases --

    Here is a few of the variety of bullets we found or know about
    to use in 585HE, about a third of them, from 440gr, to 750gr,
    to 1200gr, to 1600gr.

    Here is picture of what 200gr powder, in a case that had
    the powder settled, looks like.

    We now have more 585 new straight blanks giving a total of 9
    basic blanks, with long ones for guys setting up target guns.
    And a bunch more of the profiled barrels are being made
    now to go with new ones we got left. One went on this BBK
    pictured, 3 on Enfields, one on FBW, one a Ruger.
    Guys have used 5 of the new slow twist barrels. Ed

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    Unread 03-27-2014, 10:27 PM
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    Re: 585 HE -- Barrels of Cases --

    There is a guy and his smith in AUS that has a reamer for the 585HE.
    And maybe another firm there that can get a bunch reasonably priced
    barrels imported in from the US. Our Mcgowen barrels are high quality,
    hand lapped, and only half of what getting them in from other places cost.
    Here is part of stuff that the guys have to work with..

    Here is picture of the Mossy 390 action, after I'd set up for the 585HE.
    Just to see how good the action is, and I have since set barrel back
    and made it into a 24ga FH. Just makes an easy to work with test gun.
    Being both use same size bore, and in 24ga with 3" chamber I can use
    577 brass for 24ga cases, using same Minie and jacketed bullets as 585HE.
    58CAL IN ALL FORMS is where it is at, so to speak......Ed

    PS-We have longer barrels now for target work including real heavy ones
    of 1 5/8 inches, that some guys are working on getting bigger actions
    set up to use them in. .
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    Unread 03-28-2014, 05:07 PM
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    Re: 585 HE -- Barrels of Cases --

    I've got a few questions.

    Which Ruger actions are you using, would a standard 77 long action with tang safety work, or a MkII long action?
    Will a Savage 110 work?
    Also what is the rim diameter?

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