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375HH mag or 375 ultramag?

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Unread 12-23-2008, 09:53 PM
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375HH mag or 375 ultramag?

Hi guy.

Ok this is not long range cal but nead info on it. A good friend of mine is in for the old caliber, i will be more for the ultra for short range "destruction".
Did someone have work with either one? He said 300yds is the max shoot is he right? What kind of balistiq can you have with it? What will be the best bullet for moose hunting with either one? My friend (hunting partner too) did not have a computer so doing the reaserche for him.
thank in advence.
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Unread 12-23-2008, 11:59 PM
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Re: 375HH mag or 375 ultramag?

Although the 375 H&H is enough for the moose it is a little light for the big bears
so I would go with the 375 RUM.

The 375 H&H with the 260gr accubond has 2000 ft/lbs of energy @ 475 yds.
The 375 RUM with the same bullet has 2000 ft/lbs of energy @ 675 yds.

The H&H produces 2000 ft/lbs of energy at 425 yds with the 300 gr bullet.
and the 375 RUM produces 2000 ft/lbs at 550 with the 300 gr bullet.

Drop with 260gr- H&H= 130" @ 675 yrds.
RUM=99" @ 675 yrds.

Drop with 300gr- H&H= 89" @550 yrds.
RUM= 72" @ 550 yrds.

If the shots are all going to be less than 100 yrds then it doesent matter except
when confronted by a large brown bear intent on ruining your day then an extra
1000 ft/lbs of energy @ 100 yrds could improve the odds.

Assuming a moose weighs 1500 lbs the H&H is recomended to 125 yrds the RUM
will have the same energy @ 275 yrds.

With that said you be the judge as to what you want to hunt with.

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Unread 12-24-2008, 09:45 AM
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Re: 375HH mag or 375 ultramag?

Since I live on Kodiak Island and know most of the long time guides here. I can easily say that the 375 H&H is the cartridge of choice up here for big bear.

Overall in the same vain the most popular caliber of those I know, is the 338 Win Mag for all of our hunting needs. Yes the 250 grain bullet is the most common one even for deer hunting. Bigger is better but it also comes with a serious recoil issue. Now one can brake the heavy hitters and that is a choice. But, when it comes to protecting oneself we very seldom have time to put on hearing protection. Ever touch off a round on a braked gun in the brush?

Having guided for many years it would be my personal opinion today as it was 30 years ago. Hunt with what you normally hunt with, in as large a caliber you are most accurate with. Moose go down easily with pretty much any caliber and a well placed shot. Bears can't read so are not impressed with ballistic charts.
If you place a 225gr 338 bullet where it belongs, you are more likely not going to have to dig an angry bear out of a brush pile. I own a 458 Win Mag now because a hunter bought it just for brownie's. The hunter had never owned anything that had this type of recoil and with a combination flinch and excitement he made a poor shot at under forty yards. AT the second shot the bears muzzle landed 12"s from the hunters boot.

Along with this picture is one that recently happened. A gentlemen was after a 338 WIN Mag of mine for some time. The largest gun he had ever hunted with was an 06 and 150's for whitetail many years ago. I refused, telling him that I would loan him a Savage Weather Warrior and premium 180's. He got the chance and was going deer hunting for a week in heavily populated bear country. The week passed and while I was working outside saw the guy coming my way. AT 10-15 yards from me I saw the telltale bloody half circle on the bridge of the nose and above his eye. Very ugly and black eye and he had not shot the gun for the past five days. Its been 6 weeks now and I haven't heard a word about the 338 again.
In concluding, so many of us get caught up in the hype gun writers create. If two or three writers have something similar to say and throw in a couple of factory paid or supported famous hunters shooting whatever, then like this last guy, so many have to have it even though they know nothing about it.

Just some personal experience. As always the choice is yours.

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Unread 12-24-2008, 01:43 PM
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Re: 375HH mag or 375 ultramag?

Thank for the reply.

To me the 338 caliber is what im tinking about. Know a guy that could loan my one for a weekend to try if the recol fit me. In my case(and for my friend) those rifle will be a gronwup toy....
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Unread 12-24-2008, 02:12 PM
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Re: 375HH mag or 375 ultramag?

300 yards is about the limit if your using a conventional scope. If you have a scope with reference lines for hold over or you will dial up, either will reach out ALOT farther then 300 yards. You drive a 300 gr bullet to 2600 fps or more, you still have plenty of punch at longer ranges.

That said, the game you will be hunting generally are not long range targets. Moose can be but often there is no real need. Bear, very few guides will let you shoot very far at one just to assure proper shot placement.

The 375 H&H is often eggagerated as far as its recoil energy. In a conventional sporter weight rifle in this chambering, recoil is suprisingly comfortable and most anyone can become accustom to it quickly if they have basic shooting skills.

The 375 RUM is a different story. For some reason, Remington decided to put these into a very lightweight, for caliber, rifleand as such, recoil can be classed as severe by many that are not used to shooting such a chambering.

A muzzle brake will eliminate this problem on any rifle but with an increase in muzzle blast.

Simply comes down to this, the 375 RUM will offer you more velocity and energy but at a cost of recoil and muzzle blast. No moose or big bear will survive being hit with a properly designed 300 gr 375 bullet put through the vitals from either chambering.

If your a bit recoil shy and do not like muzzle brakes, 375 H&H would be my choice. If you can handle more recoil or are not opposed to a muzzle brake and the issues it brings, I would opt for the RUM.

I have shot and used both and both can be extremely accuracy and consistant.
Kirby Allen(50)

Allen Precision Shooting
Home of the Allen Magnum, Allen Xpress and Allen Tactical Wildcats and the Painkiller Muzzle brakes.

Farther, Faster and Flatter then ever before.

Web Page: www.apsrifles.com

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Unread 12-24-2008, 04:10 PM
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Re: 375HH mag or 375 ultramag?

375 H&H, All the guides I know carry one. Its sufficient enough for moose, has way better component and factory ammo availability. If you just want to whack the snot out of stuff the ultra mag will definitely do the job. I believe its a 200 fps gain with the ultra mag versus the H&H in the 300 grain bullets

For out to 300 I think either would kill a moose equally dead.

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Unread 12-25-2008, 02:02 AM
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Re: 375HH mag or 375 ultramag?

I've hunted with my fathers .375H&H and love it as well as done a lot of reloading for it. The 300 grain sierra spbt's are the ticket. Out to 300 yards is about as comfortable as I feel I could shoot with it.
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