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338 edge, 300 rum, 7 rum

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Unread 01-23-2012, 12:05 PM
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Re: 338 edge, 300 rum, 7 rum

Amen, to the last two post.........

Mine was built by Jim at www.centershotrifles.com He's a great guy that builds sweet rifles!

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Unread 01-23-2012, 01:22 PM
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Re: 338 edge, 300 rum, 7 rum

Michael, the 338 RUM is exactly the same with that same kind of performance. Those same loads in a 338 RUM and you are in business. The 340 wby and 338-378 wby are also extremely accurate and have particular loads that are just dead on that I have used since the 70's. Those charachteristics are not just privy to the 338-300 RUM. When I did all the testing with the 300 RUM case back in 1998-99 necking it from 7mm to 358 every caliber shot extremely well and was one of the least finicky cases to deal with I have ever fooled with in a cartridge that size. The RUM case is just a shooter in every caliber I necked it to.

But if the rifle is put together properly and the barrel is a shooter it is going to shoot no matter what cartridge you chamber it in. The 338-300 RUM will not be any more inherently accurate than any other cartridge if the rifle is done right. The 338 RUM is actually better than the 338-300 RUM from all the ones I tested. That is why the two original 338-300's I kept from that 98 time period have collected dust ever since the 338 RUM came out in 2001 and I began testing it. The 338 RUM tested out to be a better overall cartridge.
Predictions are difficult, especially when they involve the future
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Unread 01-23-2012, 11:23 PM
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Re: 338 edge, 300 rum, 7 rum

I was starting to lean pretty much towards the 300 ultra and shoot 210 vld or 230 hybrids. But after reading some of these posts, everyone seams to be saying go with the 338 edge. What i am looking to do is stay inside of 1000 on game and maybe every now and then play around a little bit farther on rocks. My rangefinder is capable out to 1200 yards. In the usmc we shoot our m40a5 7.62x51 with 175 smk out to a grand. On calm days it is possible to keep all shots in a 12" circle but once the wind picks up, that little 175 grainer chugging along at 2650 just doesn't do it. I am pretty confident in hitting a man size target out to a grand with a 308 with light wind. I own a custom build 308 right now but am looking for something to really buck the wind. Like i said i am mainly trying to stay inside of a grand on game and just don't know if the 338 really shines over the 300 ultra at that range.

I realize the bc is a lot higher on the 338 than on a 30 cal 175 smk so it will lose velocity slower but it kinda worries me that is will only be going about 2750 fps. I also realize it will not be nearly as effected by the wind but i do know the 308 drops like a rock. I know i shouldn't be comparing these two rounds and projectiles at all but i just don't like the sound of 2750 out of a 338 edge with a 300 grainer. That's what i was leaning more towards the 300 ultra.

I'm sorry to probably confuse you and not able to make up my mind, but any help would be appreciated.
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Unread 01-24-2012, 09:19 AM
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Re: 338 edge, 300 rum, 7 rum



Go to one of the two websites listed in the 5th paragraph above. Pick the one that is easier for you to use. Post the results for 7 mph of wind drift and energy at the maximum range you'll shoot at game for a 3300 fps 180 Hybrid (7 RUM), 3200 fps 210 VLD Berger (300 RUM), a 2925 fps 230 OTM Berger(300 RUM), and a 2800 fps 300 gr OTM Berger (338 something). If you don't live where you hunt, use the enviro data for where you hunt (example, live on east coast, but want this to be a Colorado Elk rifle)

You really need to do this..... once you do, the folks that posted in this thread, that have the knowledge your after, who actually own and shoot the very calibers your speaking of at distance......will be even more willing to help you.

But you need to do this math yourself first Post it like this in a post in this thread....it'll spark some new conversation.

-----------------------------------------------------------Energy in ft/lbs / Drift in inches
3300 fps 180 Hybrid (7 RUM)=
3200 fps 210 VLD Berger (300 RUM)=
2925 fps 230 OTM Berger(300 RUM)=
2800 fps 300 gr OTM Berger (338 something)=
Even throw the 308/175 SMK in there for grins=

P.S.-Thanks for your service.
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Unread 01-24-2012, 12:46 PM
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Re: 338 edge, 300 rum, 7 rum

Or go to jbm ballistics on the internet and run the numbers for the range and altitude you plan on hunting. Run the numbers for the primary range you plan on hunting. No need running numbers beyond 1100-1200 yards unless you are building a rifle specifically to shoot beyond that distance most of the time. If most of your hunting is inside 1000 yards then find the best bullet/velocity combination to 1000 yards. The best combo to 1000 yards will not be the best for specifically shooting at 1500 yards but will work there. The best at 1500 yards will not have the best ballistics to 1000 yards. So you have got to make a choice.

Remember now to only consider cartridges that fit your plan of punching a lot of paper. The 7mm RUM I do not consider an option at any time for anything because the barrels are gone quickly. The 300 RUM is not a paper puncher but is a good long range hunting rifle to work up a good load then limited shooting after that. Then it will last quite some time. There are guys still shooting original 338-300 RUM's I did back in 1999 and have punched quite a bit of paper along with hunting. It and the 338 RUM barrels will last considerably longer than the others. To get the best ballistics you need to go to specialty bullets like the cutting edge however that gets very expensive doing a lot of paper punching. I am a hunter and the hunting rifles are only used for hunting so they make sense to me.

With the 300 RUM I use a 180 grain cutting edge bullet I am getting a .6 bc with at 3450-3470 fps. With the 338-300 and 338 RUM's I am shooting the 225 cutting edge .64 bc at 3200 fps. Run those on jbm against others you consider and see how they look. I shot the 225 accubond for quite a while out of the 338's with good results. I am just concerned the 300 grainers will beat you to death out of a short light rifle. CE also makes a 260 grain .76 bc and 252 grain .72 bc that would be a little better on recoil. Again these are very expensive for punching paper but are the best I have found for hunting.

Eric Stecker at Berger told me they are coming out with a lighter 338 bullet that may work well for you. But if you are looking at a case the size of the RUM I would not look under 338 caliber for punching a lot of paper. I think maybe you are trying to mix oil and water and they don't mix. A long range hunting cartridge and a long range target cartridge for punching a lot of paper are two different things. The only super long range hunting cartridges that can punch a lot of paper are going to be in 338 or larger caliber.
Predictions are difficult, especially when they involve the future
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Unread 01-24-2012, 09:21 PM
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Re: 338 edge, 300 rum, 7 rum

My 338 norma spits out a 300 berger at 2725. 10 mph w/90 degree,1000 yrd=39.6 '',E=2291. I take it speed goat hunting now, because of wind misses on trophy goats.My 257 wby has 2x+ drift and no E=330 at same my bare rifle is 7-2 oz, and dressed 8 3/4 braked. I shoot it one handed, and think it is a puppy to shoot. I shot a unbraked 340wby for 10 yrs. 400 rnds first spring, and angle shoots in mountains, got the weatherby tattoo x2 too prove it. I may be more recoil tolerant than some , as my wife refers to my head and rock in same sentence
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Unread 06-20-2012, 09:17 AM
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Re: 338 edge, 300 rum, 7 rum

338 edge, 300 rum, 7 rum-edge.jpgthis is my 338 edge savage 110 left hand single shot acu triger set light about 2lbs mcgowen 32in 1:9 twist it has the standerd throught and shoots well i have only about 50rds out of it and the 250 acubonds shoot good so far at 3100 fps i shoot it without the brake it sems to shoot beter it is a cheep brake and i have herd that some will hert acuracy the recoil is not bad the gun is 18.6lbs as you see it i would like to sell it if anyony is intersted i live in lower mi and we cant hunt with rifles only shot guns up norty we can but you are lucky if you can even shoot 100 or 200 yds and i would like to build a gun for that i would be willing to sell the barrel alone also
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