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.308 Bullet Weight effects past 1,000 Yds

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Old 08-15-2013, 02:33 AM
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.308 Bullet Weight effects past 1,000 Yds

Can someone give some insight as to why I keep getting "flak" about a .308 not able to shoot and hit a man sized target at 1,500 yards? I personally have shot at a target at 1,200 yards a few times, but there are F Class shooters out there that say this is impossible with the .308's accuracy. With this being said, I was intersted to know what grain would work for shooting this far? I usually shoot with a 175 grain Sierrs Boat Tail Match bullet (M118LR/Federal Gold Medal Match) out of my M40A5 rifle with a Nightforce 5.5-22X50mm scope, kill flash and Surefire suppresor. What would the nominal bullet drop be past that distance? Does anyone know by computation?
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Old 08-15-2013, 04:08 AM
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Re: .308 Bullet Weight effects past 1,000 Yds

To do your calculations, go here: www.jbmballistics.com

Man sized target at 1500 yards with a .308? Impossible, no. Difficult, yes.

Even with a Nightforce, you would need to run a 20 MOA canted base to have enough elevation to get there. 40 MOA would be better. At sea level, drop would be around 95 MOA at 1500 yards. Wind drift in a 10 MPH wind would be around 18 MOA.

Keep in mind that your bullet will enter the trans-sonic range somewhere past 700 yards. Though the Sierra 175g Matchking is known to be more resistant to upset from going trans-sonic vs a 168g Matchking, that could still degrade your accuracy. Even if you manage to put the bullet on target, it isn't getting there with much power.

A good, stout handload with a Berger 185g Juggernaut @ 2750 would help with hit probability, but still wouldn't be packing much of a wallop.

Step up to a .300 Winchester Magnum, launching a 215g Berger Hybrid @ 2900, and your bullet doesn't enter the trans-sonic range until past 1300 yards, is still supersonic at 1500 yards and arrives on target with nearly double the energy of a .308. Drop is only about 50 MOA and drift would only be around 9 moa.

That would be much more sensible for reaching out that far.
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Old 08-15-2013, 05:42 AM
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Re: .308 Bullet Weight effects past 1,000 Yds

I know there are shooters out there that can hit, with consistency, at 1500 with thier 308. I also know that I can not. I have not gone past 1200 at targets other than large rocks. I ran the my load on shooter, this is what I get.
Alt. 7000'
Mv. 2750
Berger 185 jugerant
1000 yards 27.2 moa, 1645 fps, tof 1.41 sec.
1200 yards 36.7 moa, 1458 fps, tof 1.8 sec.
1500 yards 54.4 moa, 1199 fps, tof 2.48 sec.
There is a lot can go wrong with a flight time of 2.48 sec. Also with my rifle I have enough dial up for 1200 but not 1500 Yards. If the wind is not to bad, I am fairly consistant at 1200. But that goes south with winds over about 10 mph. In my local it is hard to find a day under 10 mph, hard to find a day under 20 mph most times.
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Old 08-15-2013, 06:00 PM
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Re: .308 Bullet Weight effects past 1,000 Yds

Anyone could 'walk' shots into stupid range hits with a 22 rimfire as well. But why?
To make youtube videos?
There is no achievement there whatsoever..
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Old 08-15-2013, 07:46 PM
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Re: .308 Bullet Weight effects past 1,000 Yds

There are people that shoot out to a mile with the 308 it can be done granted there are alot of calibers that are more suited for that range but if you are just wanting to shoot that distance give it hell.
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Old 08-19-2013, 11:05 AM
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Re: .308 Bullet Weight effects past 1,000 Yds

Hello folks, you all have some excellent information. I guess I need to really try 185grain loads. The reason I am asking was for a stupid person that shoots "F" class that says that it cannot be done at all. As for shots to 1,500 yards...well out in Sabit Qadam, Afghanistan is a good target rich environment for me to practice. Just use the head dresses for wind flags and I will be just fine. As for a YouTube video, i did that already to show that you can actually shoot 5 rounds at 500 yards the size of a quarter. Of course itís all on the shooter and a damn good rifle, but now i have some outside experience in adding extra weight to the bullet and some good ballistic calculations, along with a good website. Gents, I thank you. I will see how all of this info works, the only thing is that the M118LR is 175 grain ammo and the stuff we get is not the best by the way, it does have its inconsistencies with COA and a small variance in powder charge as well as if you were to pull the bullets, some are 172.9 to 176.1 grains and the average in a random lot was 175.4 grains. Itís not as precise as PNW Arms ammo, but it does work. After 900 yards the placement is critical. Again gents, thank you. I will get back from the field in a few weeks.
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Old 08-19-2013, 08:06 PM
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Re: .308 Bullet Weight effects past 1,000 Yds

The probability of hitting a human size target 1500 yards away with the first shot from a .308 is possible. Here's what one has to do.

Get a zero at that target range in the atmospheric conditions its in. Otherwise, you may be off vertically several feet. Note that for every 10 fps your bullets leave from what your sight settings were established for, there'll be a 1 foot difference in drop 1500 yards down range.

Get an accurate range to the target. For every 10 yards of range at 1500 yards, the bullet drops about 16 inches.

Get all the cross wind speeds so wind drift windage corrections will be accurate. Note that for most heavier .308 Win. fired bullets, they drift about 2 feet for each mph of cross wind speed from 3 or 9 o'clock in the line of fire at 1500 yards down range. Wind speed varies with height; how much depends on terrain. So, with the bullet going to be about 38 feet above the line of sight at its highest point, you'll need cross wind speeds for different bullet heights above the line of sight as well as the bullets speed through them so accurate wind corrections can be made for your bullet's travel above the line of sight. You might need someone every 50 yards down range to the target with wind meters radioing you the wind speeds at each range band so your correction ensures a hit. They can put those wind meters on a long pole so different heights above the line of sight can be sampled for wind speeds.

Get a rifle and ammo that you've shot no worse than 10" many-shot groups 1500 yards away.

Seems to me the probability exists. Someone else can predict the probability odds or percentages of the first shot striking a knock-down blow.

Marksmanship. . . . Anyone can shoot 5 rounds at 500 yards the size of a quarter. If they do it once, it's luck. If they do it every time, it's skill. I know of a guy who shot 10 or more egg size and smaller ten-shot groups in a row at 600 yards with his .308 Win.

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