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300. wsm vs. 7mm rem mag.

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Old 03-22-2010, 09:56 PM
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300. wsm vs. 7mm rem mag.

I am currently shooting a 7mm rem mag and im buying a 300. wsm. My plan is to use the 300. wsm for larger game and the 7mm for open parries shots on whitetail and mule whitetails. Now i know with the right bullet the 7mm will do everything i need and at good ranges too.

I want to hear personal preference, which caliber would be better for long range shooting and hunting and why? Bullet of your choice. Just want to know what caliber would be the better for long range hunting and shooting. Hunting would be moose, caribou, possible black bear but mainly that would be close range, whitetail and mule.
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Old 03-23-2010, 01:31 AM
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Re: 300. wsm vs. 7mm rem mag.

Ive always been a 30 cal fan. And for some reason I just dont care for the metric system. I know as well as anyone(ok, almost anyone)the capabilities of a 7mag. Flat shootin hard hittin, and just plain fun. Its a proven game taker. But to me its still metric.
If I was being charged by a she bear with cubs(or with out for that matter) Id want the bigger bullet of the 300. Other than that it plain and simple boils dowm to personal preferance. Theres big fans of 7mm's and big fans of 300's, and both have earned thier fanbase for 1 reason or another.
I do appreciate the 7mag's. I guess its just the metric thing I cant get over. Id take a .264WINMAG, over a 6.5x whatever, just about anyday, tho I couldnt tell you why other than the metric thing.
When it comes down to long range, Im a 30 cal fan as well.
I think the 7mag may have an edge over the 300WSM. But Im opinionated, and stubborn as a Missouri mule, so Id still opt for the 300 cause thats how I see fit. Maybe strange thinking to some people, considering the proven track record, and capabilities of the 7mag, but my whole family is the same way........must be grandpa's fault .
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Old 03-23-2010, 01:58 PM
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Re: 300. wsm vs. 7mm rem mag.

I think for the game you mentioned (*moose*, caribou, *bear*, mulies, and whitetails), i'd go with the 300 WSM with a 180gr or 200gr Accubond. From all accounts this is an excellent performer and those wgts are going to work well in the 300 WSM and it will have more energy to put on target.

However, for the moose and especially depending on which bear you're after i'd honestly want something with more authority than either of your choices - minimum 338 Win mag.
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Old 03-23-2010, 06:22 PM
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Re: 300. wsm vs. 7mm rem mag.

I love my 300wsm, but I doubt I'd go from a 7 rem mag to a 300wsm for an edge in power. The benefits it has are the ability to shoot a slightly heavier bullet, and a slightly bigger hole. IMHO, not to the extent of "upgrading" to though.

If you want more power than the 7mm, go w/ a ultra mag or a 338.

I would also add that I think the 7mm is plenty big already for all animals listed. You may want to think about bullet selection more and the cartridge a little less.
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Old 03-23-2010, 06:33 PM
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Re: 300. wsm vs. 7mm rem mag.

My personal preference of the two would be the 7mmRemMag. With a 160gn AccuBond or 168gn Berger VLD you could easily take any of the species you mentioned.
I shot a 300lb black bear at 15 steps last year with my 7Mag loaded with the 150gn Ballistic Tip (3200+fps) and it held up great and went through both shoulders. He was DRT.
As for the WSM's; I've only owned the .270WSM and loved it. Compared to the .270Win it truely is a "short mag". The other two don't offer anymore performance that wasn't already out there, for 30 years. JohnnyK.
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Old 03-24-2010, 03:00 AM
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Re: 300. wsm vs. 7mm rem mag.

Not wanting to hi-jack, but i'm planning a custom re-build for LRH and i'll be using the 7mm Rem for it. It's one of my "favorite" cartridges simply b/c it's flat-shooting and hard-hitting. I was thinking you were asking more about a "either or" situation (although i did read you will have *both* cartridges - it just didn't sink in....).

I *hope* the barrel on my re-build likes Nosler 160gr Accubond's b/c i believe thats a near optimum wgt for the 7mm Rem (on bigger animals) and it's a very well-regarded bullet. Ballistically, given a reasonably fast loading, i'd be confident with it out to 700yds +/- for deer-sized game and 400yds for elk. It could probably stretch out further, but i'd want something harder hitting at those longer distances.

This is strictly my opinion and there are other hunters here who are better informed and more experienced than me and most can back up what they say.

For moose i'd be more inclined to use a bigger bore than either 7mm/.284" (if you're 'metric-ally' handicapped ;-) )or .308, but i've *never* hunted them so maybe i'm mistaken. It seems that since they're the biggest 'deer' species i'd want to hit 'em with something that punches *really* hard.

If i have a choice i'll generally go with more horsepower - but that's just me.
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Old 03-24-2010, 11:53 AM
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Re: 300. wsm vs. 7mm rem mag.

IMHO there is no replacement for displacement, again fellas, just my opinion- funny this topic should come up, I shoot a .300 short mag & my hunting parter shoots a 7mm, neither one of us will budge an inch when discussing/arguing about the merits of our particular caliber choice. On one side (7mm) you have the previously quoted "flat shootin-hard hittin" go-getter. On the other (300) you have a higher cross sectional area (read surface area) which does transmit more shock/trauma upon impact, coupled with the ability to utilize heavier bullets. Both rifles are capable of .5moa accuracy and neither one of us have had any outstanding successes or failures to give any weight to our arguements..... the more I think about it, maybe it does come down to preference!!
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