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300 wsm versus 300 winmag

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Unread 10-04-2010, 09:30 PM
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300 wsm versus 300 winmag

Guys, need an opinion on the advantages of the 300 wsm and 300 winmag. Thinking of buying one of the calibers don,t know which one. Have heard many people say the wsm has less recoil, but when i look up the reloading data they are very close in amount of grains of powder for the speed produced for the given bullet weight. Is this true or not. Also have read on a site that the wsm has a problem with the oal of the cartridge and bullet, it limits bullets past 180 grains because of the short magazine box an action. I don't think i want to shoot it as a single shot. Some people's opinion that the winmag has no problem with this because it is built on a long action amd that the magazine of course is longer. Have any responses please post them. I reload everything i shoot so reloading is not a problem of cost of buying either one or the other in brass, dies, etc. I was reading the latest issue of Rifle and it was dedicated to the 30 caliber. The author on the 30 mags said RCBS had listed the 25 most popular bought dies in 2009 and the 300 winmag was the most favored by a long shot and was ranked at 12th. Then the 300 wsm was ranked 22th, and the rem 300 ultra mag 25th.

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Unread 10-04-2010, 09:39 PM
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Re: 300 wsm versus 300 winmag

Both are great rounds. I owned a 300 WSM and really loved the gun. I had no problem shooting 208 amaxs in repeater form with a stock model 70. My coal's were 3.005. shooting them at around 2850. I can see the advatage of going the win mag route though. If you plan to reload for it there is deffinatly a case capacity advantage but is also a belted magnum. You take some and give some. For long range work though i would probably stick with the 300 win mag. If you were trying to build a light weight gun and wanted to save every last ounce of weight id say the short mag.
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Unread 10-04-2010, 10:46 PM
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Re: 300 wsm versus 300 winmag

I have both, and a rum. There is roughly a 50-100fps jump from the wsm to the win mag. I run 165 tsx in the wsm, and 180accubonds in the win mag since that is their respective fav bullet. I don't think there is much difference between them. You could get a bigger difference in speed just from the differences between rifles. I also don't see much difference in price between the same factory loads (both fed premium with the same bullets for example)

I keep reading about the wsm losing out with bullets over 200gr, but unless your wsm is built on a rem M7 action there is plenty of length available. I have been able to push a 200gr accubond to just over 2900fps from the wsm, just over 3000fps from the win mag, and 3240 from the rum. All with under max book loads, and no signs of pressure.

I say buy the rifle that fits you the best, and if that rifle is available with either chambering flip a coin...
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Unread 10-05-2010, 06:29 AM
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Re: 300 wsm versus 300 winmag

thanks, guys i was hoping i could get some input from shooters that have both. There is still one question? What about felt recoil comparison? The rifle i am looking at is a Rem 700 SPS SS and there is only 1/8 pound and 2 inch of barrel length difference between the wsm and win mag. One of you said that you could chamber 3.05 as a oal in a Rem 7. When you referred to a Rem 7 i take this as a model 7 not a 700? Hopefully i could get lucky enough that the bolt throw and magazine was longer in the 700 as well. Cabelas at present has standard chambered rounds 300 win mag in the 700 SPS at a great buy. Everyone has always committed about belted rounds and the short wsm's and everyone including a friend of mine that has a 7 wsm, makes commits about their chambering. If chambering was a real problem then the 300 win mag would have died out a long time ago. Still today it is the most popular of all the magnum rounds maufactured. Thanks for replying guys i could talk for days on this stuff. The elite club of the Gun Loonies!!!!!!! Thanks, Donnie
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Unread 10-05-2010, 09:46 AM
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Re: 300 wsm versus 300 winmag

No difference in felt recoil with similar guns and stocks. that will make the most influence on felt recoil.

Had both and have 3 WSMs now.

The WSM has proven to have at least 2x the barrel life compared to the Win Mag

WSM can go a short action

You can put in a Wyatts mag box to get all the length you want.

The WSM shines with bullets 210 and under, which is more than needed.

Go with the WSM!

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Unread 10-05-2010, 12:38 PM
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Re: 300 wsm versus 300 winmag

Im just an opinionated individual, but Id gladly trade my 300wby for a 300wsm anyday.-no belted case, no freebore, less powder, and cost of supplies(brass etc.) fed 210 or fed 215mag primers so you likely wont run out in a supply shortage............ like were currently in, theres lots of advantages to the wsm.
If I was limmited to 1 rifle for hunting whatever I wanted here in the states, Id go with the 300wsm. Not too big, or not too small for anything, and range from near to far is covered. Plus you save a few ounces of wt with the short action, but dont loose much if any in the way of performance. Combine that with the widest selection of bullets (30 cal) from gopher to griz its covered, and youve got yourself a winner.
Much the same can be said of the win mag, but its a tic heavier. If you hunt flatland sit in a stand or lounge in a box and wait for whitetails, who cares how heavy it is, but when you run in rugged country like the brakes of the Snake River in Hells Canyon, every ounce counts! Of course wt of optics can make that point mute......... so......... just an opinion. Start light and save/shave ounces where you can, depending on intended use.
Ive was never a short action fan. There just wasnt a short action cartrige made that impressed me for where and what I hunt (deer, bear, elk etc in the Northwest), untill I owned a 270wsm, now Im a beliver. You really can get a hot rod hammer in a short action.
But like I said Im an opinionated individual. I am by no means trying to detract from the obviously deserved greatness of the 300 win mag cartrige. I just like the idea of having equal performance from a lighter wt, short action rifle is all. Both are fine cartriges and deserve the exelent reputation they have earned from taking game of all sizes at many ranges, in many near and far away places. You will do well with either.
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Unread 10-05-2010, 01:53 PM
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Re: 300 wsm versus 300 winmag

I have several of both and many other 30 cals. I have two in identical rifles and the felt recoil is the same as far as I can tell in identical rifles. The accuracy loads of the 300 win mag average about 70-90 fps faster than the 300 wsm in all mine.
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