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30 Gibbs vs 30-06 , in a 28" tube

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Unread 09-29-2004, 10:33 AM
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Re: 30 Gibbs vs 30-06 , in a 28" tube

The gibbs provides a pretty significant change. I have a 30 gibbs with a 30 inch tube, I shoot the 190SMK and 190 JLK at just over 3000fps
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Unread 09-29-2004, 11:28 PM
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Re: 30 Gibbs vs 30-06 , in a 28" tube

JDJones, I have not used the 180gr SST so can't comment.

I compared the 168 gr Amax to the Nosler 168gr J4 (very similar to the MK) and 155gr Amax in my 300Wby. At 650yds, the 155gr Amax arrived with less drop then the 168gr amax, which arrived with less drop then the J4. Both 168gr bullets left with the same vel and the 155gr left 125fps faster.

The trajectory I am getting in my '06 and 165gr SST is pretty flat. Putting the numbers in a ballistics program gives me more goofy results (see my thoughts on the 6.5 140gr SST).

My muzzle vel is 2700fps with the 165gr SST. I use 28 min to go from 100 to 1000yds. Let's just say that it is higher then 0.5. The SST is longer then the Amax.

The 165gr Interbond is longer then the SST so should be even higher in BC. I am not even going to go there.

I have not come across any bullet in this cal weight class that flies as flat as the Hornady bullets.

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Unread 10-01-2004, 12:26 PM
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Re: 30 Gibbs vs 30-06 , in a 28" tube

Interesting thread....
I have burned a lot of powder through long barrels in the /06 and wildcats based on the /06.
For long range hunting purposes I have switched to the Lost River J36 165 gr. bullets. Nothing else compares in performance on game and competes with a B.C. of .636.
Accuracy is better than a couple years ago too. The quality control procedures at LRB have improved greatly over the last 16 months.
For the 30/06 I run the J36 on top of 56 grains of VV N550 in a Lapua case torched by a CCI LR BR primer. This gives an average of 2996 fps out of a Rock 5R 28" tube. Pressures per the strain gages average 58336 psi. Groups are in the high .3's and low .4's.
I have over 1000 ft.lbs. of energy left at 800 yards and a wind drift of .5 moa/10mph at that distance.

For the 30 Gibbs using the same components and increasing the charge weight to 58.5 grains yields 3054 fps. Pressures run 58395, accuracy is similar.

For my money, the hassle of fireforming the Gibbs doesn't pay off in performance downrange. Don't get me wrong, I like the Gibbs series, however, the only Gibbs I currently use is the 240.

There's a lot of wildcat data out there and a lot of stories about radically increased performance. Many of the wildcat loads I see are running pressures that I don't want next to me at the bench and certainly don't want close to my face.

Bottom line is the /06 works fine for me out to a little past 800 yards. If I need more reach, it's time to reach for more horsepower. My definition of more horsepower is a big 338 based on the 505 Gibbs case with 300 gr MK's at over 3000 fps.

Just my unsolicited $.02.
(All loads are maximum loads and safe in my firearms. Readers must reduce 10% and work up from there, yada yada yada, legalese bs etc.)


[ 10-01-2004: Message edited by: Carbonman ]
Carbon Fiber Barrels for the New Millenium!
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Unread 10-01-2004, 02:27 PM
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Re: 30 Gibbs vs 30-06 , in a 28" tube

Well , I got to shoot the barrel yesterday
I had loaded up a few loads and seated them to book specs.
Here Are the top velocities that I can up with

155gr A-Max , 62gr of H-4350 = 3247fps average
168gr A-max , 61gr of R-22 = 3018fps
178gr A-max , 59gr of R-22 = 2937fps

Accuracy was well under the 1moa mark , I pretty sure that with a little load developement I can improve on the velocities and alot on the accuracy.

Mike , do you like that VV550 pretty well ? how is it as far as consistancy and temp tollerance ??
Hey bud thanks again for the barrel
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Unread 10-02-2004, 11:29 PM
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Re: 30 Gibbs vs 30-06 , in a 28" tube

I like the VV high energy series of powder. It isn't quite as stable as Varget, however, it beats a lot of others in thermal stability. Lot to lot variation has not been an issue for me. It kinda hurts still when I pay for VV powder or LRBT bullets, but I think it is worth it.
I'm the kind of guy that has been a real cheapskate at times when it comes to components. Know anyone else that builds a complete rifle because you have 8 lbs of a certain powder, 300 bullets and a die set?
Bought a reamer and dies off of ebay for the 220 Ackley Swift. (saved a bunch of money) Hmm, barrel, action, stock, mounts, rings, optics all kinda added up. But did I mention I saved a bundle on the reamer and dies! [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]
Carbon Fiber Barrels for the New Millenium!
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