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.270 WSM to .25 WSM

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Unread 08-04-2004, 07:36 AM
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Re: .270 WSM to .25 WSM


I would agree the 257 is a little harder on barrels then the smaller 25 caliber rounds but it has no where near the case capacity of the Wby and it isn't even in the same class as my 257 STW reamer.

Burning the throat out in 300 rounds is not what I would worry about especially in a big game rifle. I have built several 257 STW's that are nearing 1000 rounds and still are giving sub moa grouping.

Sure they started out as sub 1/2 moa rifles but with the 100 gr BT at 4100 fps, one would expect some accuracy lose over 1000 rounds.

The WSM will not equal the Wby in same length barrels, it will lag by roughly 100 fps. But with a longer 28" pipe like you listed the two should be about identical.

When I rebuild a Savage for extreme accuracy if thats whats is whated by my customer, I will generally get rid og the barrel locking nut and fit the barrel just as one would a Rem M700.

This does a couple things for accuracy.

First, it gets rid of the bedding headaches concerning this locking nut which can raise a variaty of problems.

Second, it allows the use of a much larger diameter barrel shank then the standard Savage barrel uses. This increases strength and stability for a longer heavier barrel.

This proceedure also decreases the ease of switching barrels at home but most of my customers really have no desire for that.

You also really have to watch the bedding on the rear of a Savage action, they are tricky actions to bed correctly as they do not offer the large bedding areas like the Rem 700 and such.

IF your interested, I am getting in a 6.5 WSM reamer as well. I do not have the 257 WSM reamer but would be willing to split the price with you if your interested.

Let me know.

Good Shooting!!!

Kirby Allen(50)

Allen Precision Shooting
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Unread 08-04-2004, 10:15 AM
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Re: .270 WSM to .25 WSM

my super shadow 270 wsm was slinging shots to the right.turns out the barrel was touching on the left side and the heat would make the shots walk.i did a free float on the barrel and now it shoot great.i use win cases win pr lrm and imr 4350 63 grains it is .3 over max .yours may not like my load but it is over max.but has not been a problem i get 3218 with a sierra 130 sbt i seat the bullets long but i don't have the numbers with me right now.it needs bedded but im not going to do it because it shoots .5 at 117 yards so why take a chance on screwing it up thanks,keith
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Unread 08-05-2004, 06:10 AM
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Re: .270 WSM to .25 WSM

Sounds mechanical. My 300 RUM was doing the same thing. For 3 shots, 2 would usually be about 5/8" apart with the 3rd 2" from the the group. Sometimes it would happen on the first, second, or third shot. I changed scopes and the groups stayed under 1". I knew it wasn't the base or rings (Badger units) so that only left the scope as the culprit. Hope this helps!

Jeff [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
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Unread 08-05-2004, 03:03 PM
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Re: .270 WSM to .25 WSM

For mounts I am using a Leupold 1 piece base and matching rings. They are tight. The scope has been a proven winner. It was on top of a gun that shot .1's and .2's all the time. It is a 2.5-8 Leupold VX3. Very good scope. So I have ruled out the mounting/scope problem. It has to be something with the rifle itself. I know there are better mounts/scopes, but when I have the same mounts/rings and a VX2 on my 300 RUM and its holding up just fine, thats what makes me realize it has to be the rifle. I have never had any problems with Leupold bases or rings holding a scope down. I am going to try some 150g BT's but that kinda defeats the purpose of this rifle. I wanted it to shoot 130's or 140's fast and accurate for LR deer out to 800 or so, but the 150g is the only weight I haven't tried for my application. It might do the trick. Also I'm going to try and use Win primers and RL-22 and mess with things more. But lemme tell ya, this rifle has been a pain in the ass. Its really frustrating to always see 2 good shots to see you have somewhat of a load going, then it always shoots a flyer. Usually by the 2nd trip out to the range I'll have found a load for the rifle at least 1 inch. I have shot upwards of about 20 loads now, so about 60 shots, and the very best 3 shot group I have gotten is 1 1/4". It doesn't really seem to have a preference for OAL either. I have seated them out to where there right off the lands and I"ll get 2 close and a flyer, or I will seat them way short like factory and I'll still get 2 shots close and a flyer. So I'm really stuck as to OAL. However, targets indicate that with the slightly longer OAL, the 2 shots are usually closer or touching. Thanks for all the reply's, I'll be posting the results of RL-22 and the 150g BT's.
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