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.25cal Elk Bullets

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Unread 10-24-2010, 12:03 AM
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Re: .25cal Elk Bullets

I personally dont know how bergers perform after 500 yards i have not had the time to back up and shoot 600 or 700 yards but ive seen what they do on tv and ive seen what they do on a stacks of rib cage from bovine on the video Beyond Believe... Ive seen what they do on 3/4 inch steel plates at 935 yards personaly. I have had the chance to use them on elk and deer and let me tell ya utter devistation from 30 to 400 yards on big mulleys and bulls and cow elk. Some double lunger, some shoulder shot, some frontal some neck.... Not one has taken more than 50 steps. They smash bone and the lead cloud ruptures the soft tissue and vessels. My dad shot a bull at 374 yards in the shoulder and it made a mess but it was on its way out the other side when it hit the off side blade. It ran 35 yards and its lungs were liquified. Clear back there !! These were .30 cal bergers at 185 and 190 grain out of a RUM and WSM. I belive it was too much gun and bullet for the conditions under 400 yards. After skinning them and seeing first hand what is going on with those bullets Ill never shoot anything else untill they prove to not work. If you run a .25 cal berger at anything over 2900 fps you can have faith in them on a good behind the shoulder shot under 450 yards. Im talking VLD's sorry.... target or hunting VLD they are amazing bullets. I ve used others also. My biggest deer I ever shot I shot as a kid about 14 years old and I made a bad decision being young and with a 160 gr. 7 mag I shot him in the B hole running away with a nossler partition and it was found at the base of the neck. Ran the entire lenth of the spine, Also a good bullet. Im not a surgeon but if you shoot an elk thru both ribs with a good bonded or vld or even an all copper bullet it will put it down. Iv'e gutted more elk killed with a 270 than any of these wonder magnums that shake the pine cones outa the damn trees when they go off. My dad calls them canyon guns... because after ya shoot them you gota have some one point you back to the right side of the canyon. Ya all can enjoy the head trama from muzzle breaks and torn rotater cuffs. If I was the original poster id take that .257 and shoot it with a little common sence with any good hunting type bullet on the shelf and have a good time at elk camp.

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Unread 02-16-2011, 10:22 PM
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Re: .25cal Elk Bullets

My fav is the barnes solids. I have shot 4 elk and 4 mule deer w the X bullet. I have found a lot of them and they retain 100% weight in every one I found and mushroomed perfectly. Their BC sucks so I went w bergers when I rebarreled the rifle (257 Wby) with a lilja barrel. I have had 2" groups at 590yds with this combo. I shot a "once in a life time"(posted under trophy pics) elk last fall with the bergers and they did good at 429yds. They do completely come apart though. But the bergers have a good BC. I found a part of the bullet in the opp shoulder. Went through both shoulders.

I bet none of you have a .234 (6mm rem necked to .234)
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Unread 02-17-2011, 12:09 PM
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Re: .25cal Elk Bullets

Originally Posted by tnshooter111 View Post
100 gr barnes tsx is the only way to go with the 257 wby for bigger game. Have seen what this bullet does to Nilgai in south texas and its great. They are high priced but do the job.

For many years the 257 has been my only large game riffle and the 100 gr tsx is the only bullet I used. Drops elk from 100 yards out to 500. Didnt dare try any farther than that. Shot placement is key. Good luck
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Unread 02-17-2011, 04:02 PM
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Re: .25cal Elk Bullets

I'm relatively new to the sight, I joined to get some long range perspective on my soon to be semi-cutom 7mm Mag. That said I have been toting a .25-06 out to the killing grounds of Maryland for 30+ years now and can attest to the virtues of the quarter bore. IMHO, .257 is the 'modified" Rodney Dangerfield of the centerfire world: "not much repsect". Many nice whitetail have given it up to the ol' .25 but I regularly hunt this little imported free range critter in the marshes of the Chesapeake Bay called a Sika deer. I hunt him because he lives in one of the few places in this state where true long range shooting is a possibility. Large stags are nocturnal, hairy 115-130 lb. beasts that if not stopped in their tracks will leave only the faintest of blood trails through the three square, big blue stem, and phragmites grasses that infest our tidal marsh. After years of shooting only 100gr Nosler BT's from 350-500yds at these bugling miniature Elk I had experience many flat out, slam bang kills with that round. But, there are 3 deer that still haunt me, shot but not found. Minimal sign. So for years I pined away for something better, something that would act like a BT, but behave more like a Partition. Tried Barnes, didn't open fast enough, pinhole in and out through shoulders. Then Nosler came out with the Accubond, I switched, and in 2010 at 447yds with 5-10mph crosswind he dropped stone dead. My point after all that hot air and to offer my suggestion is that for a do-it-all at any range projectile take that .257 Roy out to Elk Land and stuff that Norma Brass with a 110 Accubond, put the shot it where it ought to be, and roll that big dude off the mountain. The Accubond is as advertised.
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Unread 02-17-2011, 10:14 PM
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Re: .25cal Elk Bullets

I use 115 g tsx in my .257 WBY. I think this is the best bullet. I have shot buffallo with it. Interesting to note that my friend used his .416 Rigby on the buffalo he shot and the 350g bullet did less damage and did not exit. The 115g TSX left a devastating wound channel and exited. This is good medicine for elk out to somewhere between 3 and 400yds. Past that I use my .340 WBY. My 14 yo son used this to kill his elk this year at 843 yds with the 225g TSX.
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Unread 02-17-2011, 11:12 PM
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Re: .25cal Elk Bullets

nosler accubonds hit harder than anything. and a great BC
shot an elk this year and droped him on the spot.

Far Out Shooting
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