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22 Centerfire rounds?

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Unread 05-02-2011, 08:31 AM
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Re: 22 Centerfire rounds?

If you want a repeater, I would look to find a Rem 700 in 221 FB which are not all that easy to find but they are out there. Not sure they are even making them anymore. It may be easier to find a 17 Fireball in a factory Rem 700 to be honest. Same case so it would feed perfectly well with no receiver mods needed.

A 223 receiver will have issues as far as feeding the very short FB out of the mag box so if this is a consideration wanting a repeating rifle, you may be smart to look for one of the receivers set up for the shorter rounds. The length of the receiver is the same but the mag box and feed lips are set up for the short round which is what you need for good feeding.

Another round you may consider would be the 6mm Fireball. This is a wildcat that you do not hear alot about. Some say its to small for the 6mm bullets but if you load her with the 55-58 gr tipped bullets, it works very well and will give you 75 to 100 fps over the 221 FB with same bullet weights and even better barrel life which would reach the damn near endless catagory as the standard 221 FB has an EXTREMELY long barrel life.

The larger bore would do a couple things for you. More velocity at same pressure as already mentioned but the larger diameter bore also drops muzzle pressure. This lowers the report of the rifle. Anytime you increase the bore size you lower the tone of the report so the sharp crack will be reduced in intensity to more of a boom. Not dramatic difference but others in the area will notice it much more then you would behind the rifle.

Add to that the terminal effect. A 22 cal, 55 gr bullet at 2800-2900 fps compared to a 6mm, 55 gr bullet at 2900-3000 fps, the 6mm will produce much more dramatic "POPS" on small critters because of the larger frontal area of the 6mm bullet.

No fireforming would be needed, just run through the proper die to expand the neck and load with full pressure loads.

You may not be looking to get out of the 22 cal family which is kind of what I am hearing from you but it would be a most interesting option to boost the performance of the little round a bit.
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Unread 05-02-2011, 01:33 PM
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Re: 22 Centerfire rounds?

Very interesting. I have a few rifles I would like to build as funds allow me to. I had been playing with the idea of the 6x45 as I would like to have a small round that shoots a 6mm bullet. I had no idea there was a 6mmfireball. I guess I better do more research before I decide on doing one or the other.
You guys have been giving me some great info and I really appreciate it.
These forums are full of knowledgeable people that are willing to help others out...great deal!
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Unread 05-06-2011, 09:32 AM
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Re: 22 Centerfire rounds?

The Triple duce. A .222 is mild and deadly accurate in the ranges your looking for, it might not the most in thing but it held match records for years. Plus you can watch the bullet inpact the target. Factory rifles and ammo are available.
Good Luck. Weezer
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Unread 05-07-2011, 09:44 AM
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Re: 22 Centerfire rounds?

I have two .221's: a Cooper 38 Phoenix and a Remington LVSF. Love them and that cal. for medium-range varminting. The FB is a bit louder than my Hornet, which is the quietest CF round out there; would hazard a guess that the .221's just a little less than a .223's report, and my heavier-barrelled Cooper is quieter than the LV sporter. At any rate, you'll appreciate the extra range, speed/energy of it over the Hornet if you can live with the extra decibels where you shoot.
As for actions, I'd look around for a closeout LVSF or a good used one. I just picked up mine new for a decent price after it sat on a dealer's shelf for 2 years. Stainless, with a jewelled bolt, I don't know of many of this Rem. model rifle that didn't shoot great out of the box; will eventually go with a heavier Shilen barrel and H-S stock, but makes a great carry rifle as is.
Good luck.
Also, FWIW: Something that might interest you is one of the Marlin lever-actions in .218 Bee they made a few years back. Are hard to find and usually bring a high price used, though. I'd like one someday and wish Marlin would make another run of 'em.

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