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What rifle scope would you use?

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Unread 12-13-2005, 05:55 PM
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Re: What rifle scope would you use?

Not anti anything but your bull.

Be careful what you say about where money goes, there is usually an audit trail.

You are obviously not qualified to talk about SOF in the USA, although you can hype one contract all you want. Call the owner of Mid South and ask him why 3 customers returned S&B scopes off their rifles and what broke on them. Stop hedging about things like the GSG9 orders being stop gaps. You are so biased and fundamentally dishonest, you might as well be transparent. Learn to give credit where it is due.

The NXS was not allowed in the selection process for the Marine Corps because they wrote the rules to exclude the NXS from the comparison so S&B would not have to go head to head with the NXS. Makes you wonder what they were afraid of? Probably the same thing that happened with the GSG9 order.

The NXS is not only a tougher scope than the S&B, it is also more accurate on rifles with significant recoil.

I am far from anti S&B, have owned them in 5 different configurations. Used to put them on my AI's. I am in the process of replacing them with a more accurate scope. The same NXS that goes on the NAVSPECWAR 50 cals. It is a 50 mm 22 power optic that can actually take repeated recoil and not have the reticle shift around. Done the tests and proved that.

The contracts say you are a liar, I don't have to.

You can talk all the smack you want to about Euros to Euros, but you better learn to not let your mouth outrun your brain about what American Warriors do with their money. I'll bet the only broken NXS you have ever seen is the one you backed over with your Volvo after a night of hitting the Guinness too hard.

P.S. Fix the spelling errors on your website, if your not going to swear on you own site, the least you could do is spell the words correctly. You proof read like you proof scopes.

Unread 12-13-2005, 06:23 PM
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Re: What rifle scope would you use?


The chief thing to remember is that low power and large objective is critical to low light. The NVA up in Quang Tri and the bucks in the Paw Paw bends of the Potomac have similiar habits. I will post my hunting story Thursday or Friday night about low light shooting. I have some considerable experience shooting in low and no light for variuos types of critters. If you got the $ for a 56 mm objective and are over 45 years of age then go for it.

It helps to not wear a watch on the last day of hunting season so you have to guesstimate when legal shooting hours ends.
The Smokin Fur Rifle Club
Unread 12-13-2005, 06:40 PM
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Re: What rifle scope would you use?

50 cals like this one?

Grizz you don't know me, you don't know my history, my qualifications or anything about me, so where the hell do you get off man, calling me a liar. at least i post here under my own name.

I never once said that S&B had every military contract, S&B and Prem Ret have a contract with the Marine Corps to supply sniper rifle scopes for the M40A3's, The Canadians drop US Optics in favour of the S&B.which was pretty recent, so where you get the idea that the Canadian Army had chosen to take off a S&B scope, to put on an NXS to make 2000m+ shots in Afganistan is beyond me, Its pretty obviouse to me that a 10x Unertl isn't upto, or idealy suited to use on a .50-cal sniper rifle and to put a NXS on it sounds like a good idea. The US Army, last i heared where still evaluating the 4-16x42 PMII. The British Arm have had PMII's for years. I know the German Army use the Hensold on thier G22 AI's but i believe the Dutch have the S&B. There are plenty of other armies out there using the AI and a S&B on top. I'd bet a pound to a pinch or [censored] that there are more S&B PMII's in service around the world on sniper rifles than there are NXS's.
ref GSG9, i guess the fact that they chose the Blaser rifle realy shows that they had some one who didn't have a damn clue about sniper rifles in charge of dealing out contracts.
Thier next rifle will probably be a SWS2000 ULV with PMII on it using Recknagel mounts. lets see what they have for the World Cup shall we.
Anyway, ive gotten to far into this ******* contest all ready. If you persist in bieng obnoxiouse, provocative and continue with your accusations, well thats up to you, not much i can do about it from here behind a key board. but you've managed to convince me, and i'd guess several others of the fact that you ain't some body to put on our Christmas card lists.
Occupying the British Zone.
Unread 12-13-2005, 06:47 PM
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Re: What rifle scope would you use?

Keep changing the subject Pete and maybe no one will notice what a complete BS artist you are. Your words...your bull.

Like I said before, you are not qualified to talk about where US money is spent and probably not qualified to talk about other countries as well. You make it just too easy for someone like me to point out when your mouth out runs the truth.

" According to the wholesaler of nightforce here returns run at about 15%. Ive not been given definate figures by S&B, but the whole saler says that the PMII's returns are less than 1%. infact he couldn't tell me when they had had one returned last."

Which wholesaler was that? Where is that Wholesaler located?

More bull.

Still waiting for that pic of the bunch of broken NXS scopes?

Did Pedro run out of swear words? AAAAAWWWWWWE
Unread 12-13-2005, 07:05 PM
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Re: What rifle scope would you use?

Grizz you are an obnoxiouse, punchy, provocative ring piece.
at least i have my own web site, and as soon as i get my head around how to program the sod i'll fix the frigging spelling errors that so annoy you, in the mean time, tell it to my web master, who is a german and can't spell English too well, but who cares. exept you.
ive never owned a volvo, by the way, i actualy own a jap motor, one you will be quite farmiliar with if you can speak spanish, its a Pajero. and i prefer weizen bier to guiness.
so tell me Mr American hero Warrior, how much combat have you seen, lets all pull up a sand bag and listen whilst ole Chesty Puller Grizz tells us a war story about beating the fuzzie wuzzies to death with his NXS.
And i don't give a [censored] as to what the US Gov't spends its money on,i don't pay taxes to them, i do give a [censored] what the lads and lassies that go off to fight wars actualy get issued to do the fighting with, and if you are so convinced that its bieng done right, how come the Snipers are so much in need of kit that civies and cop snipers have to organise getting em it.

and what subject do i keep changing.?
put your money where the your mouth is motormouth,
we have the moderators on here pick a couple of known trained snipers from the sniper comunity,(theres a bunch on Sniper country and snipershide etc) i'll provide a PMII and you provide your beloved NXS, they can test them both in the same ways simultaneously. The scope that fails first, the providor donates $500 to
at least that way something good will come out of all your drivvel.
Occupying the British Zone.
Unread 12-13-2005, 07:22 PM
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Re: What rifle scope would you use?


Grizzz was in Afgahnistan under Reagan. He is a Warrior not an armorer. Be careful what you wish for.

As far as testing both scopes, Naval Special Warfare did that and the schmidt and bender lost. I don't know who or what you are, but you sure do lay it on thick and like to call people names. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

Prolly best stay on your side of the Atlantic. Can't believe the moderators let you get away with all your bad language. Seems to me the rules that make this such a nice site are not being enforced.
Unread 12-13-2005, 07:47 PM
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Re: What rifle scope would you use?

Post777 I never started it.
and i'd love to see all the details of the Navy test.because its just the opposite conclusion of all the tests that have been done over here.
what bad language? i was bieng quite civil, but i don't stand for anyone calling me a liar and i don't care if that some one was in Afganistan or charged up Mt Suribachi, it doesn't give them the right to question my intergrity or to insult me. But if my language was too strong, i'm happy to delete or replace the strong words, i did notice that 2 had been automaticaly deleted, but they werent the F word, they where more related to cow dung.
what or who i am?
i'm a stand up bloke who will bend over backwards to help out most folks,i grew up in farming and haulage, did 10 years in the Brit Army, my main trade(among other) bieng REME Armourer(which deosn't nesseceraly mean REMF, sure as hell doesn't in my case,ive worked in the Defence industry, am a qualified gunsmith, currently work in the Space Industry as well as running my own business as a custom rifle smith,married (2nd time) 2 kids, a spaniel dog, drive a beat up jap 4x4 that runs LPG, am wearing comfy ski socks and white and red underwear, like i said, nothing to hide. i happen to think i'm an ok bloke, sure i lay it on thick about S&B scopes bieng superior to everything else once in a while, but like i said, skoda drivers get the same, i't ain't meant personal.
Calling some one a liar is.
Occupying the British Zone.
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