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USO new long range hunting scope

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Unread 08-26-2011, 11:20 PM
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Re: USO new long range hunting scope

Hey USO,

I know that you have asked what would make the best long range scope. To me that is like asking what is the best car. Really it comes down to use. If you are sticking to the theme of this website and LONG distance shots I say 24+ power, weight on a true long range gun isn't that big of a factor but vertical adjustment is so go with a 35mm tube. Use large objective (60mm) and ocular, with a long eye relief.

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Unread 08-27-2011, 12:26 AM
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Re: USO new long range hunting scope

Originally Posted by Mikecr View Post
First Camshaft, what the heck does 6-24 matter over 8.5-25? I see this as insignificant.
It matters because the Leupold MK4 8.5-25 has a FOV of 11.2'@100yds @8.5x
The Sightron SIII LRMDCM 6-24 has a FOV of 16.1'@100yds @6x
The Nightforce NXS 5.5-22 has a FOV of 17.5'@100yds @5.5x
The Sightron SIII LRMDCM 8-32 has a FOV of 12.2'@100yds @8x
The Mk4 falls pretty short in my opinion, in this area.

I use my scope for long range hunting, but still like to have some effectiveness at close range if the opportunity arises. Once again, Im not saying the Mk4 is a bad scope, but its not the "be all, to end all". For the cost of the Mk4 I really think they could use an update, including 4-5x magnification, and maybe even a zero stop. And the NXS, well, I have stated multiple times that I would never spend the money on a new one, they simply don't impress me the way a scope with that price tag should, used and discounted, maybe. But their glass is just not up to par with their price tag. I like my sightron for what it cost me. It could use firmer turrets and a zero stop, but hey you cant win them all.
"I'm interested in rifles, but only accurate rifles are interesting". Col. Townsend Whelen

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Unread 08-27-2011, 07:39 AM
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Re: USO new long range hunting scope

There are a bunch of scopes out there with one or two attributes that exceed the 8.5x25 Mk4, but I haven't found a scope yet (at any cost) that atleast matches it in every single regard, -and then exceeds it in some way from there.
I'm not a brand person. Truly, I don't like anything about Leupold, their business model, or their ridiculous lineup of scopes -except for the 8.5-25 Mk4(which I expect they'll wreck any day now).
If I knew Sightrons, or Schmidt & Bendertrons, or Marchtrons were actually better(not in just one or two areas), they'd be on my guns.
This may not matter, it's just my input.

Jason, never trust a notion that weight doesn't matter.
Cost USUALLY matters, weight ALWAYS matters.
Also, if USO is capable of making an 8-25 Mk4, you could not go wrong making a USO Mk5, even at twice the price.
Market it about any and everyway you like, as one scope actually could do it all.
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Unread 08-27-2011, 11:23 AM
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Re: USO new long range hunting scope

Some thoughts and opinions on long range scopes. My backround is a long range hobby target shooter and build automated astronomical research telescopes as my professon.

Scope resolution at distances over about 600 yards in the daytime is limited by the atmosphere, not by the optical quality of the lenses. There are a few really junk scopes on the market.
Lack of contrast caused by internal reflections is the major thing which separates excellent scopes from so-so ones, but it's never seen as a specification in advertising.

More magnification at long range just makes the blur look larger. magnification beyond the point where the eye/scope/atmosphere resolution is less than aboout 1/4 of the rilfes group size at that distance is just a waste. More magnification just reduces the field of view and hurts target acquistion time. For target shooting at fixed distances magnifications over 20x >may< offer an advantage at moderat range. In my opinion only short range benchrest benefits from magnifications over 24x. High magnifications may help overcome some types of eye defects.

When scintillation is dominant larger objectives make the blur smoother. but it makes detail less visible. The image with a smaller objective will have more jitter, but more detail can be seen during brief moments.

The primary function of a riflescope should be aiming the rifle. Having a long eye relief guarantees a small field of view for a given magnification. If you want to search for game use a spotting scope or binoculars which can have a huge field of view compared to riflescopes.
That's not a matter of scope qualty, just basic optics.

Range can be measured accurately with several methods. Drop is easy to calculate precisely knowing range and air density. What isn't easy to measure is downrange wind deflection. It is THE major error source in long range shooting. Many shooters are simply in denial of that reality. They think expensive rifles and scopes will make wind deflection irrelevant. . High velocity rifles with low BC bullets does help but never makes wind deflection unimportant.

No scope on the market makes it easy to determine downrange cross winds. however, choosing a scope which will assist in determining crosswinds is better than one which won't.
Seeing the effects of "mirage" is easiest with moderate magnifications, moderate objective size, and the ability to adjust the scopes focus quickly and easily to known distances. The optimum scope is dependent on the conditions. Mirage may not be visible at all in cloudy conditions where the sun isn't heating the air near the ground. Mirage can be so bad that the target becomes invisible. A riflescope may be used or a separate spotting scope. Doping wind (with presently availabe scopes) can only be learned with lots of practice shooting. It's easy to see the air currents. Whats difficult is converting what you see to crosswind velocities and distance, and from that determining the bullet deflection.

Electronic croswind anemometers exist and they give about as good of performance at doping wind as a skilled human. The advantage of electronics is measurement speed. Skilled shooters rely on pattern recognition, not high speed calculations. I know of only one hand held instrument made to measure remote wind speed. It's sold for yachting, not shooting. . They are not a lot more complex than a laser rangefinder. Some R& D is needed to make a usable unit for shooters.
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