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USO new long range hunting scope

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Unread 08-25-2011, 09:09 AM
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Re: USO new long range hunting scope

My impression of USO’s corner of the high end scope market is they market to people who know what features they need and can order a solid custom scope just built for them (Have it your way). I would guess USO would have a hard time competing with the $/feature value on a “standard” high end long range scope compared to other manufactures.
All of the above features/options are covered by a competitor off the shelf version. I think if USO wants to get into this market beyond what they currently offer they are going to need to target the weight category.
As far as I can tell, the only high end scope that is around 20 oz is the March. If USO came out with a scope to compete with the 2.5-25x42 March tactical at 21.9 oz with a lifetime guarantee and USO’s name behind it I think it would have a very good specific market.
Let’s face it, USO is not going to produce a scope with all the features above for under $1500. I imagine it will be priced close to the March.
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Unread 08-25-2011, 10:22 AM
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Re: USO new long range hunting scope

[QUOTE=jason USO;539509]

What we are trying to do here is come up with the ultimate long range hunting rifle scope. This is where your expertise comes in. With you being the end user your input is extremly important to us. So to get things rolling I have a few questions to start.

What power range?
Adjustable parallax on the side or objective?
Weight and how important is this?
What type of reticle? One of our exsiting ones or we can design a new reticle with your help.


Welcome Jason.
It's good to see manufacturers who care about customer feedback.

Several years ago DARPA put out a request for proposal for a sniping scope for the US Military.
I presume the results are either classified or the project has been dumped. However, the original request outlined capabilities which seemed practical These included:
Integrated rangefinder usable to around two kilometers.
Integrated downrange crosswind measurement. The method was not specified, but small aser scintillation anemometers have been demonstrated to work.
Integrated air density measurement. (for ballistic calculation).
Automatic moving target compensation. ( 3 dimension capable)
integrated two axis vertical sensor ( to provide cant and inclination information)
Integrated cmputer with ballistic tables for the ammo in use.
Automated reticle adjustment and display.

Just about all scopes on the market have some means of setting windage and elevation, but offer little help in determining what the settings should be. They are very slow to use when external instruments and manual computer inputs have to be used. Target knobs are very slow to set and easy to set wrong.

I'd happily spend $5000 on a scope which provides all of the features shown above if it worked and was reasonably reliable. There are scopes which provide some of the features. Some have integrated relatively short range rangefinders (under 1000 yards) but without ballistic compensation. A few do have rudimentary drop compensation. Horus vision offers "mil grid" reticles which eliminate "knob twiddling". I see US Optics offers those reticles, but no one makes a scope which allows proper use of the H37 Reticle. It's simply impossible to give 4" eye relief, read the reticle, and view the entire reticle. That could be done with a vertically adjustable eyepiece. Elcan makes a scope where a CCD with digital clocking offsets is used instead of knobs. But it too has no range or wind measurement or even internal ballistic computation.

Your questions appear to asking only about a scope with no environmental measurement or compensation but with target knobs. Those features are all avaiable in a $300 "SuperSniper" (and many other brands). Sure, your scopes are "better" ... or are they? For the price difference one can buy a good rangefinder, a wind meter, a portable computer with ballistics software, and a thousand rounds to practice with. The practice ammo is arguably the thing which will improve accuracy most.

I see no point in answering the specific questions you ask. In the scope I'd want most of them are irrelevant other than weight. The answer to that is always "As light as possible without compromising reliability".

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Unread 08-25-2011, 01:37 PM
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Re: USO new long range hunting scope

Scope 3200.00
kestrel 400.00
lieca 1600 700.00
F-22 Raptor targeting hardware and software 12,000.00


Everything works but that pesky math.
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Unread 08-25-2011, 02:26 PM
PDA PDA is offline
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Re: USO new long range hunting scope

I dont think for hunting illumination is worth the money, especially with the MP-8 type reticle (which is my favorite). With the heavy duplex outer bars you can bracket well.

SFP MP-8 type MOA reticle with raised marks on the power ring for TWO settings. Full value at top power and double value in the middle. Raised so it is easier to line up in a hurry than a dot or bar
Low Profile large MOA Adjustments
Side Paralax Adj.
100+ MOA Adjustment
4-24ish power range
Non rotating eye piece (hate that on the NXS)
at least 4" eye relief (constant) for bigger calibers and different shooting positions.

$1500 or less price tag. I have a NXS on my work gun and love the glass, but there is room for improvement in several features. Lighter weight is always better. Im suprised there isnt more use of aluminum/scandium alloys since S&W has done so well with their revolvers. I know this would probably make the cost outrageous, but wonder what the capabilities are for arguments sake.

Im not gonna tell you what tube size, objective size etc. You guys know way more about what is necessary for the package to work than me! Look forward to what you settle on and hopefully offer
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Unread 08-25-2011, 02:30 PM
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Re: USO new long range hunting scope

Scandium just adds strength to a welded aluminum. It's a complete marketing ploy
nothing more.
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Unread 08-25-2011, 02:39 PM
PDA PDA is offline
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Re: USO new long range hunting scope

Good to know!
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Unread 08-25-2011, 03:46 PM
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Re: USO new long range hunting scope

Start with Mk4, and improve from there.
That is, cover absolutely every attribute of the Mk4 -first.
This includes SFP, low weight, 30mm tube, 50mm objective, non-turning eyepiece, threading for Alumina flip-ups, lit reticle option, as much adjustment range and as accurate.

Med-Fine crosshair with subtension matching NF CH1
Higher quality glass
Micrometer side focus adjustment, calibrated for distance, and a small focus prism added to reticle plane(if possible)
Aluminum 'ScopeLevel'(instead of plastic, and nothing at all like yours), with a lit option.
1/4MOA, 1/4IPHY, 1/8MOA, 1/8IPHY adjustment options
Zero stop

I'm a varmint hunter, this is what I desire for the field.
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