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nightforce, badger, 20moa, & 40 moa

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Unread 02-18-2003, 08:37 AM
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Re: nightforce, badger, 20moa, & 40 moa

Your dealer is definitely mixed up on the NF bases. The two piece is a 20 MOA set and the one piece is good for 40 MOA. That is the way they are built--there isn't a 40 MOA two-piece set. They shouldn't run you more than $70, either. If he is asking more, you are being duped...Bruce Baer designed the two piece set years ago and sold the patent to LightForce USA. Link-- http://www.nightforceoptics.com/ms.html
I have 5 sets of these, and they are good bases, but not any better than the Farrell units, at twice the price. Do yourself a favor and check out the Ken Farrell bases, there are two piece and one piece, both in 20 MOA.

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Unread 02-18-2003, 11:10 AM
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Re: nightforce, badger, 20moa, & 40 moa

Dakotasin. Start by shooting your rifle and scope first. Find out where your 100yd zero is and the amount of scope adjustment left. You may find that there is enough without fiddling with expensive bases and rings.

I have three rifles where the receiver and base combo allows the scopes to zero near the bottom of their elevation adjustment. No need for additional stuff there.

As an excellent fix, consider the Burris Sig. rings with inserts. You can adjust and shim your scope using these inserts and should be able to be you set up for 1/3 the cost of your route.

Also, these inserts guarantee that any slight misalignment in your bases are adsorbed by the rings. Being made from steel, they are every bit as durable as "tactical" rings.

Most 1" scopes have 50 to 60 min of adjustment. You will need around 35 to 40 min. to get to 1000yds, so really don't need to shim that much.

For bullets, I would suggest you give the 155gr AMax a try. They shoot flatter in my rifle then any other 168/165 gr HP match bullet I have tried. You get a 150fps more muzzle vel and they stay very stable when the go subsonic. Took my 308 to 1500yds and no problems with this bullet. Pretty fragile too.

If you haven't bought a scope yet, consider the Bushnell Elite 10X. Lots of adjustment, great mildot reticle and decent optics. For less then $200, you can have a very usuable scope for your shooting. You will have to decide if 10X is enough. They are clear enough for me to take out clay pigeons at over 500yds.

Get the real expensive stuff if you find the need later. Practise and shooting is much more fun.


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Unread 02-18-2003, 01:53 PM
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Re: nightforce, badger, 20moa, & 40 moa

As always Jerry's advice is excellent and aimed at keeping the entry costs reasonable.

Only point I would dispute is that steel rings are as good as tacticals, just not so but the difference is mainly determined if you drop your rifle out of a chopper or drive over it with a Hummer [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] The military used standard Redfield style mounts in Vietnam and had so many problems that they switched to Weaver style - they are much stronger.

I fell on a rifle once, actually bent over the dovetail of a Leupold ring and that would not have happened with a tactical ring. Otherwise the big advantage is that they look "cool". They are overpriced and the Farrell base looks like a very good option. He has a website, just search for Ken Farrel scope rings. Since most of us do not abuse our rigs the tactical mounts are overkill, but nice.

I am going to have to shoot with Jerry and show him the benefits of Badgers, Mk4's, Nears, GGG, DD Ross, Nightforce whatever - you just drop the rings into the slots and torque them, great interchangability and repeatability.

Your original question is about 20 and 40 moa sloped bases wasn't it. Jerry has a point, if your scope will get you to 800-1000 with standard mounts use the money you save to buy ammo - unless you really want the cool-looking stuff.
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Unread 02-18-2003, 05:24 PM
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Re: nightforce, badger, 20moa, & 40 moa

thanks for the input, i appreciate it much! i will certainly check into the ken farrell bases.

the scope choice is something i agonized over forever. all my other rifles have leupolds, so of course i wanted another one. however, i went back to school, and i do not have the means for the rifle and the leupold... so, i checked into 'lesser' options, and found the bushnell 10x w/ mildots for $156 online...ultimately, i went w/ a swift 6.5-24 w/ the hopes of upgrading when i can outshoot the scope... we'll see if/when that happens.

i'm not overly concerned w/ ammo costs as i have a ton of stuff in my reloading area, and it will take me the entire year to shoot it all up...

i checked into leupold mark iv's and nightforce rings, but they are just too cost prohibitive, so i went w/ warne. anyway, i appreciate all the information.
Hunting is not a matter of life or death; it is much more important than that.
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Unread 02-20-2003, 01:31 AM
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Re: nightforce, badger, 20moa, & 40 moa

I got 2 25 moa bases from Richard Near.
When i got the first i asked for the 40moa to put on my.308(i like to start at the bottom of the travel)
My scope was a LUPY 1 inch tube.I could not zero at 100yards i needed about 4 to 7 moa(don't remember)so i exchanged it for the 25moa.
The other base has a LUPY LR on it and i have 124 clicks from bottom,i am thinking of getting the 40moa for it...in the future.
BTW Richard is a very good guy to deal with and has a very good product.
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