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new rifle and scope

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Unread 09-17-2002, 07:07 PM
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Re: new rifle and scope

There is a post in Bullets, Barrels & Ballistics - Glass bed Accumark?

Nighthawk doesn't have the same problem with HIS 30-378 that Hoyteman has!

Of course he doesn't he doesn't have one!

Double Talk your way out of this one slick willy!

Nighthawk is a stand-up philosopher!

By the way....I don't believe the BS medical story either!

Member # 281
posted 08-22-2002 07:54 PM
Do I glass bed it or fit it to the aluminum bedding block?
I have been working with this rifle and I am finding some sweet spots but.... the first shot is a flyer 3-4" away, at 200, usually low, before it will group. I could live with the third shot being a flyer but the first? Nope that won't work.
The action screws were torqued, barrel is free floated etc. but it seems that something is still tightening up after the first shot.
It seems to be temperature related and not clean vs dirty issue. I wait five to 10 minutes between shots and they will group well but if I wait an hour or better, another flier happens before it settles out again.

The stock has a molded in aluminum bedding block, I relieved some high spots on this and have fairly even contact now. I bedded the front and sides of the recoil lug as it could move laterally with slightly loosening the front screw. I am waiting for the bedding to set as we speak. Will this be enough or should I go ahead and grind down the top of the aluminum bed and glass it and the rear of the recoil lug? I left it as I thought it was probably stronger than the bedding compound but I am not certain that the rear of the recoil lug is making uniform contact.
If I do this will it adhere to the aluminum well? Or will it crush with 30-378 recoil?
Any experience out there with these?
Thanks HPA

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posted 08-22-2002 11:40 PM
I have the same rifle you have and I havn't had that problem.

"You only get as far as you aim."

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Unread 09-18-2002, 05:07 AM
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Re: new rifle and scope

no commet on Paul Coburmll

But I agree that it is more than difficult to sort the true of the false in your posts.

I don't understand why you never answered to my posts

I don't undersand why you continue to reask the same questions , do you read the answers from the other members ?

but if I find sad your father health problems I find more sad to mix spare time as shooting with family problems .

I shot since 25 years now , I works in weapons industry (my own compan ) , I am 39 years old and I always try to help young shooters or beginers


I have never accept lies and I will never accept lies

Good Shooting

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Unread 09-18-2002, 10:06 AM
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Re: new rifle and scope

I seem to face criticism when ever I ask a question. I never said that buying an expensive rifle was going to make me a better shooter and I realize that I need to practice before I can shoot as far as I say. A few think I lie about things well I don't and if I don't respond to a post is because I have other things going on. If I want to buy a rifle that is my business, not anyone else's. That story is not made up it has been happening for the last two weeks and he died two days ago. Yes I do have an Accumark .30-378 which I bought in January 2001. I didn't respond to DANTEC's posts beacause I didn't have an answer because I still needed to do more testing on it. If you don't believe me that is fine. I have said before and I will say it agaig, I wasn't even planning in these rifles for a year at least.

John M. "Double Talk your way out of this one slick willy!

Nighthawk is a stand-up philosopher!

By the way....I don't believe the BS medical story either!"

Thanks a whole friken lot, you and Catshooter. You think You know me when you don't. I won't be on this site anymore because I only get people like you. FOr everyone else that has helped me with questions so far, Thank You. [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]
a whisper from this little friend of mine goes a lot way.
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Unread 09-18-2002, 10:10 AM
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Re: new rifle and scope

Alex sorry for your loss, and how some people are treating you. I appologize for intruding into your personal life, but I felt a need to do this so people would show some respect.

If this link doesn't go "active", please cut and paste before you say anything else to Alex http://www.legacy.com/StarTribune/Le...ersonId=496089

Best regards,

Steve Altstadt

even though we have thought "Nighthawk" to be somewhat overzealous, he is eager. He will need to be guided by our knowledge of shooting but maybe by some fatherly types as well. I can't imagine losing my Dad, and I am twice Alex's age, again, sorry.
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Unread 09-18-2002, 10:51 AM
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Join Date: Jul 2002
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Re: new rifle and scope

dear nighthawk

condolences for your father .

and great thanks for your comment on the members of this forum , I think I have spend time in many post to try to explain you what you need to shoot or start to shoot and you have never try to understand and never stop to dream , no real problem for me , I wish you lot of sucess in your project and don't forget to send your amazing groupssss with your two $ each bullet.

I am a mecanical engineer and the dummy of the corner of your street .

good shooting

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Unread 09-18-2002, 06:09 PM
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Re: new rifle and scope

Dear Nighthawk, I'm very sorry to hear about your father. Unfortuneatly in life we meet (or come into contact) with people that believe that anytime someone asks a lot of questions that they are crying wolf.
They forget what it was like when they were young asking lots of questions themselves.

Steve A thanks for being the gentleman that you are by setting the RECORD STRAIGHT with facts.

Hopefully this bad experience on one soul WILL NOT be casted on others.
We are hear to learn and share our experiences good or bad.

My family is praying for you and your family.

GOD Bless us, One and All.... Tiny Tim
Courage,Spirit and Honor
Pass It On
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Unread 09-18-2002, 07:14 PM
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Re: new rifle and scope

Nighthawk, I am sorry for your loss and I am sorry for calling you a liar with regards to your dad. However, I do believe you were not 100% truthful about the guns you own. Therefore when you posted the info about your father I thought it was untrue. I also do believe that you exagerated all of his ailments which made the story less believable.

I am man enough to accept the fact that I made a major boo-boo by posting the message that I did. But remember, I am not a ogre and I am not a scumbag. You must take responsibility for giving yourself a lack of credibility in the first place.

Again, I am deeply sorry, and I hope you an I can wipe the slate clean.

God Bless!
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