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MOA click limit

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Unread 07-15-2005, 11:35 PM
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Re: MOA click limit

Here is a table with info. for MOA needed at different ranges using that Hornady load; assuming that you get MV=3015 and your scope hight is 1.7"

700 yards you would not have any problems, but 1000 yards is getting pretty ify. It all depends on how the scope mounts on the rifle. My guess is that you would be good up to about 850 yards using conventional scope rings.
Good Hunting!

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Thanks for that chart. So from what I see for the 6x24-50 Tactical which is supposedly 65 moa with standard rings I should be okay to 1,000 yds. But this would also depend on how much moa I lost sighting it in zero'd at 200yds.?
I know I'll have to try this out myself, but do you know how much drop that cartridge will have past 500 yds?

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Unread 07-16-2005, 03:39 AM
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Re: MOA click limit

Here is more info. Please check the energy at 1000 yards, is not very promising. More than anything else, your limiting factor will really be the energy depending on what you are hunting for. Yes, I would dare to believe with 65 MOA riflescope and conventional rings you should be able to make it to 1000 yards. Good Luck to you!


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Unread 07-16-2005, 11:58 AM
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Re: MOA click limit

1 MOA at 100 yards is 1.047. The chart below shows what 1 MOA is at different yardage. Now he asked if his scope with 50 moa of adjustment would be enough. If you view the chart at 700 yards 1 MOA is 7.329 inches. 50 moa times 7.329 inches would give you a total in inches. This isn’t drop but can be used from a trajectory program to figure out if your drop is more or less. This is a mathematical measurement used to view the trajectory and match it up with the scopes adjustment limits.
If you’re shooting a low bc bullet at low velocities and it says that your bullet will drop 536 inches at 700 yards then this scope will not have enough adjustment to cover the drop as you are comparing the drops at the same distances. With the above example the drop in inches from a trajectory program indicates 536 inches at 700 yards; from the chart below we can see that with this certain scope its adjustments only allow for 366 inches of travel at 700 yards; consequently the load and scope will not work. Now having MOA or MILDOT reticules will increase the distance a scope can be used as both with have “hold over lines or dots” that correspond to certain measurements in inches and millradians that will allow for extra drop. 1 MIL at 1000 yards is 36 inches, 1 MOA at 1000 yards is 10.47 inches. You can get a lot more hold over on a MILDOT reticule than you can a MOA. So you could take the 536 inches and subtract the 366=170 inches left over.

So you have adjusted this scope to its maximum adjustment and used up 50 moa, you would need an additional 170 inches. At a distance of 700 yards one mil equals 25.2 inches, 170 divided by 25.2 is 6.74 or 6.74 mildots rounded up to 7 or guesstimate 6 and ¾ mildots. However ¼ millradian is .9 inches at 100 yards and 6.3 inches at 700 yards. If you choose to round up you must know the exact left over amount and hold over a tad bit more or you may be off target.

<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>MOA Yards MOA @ Yards 50 MOA
1 MOA@ 100 1.047 52.35
1 MOA@ 200 2.094 104.70
1 MOA@ 300 3.141 157.05
1 MOA@ 400 4.188 209.40
1 MOA@ 500 5.235 261.75
1 MOA@ 600 6.282 314.10
1 MOA@ 700 7.329 366.45
1 MOA@ 800 8.376 418.80
1 MOA@ 900 9.423 471.15
1 MOA@ 1000 10.470 523.50

</pre><hr />

The 39 inches of drop is 7.44 MOA at 500 yards. According to the trajectory chart in Eaglet's post at 1000 yards its 28.6 moa of adjustment. With an adjustment of 65 moa this scope has more than enough travel if it has 130 moa of complete travel, if it has 65 moa of complete travel than this scope will be very close to the maximum adjustment. When reviewing Kirby Allens post about his scope and extreme distances the consistancy once the scope gets close to its maximum travel presents a problem with repeatability. Takning this into account a MOA base may be required to obtain what hes after.
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Unread 07-16-2005, 02:39 PM
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Re: MOA click limit

Thanks all for the info. Great charts. This will help a lot. Now to go out and do some shooting.

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