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If I were to spend $1K on a scope...

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Unread 10-15-2008, 12:36 PM
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Re: If I were to spend $1K on a scope...

You can look at IOR but they are most likely a little higher than what you are looking to spend.

Mike @ CSGW
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Unread 10-15-2008, 02:00 PM
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Re: If I were to spend $1K on a scope...

Re: Yobuck.

Geez...how does one write this without offending someone,
you brought back memories of things,
...some, say are best forgotten!

I was on Hill-55,
and Hill-41, also been to Elephant Valley!
...and, I cannot remember meeting Hathcock (Whitefeather).
Unertle Scopes?
I have used...I DO NOT like them,
I don't think you should have to put a scope back into battery after each shot!!
I think there is a cult following,
using Unertle's in the bench rest sports...
We (Marines) had Weaver's too...and they fogged like the rest did,
Peep sights...never fogged,
well sometimes when the sweat ran into your eyes...
But...then you become 'obsessive compulsive',
...when you come home,
thinking about sight picture,
...and sight allignment. LOL
Don't think I ever saw a Unertle in our hunting camp...
When I get finished writing this,
I guess I"ll have to go back to group therapy.
We have a three hundred yard range just up the road.
I think Hathcock (Whitefeather)...
would agree with the new Schmidt & Bender replacement.
Sadly...he is gone now. He brought so much to this topic, and our sport.
I talked with an optics salesman,
at a gun show in Carlisle, Saturday...
he said the mid-priced optics today,
are better than the high-priced optics that were produced only a couple years ago,
...perhaps Scott from Liberty Optics can help with this.
I still like the glass on the Burris that I looked at.
Back to the subject at hand...
'scope under 1 K'
I just wanted someone to say that a Burris EuroMark 3-12X50 would be the perfect scope and they are around $700.00,
Guess I can keep wishn'

yes...we were still winning when I left,
...and the burned out hulk of the AMTRAC that hathcock got blown off of,
was still sitting along the road!!

Semper Fi
Bruce ~~___/)~*~
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Unread 10-16-2008, 10:12 PM
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Re: If I were to spend $1K on a scope...

bravoemike, good to hear from one of our brave marines. god bless you for your service to our great country.

there was a little more than a cult following with unertle scopes though.

for many years, they dominated the target shooting, benchrest, and long range hunting sports.
i used one for years, and never pulled the thing back once.
but then i never removed the recoil spring as others did.
some claimed it could damage the scope w/ heavy recoil guns.
but it never did mine.
main problem with them is field of view.
some less experienced shooters lose the target after the shot, and have trouble getting back on due to small field. serious problem when shooting at an animal.
other than that, they are still a fine scope for long range shooting. quite a few are still being used in pa.
the one i use now on the same rifle, (a 30x378) is essentially the same scope. an old b & l balvar 6x24 x.
it has an external micrometer for adjustments, and a recoil spring just like the unertle. advantage, is field of view due to varieable power.
ive got no plans on replacing it.
im sure whitefeather would agree with you on the new scopes. but im sure also, he could still do the job with the old one.
again, thats my point. not whats best, but what will work, for losts less than some of the very good, but very expensive new scopes.
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Unread 10-17-2008, 01:33 AM
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Re: If I were to spend $1K on a scope...

I'd also opt for the Sightron SIII, you can buy two of them for less than the cost of one Nightforce. My last one was $665. shipped to the door.

Was doing some target practice with another member of the LongRange hunting forum (AJ Peacock) a couple of days ago before he left to go on his elk hunt. He had a Nightforce 5.5-22 NXS on his Allen Mag and I had my new Sightron SIII on my 338Edge. I was taking a shot with his 338 Allen Mag and he was holding my gun, I asked him to take a look see thru my scope and let me know what he thought of the Sightron scope. After I shot I turned and asked him what he thought. He then looked thru both scopes and said "I think my Nightforce might be just a tad clearer". I then compared both of them sitting side by side and I couldn't tell a bit of difference between the two. His next comment was "well if you paid twice as much for your scope, you'd probably say it was just a little bit clearer too!"

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Unread 10-17-2008, 06:42 AM
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Re: If I were to spend $1K on a scope...

This summer I dropped the bucks on a Nightforce (once in a lifetime purchase for me) My dad bought the Bushnell 4200 6.5x24x50 with the 30mm tube.

I think I should have purchased the bushnell, or similar instead. Not because of any short coming of the Nightforce (OMG it is AWESOME) but because I had to push back the purchase of: A chargemaster, rounout gauge, wind meter, palm device, trajectory software, better bipod, anticant device, a really long cleaning rod and guide etc.

But...the NF still makes me smile every time!! woot

Edited to add: big plug for the Optic Zone. Found them on this board, and they are very fine people. I almost talked the old man into trying their house brand scope....i still may...lesser known name, but has the right specs.

Last edited by adam; 10-17-2008 at 06:45 AM.
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Unread 10-17-2008, 09:38 AM
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Re: If I were to spend $1K on a scope...


Thank you for your kind words!
Well, and so...
Inept Jarheads...
and, Unertl Scopes
Geez...I didn't know their was supposed to be a spring on the damn thing,
I guess the Armorer'(s) took them off.
Well, it only took me forty years to find out...
Been laughing my ass off all morning.
I saw Unertl's in the gun shops here,
admittely, always wondered why they had a spring on them!
Oh Well.

I think our sport is driving the industry,
1.brighter/more dependable optics
2..more accurrate rifles
3. and lower prices.

I'm shooting a .300 Win Mag in an Accuracy International AWM-F,
Leupold MK-4 3.5-10X40mm Illuminated mil dot,
with M3 turrets, elevation turret with cam for .300 win mag.
its single turn and holds true for me,
wish it had 1/2 minute elevation adjustments though.
also wish it had 50mm objective!
5X more magnification!
Different reticle...hmmm perhaps?
...and Leupold MK-4's are all costing over $1000.00

Now comes Bushnell...
I looked through a...2.5-16X42mm, mil-dot, I was impressed!!
And it gets my vote for a scope costing under $1000.00,
as they are selling for about $725.00.
Not certain if they can be fitted with an single turn...after-market elevation turret.

I have never had the occasion to look at a sightron, but think there might be something there.
I can't find a shop close that has Sightron.

The damn Premier 3-15X50mm (single turn) has everything, I perceived and wanted!
I'm gonna go look at the new Premier...
...also, I am having Hart build me a new .338 Ultra Mag., and I am looking for a new scope for it.
The rifle will be lighter than my Accuracy International...
Hows about,
one scope, multiple rifles?
might make for an interesting thread?


Bruce ~~___/)~*~
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Unread 10-18-2008, 06:17 PM
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Re: If I were to spend $1K on a scope...


no doubt the long range shooting sport has revolutionized the industry. there are scopes ive never even heard of.
without sites like this, it would be impossible for most of us to keep pace. certainly the products are superior to what was available even 10 years ago.
its almost mind boggeling.
for those just starting out, im sure it is.
the tennacy seems to be, buy the best, that way you cant go wrong.
the truth about optics is that on a nice day, many of them will look good. on a bad dreary dark day, the best will outshine the others.
but the argument can be made, that on those days, not much long range hunting is done anyway.
now i just know that statement will raise eyebrows.
i would rather see a young guy buy a gun and scope he can afford now, and may outgrow later. main thing is to get involved, do it, learn from your own experience, gain confidence, form your own opinions as to whats best for you.
the lesser expensive outfits today are head and shoulders better than we had 40 years ago.
savage for example, is building affordable rifles that would have set new records not many years back at 1000 yd. matches.
dont be too proud to own one, if thats your budget.
a dead deer wont ask what your equiptment was.

now mike, i will tell you a little story about the harts.
in the early 70s, i thought i was ready to graduate from a 300 win mag sporter, to a heavy bench rifle. the 6.5x300 wby. was still the king in pa. the 7x300 wby. was closing fast, as hornady had introduced the 162 match bullet. (there were very few decent bullets back then)
there were really only 2 gunsmiths with a reputation for building these guns in pa. at that time. then all of a sudden 1 of them up and died. that being al hoyer. i had never met him.
i went to howard wolfe and had an immediate good feeling about him. we talked about actions, he gave me 4 options. a pre 64 mod.70, any 700 series rem., a sako, or a rem. or win. enfield. later i called and asked about a hart custom action. he said that would make a fine bench gun. i ordered a #4 action and a 30" 1'250 barrel from hart. when i picked it up at harts shop several months later, wally hart was there. as per usual, there were a few guys hanging out b.s.ing. wally got my barrel and action, and then proceeded to ask what i was going to do with it. why werent they going to chamber it. when i told him what i was going to do with it, he really went off on me. some day one of you guys are going to blow your bleeping head off, and on and on. dont ever bring that back here for any repairs. i could have walked out under the door without opening it. i was so shook, i called howard and said hey look, my boys will be using this thing. he reassured me, and we went foward. today of coarse thats all changed. im sure young bob is largly responsible for that. but thats a sample of what things were like back then. you were on your own bub, all you could do is keep adding powder untill the gun told you to stop. there were no books to look at. there was a small network of guys to share with, and learn from. im very fortunate to have made some very good aquaintances, who became friends. mentors if you will. certainly the williamsport club was very instrumental in those days. but they were considered kooks by the benchrest community as a whole. ive never been a competetor, at least not seriously. but those who were, and are, are responsible for the choices you have today.

p.s. i put a unertle scope on it. loopy, snoopy, and the alphabet soup, werent much help back then. now dont get me started on all those other gadgets.
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