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changing glass on my 338lapua need help

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Unread 03-23-2012, 01:07 AM
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changing glass on my 338lapua need help

need some input...

i just traded my nightforce 5.5-22x56 npr1 on a whole bunch of aluminium and tig work my cousin did for me on my hunting rig... probably the craziest decision i made but the final product exceeded my expectations and he had to put up with me...

anyways now my lapua is naked....

95% of my shooting with it is at 1000+ yards on steel and hope to be pushing it out to 1500 and beyond (once i get some new glass for it ) and the only hunting i intend on doing with it will be 700+ yards on set stands...
after shooting it for the past year and a half i think i only took the power off 22x once or twice and i can't see ever really needing a variable power scope for this gun...
so i'm thinking of going to a fixed scope
power any where from 15 to 25
exposed/tactical turrets are definitely preferable
matching turrets/reticle mil/mil or moa/moa, as long as they match no real preference
good glass (at least clearer than my bushnell 6500 2.5-16)

so what say you guys? any good scope recommendations or am i just crazy and i should just get another variable power scope?

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Unread 03-23-2012, 05:19 AM
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Re: changing glass on my 338lapua need help

While I think lower powered (<10x), fixed scopes can work fine, but there are too many possibilities when hunting where a higher powered non variable could put you at a disadvantage. Low light comditions or following up an animal in the thick stuff are the two situations where I have found myself cranking down my variables, even my 4.5x14x. It may be harder to find a decent fixed power at that magnification for a price that is much different then a variable. The better ones are target scopes with reticles that are not designed for hunting. Also, I'm not sure they are built with the recoil of a 338 in mind. You would have a tough time selling it if as well, particularly if your Reticle wasn't a target type. Most, maybe all hunters will go for a variable. Compared to years ago, a decent variable does not give anything up to fixed scope except weight, which is likely not a major factor for your use. IMHO.

"Let us speak courteously, deal fairly, and keep ourselves armed and ready"-T. Roosevelt
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Unread 03-23-2012, 11:45 AM
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Re: changing glass on my 338lapua need help

The Leupold 24x scope is a great choice if you can find it in a riticle that you like. There is no better long range Prairie Dog scope.
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Unread 03-24-2012, 09:25 AM
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Re: changing glass on my 338lapua need help

A fixed scope power of 15-25 would be tough on a day with heavy mirage.

You didn't state how much $$$ your wanting to spend.

If you have the money, a S&B 5-25x56 would be an awesome scope for your application.

For less money, the scope you had on it was a good choice if you want to stay with a SFP scope.

A slightly cheaper scope that is FFP would be a SS 5-25 HD. Good reviews, rugged, and good warranty service. Can often be found for sale NIB for around $1300 for illuminated. A new non-illuminated may be found cheaper. I have a couple of their other scopes and like them for the money.

The Bushnell HDMR is closer to the NF price, but there are some complaints of chromatic aberrations that bother some people. Many seem to be very happy, and they offer a variety of reticle choices.

Good luck!
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Unread 03-24-2012, 09:46 AM
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Re: changing glass on my 338lapua need help

If you are a dialer, not just glass and power is important. Consistent accurate clicks are pretty important. It seems nightforce always gets good reviews in this area too.

If dialing isn't the end all, check out Horus Vision and their new Falcon scope. I don't know how much is known, reviewed, guaranteed on dialing but their reticle technology is the new trend for sure. NO DIALING. You can get their reticles on Leupold, Nightforce and S&B I've read. Probably US Optics too. Then you might have the best of both concepts, DIALING and NO DIALING. I think this is the future of LR Hunting scopes. Check their site and run a demo.
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Unread 03-25-2012, 12:17 AM
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Location: manitoba, canada
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Re: changing glass on my 338lapua need help

all good points so far guys...

as far as $... less than my old nightforce... i woulda just given him cash and kept the nf otherwise... probably in the $1000 and under range... would love a s&b or uso! but thats outta the price bracket right now...

as for mirage i hear ya...but i only ran into mirage causing big problems on 22x with the nf a few times... maybe that is a function of the good optics on the NF.... mostly on hot days in the summer when i was at the range in the middle of the day shooting steal and if it was too frustrating i would pack up the lapua and change over to some closer ranges and one of my smaller calibers... most of the hunting i will be doing with it will be fall, dusk and dawn so mirage should be minimal

i'll be sitting over open fields waiting for the right deer at the right range on a set stand and if anything changes and i need to plug one closer than 500yrds the 25-06ai is gonna be close at hand...

as far as loosing my sight-picture from recoil.. the muzzle break on the lapua works great and have improved my shooting technique enough that i can spot my hits/misses 95% of the time so follow ups shoudnt be a problem

i mostly dial my dope for extended range (500+) i have used holdovers from zero on ocassion out to 880yrds however most scopes don't have enough reticle to get me there ie: most conventional mill dot scopes only give you 5 mills for holdovers... i do prefer having a mill/moa hashed type reticle so i can do some ranging, spot misses etc. and then use the reticle for quick follow up shot holdovers... in short I like having some sort of graduated reticle compared to just a straight up duplex... i have looked at the horus reticles but they seem too busy for my taste....

oh and yah repeatable turrets are a must...

anyways so far the only scope i have come across that seems to fit what i have been pondering is a sightron sIII 20x 42... only having 42mm objective kinda scares me for low light and the reticle is a mill dot but it has moa clicks... anyone have any experiences with sightron's glass....

there are a definetly some variables in the $ range:
viper pst ffp 6-24x50 - still seem to be very hard to come by, especially in canuckistan, and i've heard a couple guys say that at high end the clarity starts to deminish
sightron 6-24x50 - as i said i dont have any experience with them and wonder about the glass, but it does have moa reticle
bushnells - have a 6500 and am less than impressed with the clarity
leupolds - too many to list but anything with tactical turrets is gonna be a mark 4 and outta my $ range...
swfa ss - have heard nothing but good things but again.... canuckistan... if anyone knows of a canadian dealer that carries them i'd be tempted to go that route although it looks like the 5-20 will be abit above my $ range

keep the advice coming... i know it sounds like i have my mind made up on a fixed and all but i can be bludgeoned into submission ...

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Unread 11-10-2013, 10:25 AM
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Re: changing glass on my 338lapua need help

I am just getting ready to purchase a .338 Lapua, and am also looking at the glass to put on top. I did go on the HORUS web site, and ran the demo quite a few times. I am leaning towards their "system", because (I think) once you figure out their system, it is spot on? Even a miss can be followed up with a quick second shot, using the grid? JMO, but I am leaning that way?
The Youtube videos using the Gunwerks/Huskemaw combo's seem to take too long to range, then dial up? The flip side is that once they do, they usually don't miss!! Decisions, decisions!!
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