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40 mm or 50 mm scope for 7mmSTW

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Unread 06-26-2008, 04:24 PM
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I put a 4x14x50 sworvski on my stw and like it so far. I was still able to use med talley rings which was nice. Only reason i got the thing was found a smoking deal on SWFA. May want to take a look there and go to the sample list. They have leupold as well.
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Unread 06-26-2008, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Coues Sniper View Post
+1, good post Jon
I agree totally, I always make it a point to read JonA's post they are always excellent...
range it,check the wind, dial in correction, aim and only one shot
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Unread 06-26-2008, 06:41 PM
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First I must address the Scope as spotting use. You are wholly correct. I do not recommend anyone to use a scope as a scanning tool on a loaded rifle. I have an excellent pair of Nikon Monarch 8X42 field glasses that I scan with. After spotting a group of deer I use the higher power optics (unchambered) observe details on known potentials. Someday I will be able to afford the Leica or comparable spotting scope. But at those prices that will be years away from now.

Now onto optics, Picking out a brown deer against a brown background is a bit difficult at twilight and dusk. Then, estimating if that is the one to harvest by looking at the details is once again, difficult if you do not have excellent optics.

I was able to compare a Leupold VX-II 50mm, Nikon Monarch 40mm and Leupold VX-III 40mm side by side at the range one day. For the Hunting capabilites of my 30.06 I decided the VX-III 40mm was the one. It was even brighter at dusk than the VX-II 50mm. Parallax, Sharpness, Clarity, and Colour differentation are of great importance when I consider the capabilites of a 7mm for hunting.

I must just point out, in capable hands a .308 bullet is extremely accurate even at the "mystical 1000 yds". At big game ranges of 400yds and less it is an excellent Hunting choice, especially in the mountains with a high wind. But the 7mm does outdistance the .308 round in energy to target at a longer distance. Paper and Big game are different animals. That is whay I want the best LR optics that match the Hunting capabilites of a 7STW.

I have just recently read about the Night Force and will take a look at the others that you listed. I know several that are better than Leupold. My biggest restraint is a Blue Collar Budget. I may be able to talk my CFO (wife) into letting me spend $1000 on a scope. But, I will have to wait until after the fall hunt to make that purchase. That's OK. I have plenty of time. My 30.06 is quite capable of placing big meat on the table and I enjoy stalking close.

I had not heard of several of the quality scopes listed in various areas of this forum, including a few you have listed in the previous post. I hope to find several of these scopes and perform a side by side comparison. Through good conversation on this site I have decided on the optic style for the 7STW. Now I may have to get hands on to decide which brands' quality will suit me best.
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Unread 06-27-2008, 03:52 PM
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If you Deside to sale your 7 mm stw Let me know .


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Unread 06-29-2008, 09:29 AM
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First I must address the Scope as spotting use. You are wholly correct. I do not recommend anyone to use a scope as a scanning tool on a loaded rifle.

I believe that the implication here is that there is some risk at scanning an area with a rifle scope, especially with a loaded weapon. I have done this many times with the safety on of course but with a loaded rifle. I can see how there might be some very remote chance of forgetting that the saftey is off and and touching the trigger while scanning but absolutely no more so than with stalking with a loaded weapon when there is chance of falling. Can someone clear this up for me?
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Unread 06-29-2008, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Nvhunter View Post
....After spotting a group of deer I use the higher power optics (unchambered) observe details on known potentials.
There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I do this as well. Though I have a spotting scope now, when I'm "walk around hunting" I'm sure not carrying it with me. When I have one single buck tag to fill, I want to be able to scrutinize that rack in detail before deciding to take the shot if given time. I've been bit over the years too many times by whitetails whose racks shrink, points that should be there disappear, etc, after the shot. Better luck next year! :( This is one of the big reasons I got the 3-18...I've never needed 18X for a shot on a deer but sure wished for it to get a better look at what I'm shooting.

Though some misguided individuals (especially on other boards) will say one shouldn't even do this. That the scope is an "aiming device" and looking at points is "what your binoculars are for." Usually, these are the fixed 4X, 6X low powered variable Leupold users...and with such scopes, yes, a good set of binoculars will show you more detail. It also comes from thinking 300 or 400 yds is really "long range," they have no problem counting points with their hand held binoculars at the ranges they might ever shoot. Having never used a high powered high end scope, they don't realize you need a set of "big eyes" on a tripod to match what a good scope can see.
Originally Posted by dougedwards View Post
Can someone clear this up for me?
Yes, the thing is if you're "scanning" it means you're looking for something, you don't know what's there already. You can "find" another hunter; which means you've just pointed your rifle at another person. Besides being felony assault with a deadly weapon most places, it makes you feel really lousy to realize you've just committed such a horrible safety violation.

That is what binoculars are for--scanning, looking for, finding game. Once you know it's a deer and you want to take a better look, a riflescope can work very well.

Anway, I was actually thinking about this thread the other day while shooting the 4-14 Falcon with "Leupold-ish" glass alongside the 3-18 IOR. The Falcon gave me a nice view of the target, I had no problem seeing the holes, etc. You couldn't really ask much more from an "aiming device." The optics were better than good enough for that. Though, had I paid $900 for it I would have been disappointed.

But every time I switched back to the 3-18, my jaw would drop all over again. "Aiming devices" are great and all, but..... ;)

Hey, a brand I forgot to mention: Meopta. They have offerings the same or cheaper than Leupold with much better glass. If you're really worried about low light, a 3-12X56 you should be able to see in the dark with but it doesn't have AO. There's a 4-16X44 with AO, turrets, mildot, for a good all around package. Given your description of how you want to use it, I think you'd be infinitely more happy with something like that, for even less money, than dropping $900 on a Leupold.

Oh, one more thing: Is there any thick stuff you hunt in, any chance of something jumping right out in front of you? If not, you might not need 3X or 4X on the low end and could look toward 6-24X type power range which opens more options.

Last edited by Jon A; 06-29-2008 at 03:20 PM.
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Unread 06-30-2008, 10:05 AM
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JonA and Douge...

Even if a hunter were to routinely utilize a scope on a loaded rifle there is Probably only a small risk of setting loose an unfortunate chain of events. Myself, hold by the motto, Be faithful in the small things and the big things will take care of themselves. There is NO chance of a bad event with an unloaded rifle.

I often introduce others to hunting in Nevada. The best way to instill safety habits into others is to lead by example. I must mention, I have never lost a deer harvest due to this safety practice. (can't say the same for quail hunting though...DOH!..the safety is still on..has lost me a few birds) Concerning hunting while being hunted by Bear, Cat, etc...The only thing we are of in danger of in these mountains are Mountain Lions. If you see one unintentionally you are considered fortunate. Besides thats what the hip holstered .44 is for, at the ready.

My Deer / Elk hunting tatics, as stated before, do not lend themselves to hiking, climbing or sometimes stumbling up or down a mountain side with a loaded rifle. I scout at least 4 times before season, base camp, then High camp. Out of the High camp I will travel light with a hip bag, rifle and skinning / bedoning knives and meat bags. It is normally a minimum 4 day hunt...after I reach the mountains. If you ever have the chance to hunt here in Nevada Take It! I had grown up hunting in East Texas and this is a completely different ballgame.

Seeing a group at 1 mile+, stalking to within comfortable range and selecting The One for harvest is more enjoyable than waiting in a stand or blind, for me. It is also more physically demanding than how I used to hunt back east.

I will re-read this thread and list all the manufacturers mentioned. I am pretty much set on the 3X14-50mm (or approximate) but will look into the others also. I have never shot jumped game. I will back off and let him stop and bed again. That takes a few hours sometimes. But with a shooter spotter combination working within sight and radio range it is easier to track a jumpers direction and location. So, the 6+ power will be something to rethink. Now it is just down to the best glass I can afford.

Thanks for the comments.
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