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Your Longest Kill on Game

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Old 06-19-2011, 04:48 PM
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Re: Your Longest Kill on Game

I have a few squirels at 550yrds but my longest kill was a 250lbs pig at 770yrds,,,,
with a 7wsm 180gr berger bullet
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Old 06-22-2011, 02:45 AM
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Re: Your Longest Kill on Game

First of all, i would like to say that I really like this web page and am very impressed with the senior members and their advice. I want to thank everyone who participates and gives their imput. I am awed by the expertise, shooting abilities and friendliness of the responders and writers on LRH.
In the winter of '84, I happened to make the longest shots I have ever made on 3 caribou just north of Koyuk, AK on the Seward Peninsula just out of Nome. I would like to preface this story with some things that are peculiar about me. I dont like computers (although I am somewhat proficient in their use), gadgetry and excess equipment and I love simplicity in design that works. I was a physician/surgeon who was given the task to take a week out of Nome to Koyuk on a village checkup. I had bought my first high power center fire rifle 2 years earlier, a Model 70, post 64 (push feed), Winchester Westerner 300 WM. I got it brand new for $250. Although new to high power shooting, I wasnt new to hunting as I had used everything from sling shots to bows and .22's to get game since i was 4 years old. I read everything i could get my hands on about all the centerfire cartridges and their differences, strongpoints, weaknesses, etc. and i was guided by some very knowledgable and caring hunters/shooters/reloaders. To shorten a long story, this gun gave me fits till I did the poor man's free floating of the barrel and the cheapo pillar bedding (steel brake tubing) and my first trigger job (took 3 days to get it safe, 1 pound, no creep). I had been reloading for about a year and eventually found a load of 200 gr Sierra SPT at 2900 FPS that gave 1/4 inch groups at 100 yards (5 shot groups). I zeroed it for 400 yards and memorized the trajectory chart to 1000. I had a new $69 Tasco 6-18 variable scope on it and I didnt move the reticle after zeroing it to 400. Now, before you guys bust a gut too much, remember this is before many things, e.g. wheel was invented and no one even thought of putting a level on a rifle. Only a few people had ever even heard of Carlos Hathcock and NO ONE shot beyond 500 yards except the demented (maybe they still are?). The results were purely accidental and I still have not figured out how far the shots were.
It was during a cold spell in December that reached to 45 below (also the reason I dont like gadgets as the batteries last about 10 seconds and moving parts have a tendency to break, bend and otherwise malfunction) when i walked the 1/4 mile from the airport to the clinic carrying 2 rifles, a stage coach chest with medical supplies and an army surplus duffle full of hunting clothes and gear. 3 days later, the Village Police Safety Officer, Frank Kavairlook, was leading me out of Koyuk (as my guide) to the headwaters of the East fork of the Koyuk River.
Unfortunately, it was still 45 below and about 20 feet of new "powder" in that direction. We went about 75-100 miles with the last 10 miles or so nearly verticle as the powder was so deep and soft. We had picked up two of Frank's friends on the way and they were outfitted with old Win 94, 30-30's, what a lot of eskimos called a cannon. We stopped on top of a mountain peak, the only bare spot around. The sun had been down for over 4 hours but it was still light enough to shoot, barely. They had to point out the caribou to me as I hadnt even seen them. They were at the base of the NEXT mountain. About 200 or so. They were alert, anxious, but not wanting to move. They knew we were there. Frank just looked at me and shrugged. He was at a loss at what to do next. No time to snowshoe over and no way to hide anyway. I just smiled (a fool's smile), took off my coat for a rifle rest, got my 100 pack of loads out, flipped the butler creeks and spotted on a lone bull out aways from the pack. On 18 power, it was a little bit bigger than the crosshairs from a broadside position. For some reason only the Lord knows, I decided to put the crosshair 20 feet above him. A bull stands about 5 feet high at the shoulders, so i put 4 of him above him and squeezed the 1 pound trigger. Recoil, push back, resight, observe impact-10 feet under his feet, readjust to 6 caribou shoulders above and resqueeze. Impact was between the hooves. 6 1/2 over and down he went. He hadnt moved since the first shot. When he fell, the others started to mill about. 2 were still. I hit them both with a shot apiece. Meanwhile, my new friends were firing away like they had all the ammo in the world and their bullets were not even getting 1/3 the way there even at a 45* elevation.
Ok, God smiles on fools at times. No wind. 45 to 50 below. 50* angle downward. 3000 feet above sea level shooting to about 1500 feet above. Humidity was solid if any. Crystal clear, no overcast. What was the distance? I have figured and figured and can only come up with about 1300 yards. Anyone with a better guess and calculations?
I am learning so much from you guys. I can only dream of hitting that ground squirrel or dog at that range with one shot and doing all the calculations quickly. This was a meat hunt as the village and I needed the meat or I wouldnt have even taken the shot.
p.s. the tasco never moved it's zero till I moved it some years later working on a different load. It never held a zero after that and had to be discarded.

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Old 06-22-2011, 05:03 PM
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Re: Your Longest Kill on Game

Entertaining read, thanks for posting!
"That which does not destroy me, has made a huge tactical error!"
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Old 06-24-2011, 03:36 PM
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Re: Your Longest Kill on Game

The Original 1000 yard benchrest club in Pa. was started in 1968 and it was because guys were shooting deer from mountain to mountain way before that. They used to put multiple crosshairs in their scopes or used Unertyls. Most of the guys started out with 6.5x300 Weatherby from Alex Hoyer in Lewistown Pa. That was a very good story and that is what makes this game interesting. Matt

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Old 06-26-2011, 05:41 PM
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Re: Your Longest Kill on Game

Well, I just started getting into the long range game this year and haven't killed anything with my centerfires worth mentioning yet Have hit 2 gallon water jugs out to 900 yards on a calm day with my 6mm shooting 105 A-Maxes with great results, but that's it. I do however have many long range shots with a .22lr if that counts

Best shot so far was a buzzard at 246 yards with my Marlin 880SQ topped with a Nitrex 3-15X42 inside of some Burris Signatures with 30MOA worth in them. Was using CCI 40 grain sub-sonics and dialed in 33MOA for the near 90 inches of drop. Held about 15 inches to the right for wind and let one fly. Hit on the first shot. The bird flew directly towards me and appeared as though it was looking straight through my scope and into my eye! It made it about 80 yards and then dropped to the ground like a rag doll. I couldn't believe it. I went and checked him out and the bullet was almost dead center of it's chest and exited out the back which kind of surprised me. I've gotten pretty good with the .22lr and anything inside of ~120 is childs play on a calm day. The EBX reticle set at 11X and sighted in at 25 yards puts every dot and dash down from it in 10 yard increments starting with 60 out to 100. After that I have to start dialing. On a calm day I get 3-5" groups on average at 200 which makes the buzzard shot part luck but hey, luck comes easier when a little bit of skill is involved

As for centerfires... well, I'll report back to this thread sometime after I have something worth bragging about...
- Michael R
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Old 06-26-2011, 05:49 PM
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Re: Your Longest Kill on Game

Michael......welcome to the show! Actually, shooting a rimfire at fairly long ranges is a good way to practice for longer range centerfire shots......Rich
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Old 06-26-2011, 06:20 PM
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Re: Your Longest Kill on Game

Thanks for the welcoming Rich! Been a member of RFC, Optics Talk, and 24hcf, since I was 12-13 but for some reason never frequented this forum. Guess because I didn't have the equipment to shoot long range till recently. I'm 22 now and man has the internet helped me learn a LOT about shooting. Up until I got a custom 6mm a couple months back the biggest (well, longest shooting rifle) that I owned was a .22-250 and the furthest I've shot with it was on paper out to 600 yards. Weren't pretty groups either. Finally saved up enough money to get a nice long range set up. Still working on it now. Have one of the new 5-20 SS scopes on the way to replace the SS16 and lookin to buy a new rangefinder to replace the Nikon 440 which is half useless for everything but the .22lr.

The .22lr has been great in helping me learn to dope the wind. Grew up being told and believing that it was only a 75-100 yard round, then started seeing 200-300 yard stories on RFC and next thing I knew I had a new scope and rings on my rifle to get me out there and after some practice, 75-100 seemed almost as easy as 50.

Sorry for the extended reply to a simple welcoming. I tend to ramble on once I start typing...

Thanks again.
- Michael R
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